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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Black Like Me: Women and Faith

Rapper Azealia Banks
Growing up Atheist I often lamented a full-sized scarcity of African American women with no faith in a white God.  When expressing passion for women, such love by the Poet then as it is now directed actions deficient of discrimination.  Fiery passion cared little about ethnicity when admiring women as a young man or their religion.  Reared in a religious family, I was with left a sense of tolerance and perhaps pity for such confused people.  With women there was also that back of the mind dwelling notion of bringing them over to reason.  It never happened.  Maybe I should have tried.  One should think people of the same ethnicity would have more in common but not always.
As a young man my girlfriends until high school shared the same ethnicity simply because of demographics.  They all had religion but not enough to deter my desires.  We tend to date girls in the hood and they were all black like me in those days.  Neighborhoods today are increasingly getting an introduction to Latin culture as well as a smattering of white folks.  We were not in the ghetto by any means but when I was younger my neighborhood was all black.  I suspect bigger cities still see a lot of segregation but America becomes more diverse with no real plan for such diversion.  But, I digress.  There were not nearly enough Atheist women to go around in the day and now that I transition to spirituality it appears lamenting may begin anew.

Rapper Azealia Banks brought witchcraft back into the mainstream by tweeting ‘I’m really a witch’. But women in the US have been harnessing its power for decades as a ‘spiritual but not religious’ way to express feminist ambitions.

--Sady Doyle 

Feminists link anything good related to women to Feminism and such a plot wears thin in the end.  While feminists have invaded the spiritual movement spreading virus anywhere they can, such women stick out like sore thumbs.  They are welcome in this new political party ushering in a prescribed matriarch society but go to the back of the room.  Most feminists that come to us will need healing from true Earth Goddesses and not vapid want-to-be men.

Women I believe are more spiritual than men and thought to be nearer to the Source by advanced mystics.  The last church I attended with a friend as a favor concerning videography had much more women than men in attendance.  I suspect such numbers reflect in all churches and you may never find more men than women in attendance except perhaps a gay church if such things exist and it would not surprise if they do.  I don’t have all the answers on this journey but women may need more spirituality than men and it must manifest from men.

If you wish to be all you can be in life then you must find someone of the opposite sex to share love.  Such a statement is not original and unfortunately I cannot remember exactly where it came from but I suspect the Goddess of Sacred Sex.  After enlightenment I of course agree with her and you may have read my writings on phenomena given the name ‘Cosmic Transference’ explaining dynamics of cosmic heterosexual love.  I am here with deeper spirituality, higher intellect, heightening senses, and keys to the universe by and because of Earthly Goddess love.

To think I could ever have linked abortion and prostitution to evolution without some otherworldly intellectual infusion of sorts is just an awesome compliment.  Such a compliment would be misplaced.  My destiny is to put her in the proper place getting overdue proper respect, credit, and love bordering on worship rousing spirituality.
This little post gets inspiration from real flesh and blood, an African American young lady recently met to be exact so lamenting could very well turn to more tears soon.  Seems to be how it goes these days with all those powerful gifts and heightened senses.  Repercussions my friends, It appears I am meant to suffer greatly on this little planet for some time not holding back tears but fire.  How young black women continue with religion worshiping a white man given to them literally by slave masters use to boggle my little mind.  Now, it just seems to be so many stranded tears no one can find.  Maybe this gift of magick should start on one lonely lost little girl at a time.
My experience as a young man encompassed girls in the hood but perhaps this story embraces all women of color as it seems religion preys on these women most.  There are few Atheist women celebrities young girls can look up to as role models.  Perhaps the Friendly Atheist, Herman Mehta can form a recruitment plan.  Then we will have to recruit Herman to spirituality.  Just kidding.  It doesn't work that way.  Our world needs more openly spiritual women and/or witches and as they announce themselves Spiritual Warrior casts a pink bubble of love protecting them from cowards and fools.


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Friday, December 18, 2015

My Goddess Reminds Me

Adele... glamorous Hello album cover
Adele sings life into a decaying world inspiring thoughts of setting fire to rain when goodbye means Hello.  One hopes her smoldering footprints lead to a Mother Goddess.  Perhaps the beautiful fresh new songbird comes directly from mystical sources explaining her deep magic as a gift to humanity.  Perhaps Adele is just another sign the status-quo comes finally to a merciful end.  My Goddess reminds me to tell you of her reference to "my Goddess" in the second smash hit, When We Were Young from the Album, Adele 25.  I suspect this apparently cultural ingénue to be one of the cosmically chosen people of Pagan persuasion.  Then again I could just be seeing what I wish to see like some people see Jesus in a piece of toast.

Love to write a  screenplay for her as such inspirations do not grow on trees around this farm.  She probably would want to do some type of Britney Spears thing and show off her acting chops and all that.  Whereas, I vision her in this lite comedy with priceless dry British humor in something little steps up from Spice World but twice as nice. 

Pipe dreams... I condemn Hollywood but certainly can reference movie quotes to my situation.  Cannot really quote from Lord of the Rings but the little Hobbit could not go back to Hobbitville or wherever the Hobbits lived at the end of the trilogy.  Poor man had seen too much carrying that dreadful ring.  And, it gets worse for me I suspect or better depending on perspective.  Not quite just like a movie this enlightened life of awareness for the Warrior.  My regret is that I cannot snap my fingers and bring on the distant future.  

No, there shall be no scripts springing up for the young Oscar Winner coming from here.  I doubt if she can make time anyway becoming a new Matriarch and I should wish the young Earth Goddess congratulations and best wishes.  Well, Europe could use some hope and such an Earth Goddess spreads love and hope with every octave.  Great Britain should hope Adele does not relocate here permanently!  Life goes upward and that country is in worse status-quo than USA.  Yes, Adele should come here and be an American.  Join the other Matriarchs and help build a new America worthy of a Goddess.  Build a movement destined to save a dying world.  And, if the Catholics have her, we shall simply steal her back!  Now, that would be just like a movie written by a Poet.
It's settled then.  America and the coming Matriarchs shall adopt Adele as their musical voice of a new generation in touch with real spirituality or something high-minded sounding like that.  Let a loving decree ring round our tired land.  For every ignoramus born one year from this day, let 100 Earth Goddesses see new life as well all carrying spirituality, innocence, and passion of Adele.  Voice of today, soul from the past, Earth Goddess of the future setting fire to musical standards as Firestorm Omega sets fire to decaying culture of a tearful world.  Beauty sprouts anew when fires settle.  Until then, let it burn.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015


While options to end the war against women included our first true female contender losing, I never really considered her losing.  Nevertheless, a woman prepared to govern by cosmic powers for this time in America today must go through a transformation to be any good to plans here.   She is the most prepared candidate perhaps ever.  However, as she is made in the patriarch matrix a transformation must occur and mystics say she has such ability.  Plan A always depended on going through an enlightened Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Certainly, as a woman she is closer to the source but depths of such a transformation needed run deep.  Rather like a transformation of an atheist to spirituality.  Most people find religion in such situations or leave it.  I know it is a long-shot but it is the only Hollywood ending.

Serious trust issues arise with our contender lately and Democrats look to Bernie Sanders to meet challenges galore.  Sanders or Clinton meet the same challenges.  Challenge #1currently sits in the White House; a Politically-correct Marxist who may have endangered Americans to threats of terrorism foreign and domestic for many years after he slinks out of office.  Challenge #2; saving the Democrat Party from Marxism and Socialism.  Global challenge #3 exposes itself here in furious flames of extinction species humanity making other challenges and causes seem small.

Donald Trump grows as a challenger and currently leads Republican hopefuls and offers what the media calls shocking ideas to curb terrorism.  What would America do without the wonderful media?  What we know is that ideas from the current administration are not working and anyone expecting more than mediocrity from the abject symbol of government status-quo think in dynamics of insanity thinking the same things and expecting different results.

Obstacles to a utopian future and higher thinking are indeed institutionalized in higher education and what Republicans call the "Liberal Media."  Progressives and Feminists litter media and one has to suspect many branches of government during the Obama administration.  I suspect they will have to be dealt with on the metaphysical plane.  As it stands now without enlightenment, Hillary Clinton may be the final obstacle in cosmic irony comprehensible perhaps only to higher beings watching and waiting for the final curtain.

If Mrs. Clinton should lose it would certainly decrease stress on this person.  While I have told no one to vote for her, raising her potentials goes on here as a matter of destiny.  It would be terrible if she should win and betray the American woman like Feminism.  I know some young people think the term "feminism" and women go hand in hand.  It is testament to public education.  Feminism has little to do with women or women's rights and acts as added weight on the remaining fertile backs of the Earthly Goddess.  Many people want to align Mrs. Clinton with Feminism simply because she is a woman.  I have seen no association as of yet and one hopes she could not possibly be as ignorant or evil as Barack Obama on this issue.  Obama only has those two choices in light of existing work from living Goddess and Scholar, Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers that is at least 20 years old.  Easily the worst President in U.S. history has no excuses and Mrs. Clinton will need to decide where she stands soon.

Great powers wish me to espouse other virtues of Mrs. C. and this should be saved for my edited book due when I am done.  That Mrs. Clinton might be another deluded Democrat thinking government is a be-all do-all bunch of geniuses entered this mind a time or two.  I recently read an article informing the world that Obamacare is 95% from a plan of our would-be champion.   Do you know how sick this all makes me?  Does she know women die in childbirth without abortions because of such Socialist regulation?  She absolutely does not know abortion is one of the solutions to extinction.  Will she acknowledge the problem or nod to the new God; Science?  I may not falter in raising virtues of our future Madame President nonetheless.

Let me say again there are no laws in America that cannot be changed and in the end it matters not what Harvard-educated bureaucrats do to bring this nation and humanity down to a gutter leading to extinction. 

Let me address this matter perhaps from a theoretical grave.  And, this makes sense as the coming new political party shall be founded by the Poet but fury looks to get away from politics ASAP.  I have said if Mrs Clinton should lose she would be invited to our new party to become the first Matriarch.  What does that mean?  I don't know.  I will be gone.  It does not give her another venue to run for President.  This is about those other virtues to be discussed later. Still, what she does are matters left up to you folks filling in the details of our new world.  My job is to create a foundation and it is done.   In any event she may not accept such an invitation and the transformation will still be expected.  If I should die tomorrow there would be only one request to women taking up the baton of our new world.  Men must do as they will.  However, women are another story all together.  Do not hurt this Scorpio great powers chose for all of you through me.  Blood and bones may be cold as stone but Warrior words live on and we entered a new scenario at the instant of awareness.  Stand on higher ground.  Our planet thanks you later.  Do not give Madame President a free pass.  Play nice and be good to each other.

What kills our world starts between man and woman and we call it marriage.  Marriages are not always perfect and neither are people.  Stop looking for the perfect marriage.  Stop looking for the perfect President!  It is a chase for Fool's Gold engaged by a Liberal Media.  Spiritual Warrior returns to take care of pestilence on airwaves and any future parasites idolizing an ignoramus should know you have made a very bad career choice.  Though our future gets darker before the light, at least humanity now has a future.

Pagan Mamas, don't let your baby boys grow up to be or want to be in any type of politics.

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Shaming Beauty

Halle Berry              Marilyn Monroe            Selma Hayek

Cowards, fools, and monsters seem to rule this world and the results lead to extinction species humanity if left alone.  I had the displeasure of running into a website recently with the single purpose of exposing all celebrity actresses past and present who might have stooped to prostitution.   Why should anyone want to post a site that outs women who might have stooped to prostitution?  What sort of person would do such a thing?  What are his motives?  Since many of the claims can not be substantiated, why would he even post them?

By any name you choose, the Priestess of Sexuality remains an integral part to the puzzle and solution to a cold death stalking humanity called extinction. Unstoppable Firestorm clears a path for Beauty.  When cosmic smoke clears find her remaining and held higher in a future world of higher thinking where cowards and monsters are rendered extinct.

My friends, I have given you reasons why some men and even other women seek to sabotage the nature of the Earthly Goddess.  Their day upon this planet as a living plague producing awful parasites and zombies pretending to be human are coming to a merciful end.  Where cowards and fools meet their end find benevolent beautiful Matriarch Society beginning.  Envy, fear, pretense, and ignorance celebrated and elevated to blood-sucking virtue soon become hunted out of existence and detached forevermore from the lovely neck of the Earth Goddess. As Beauty reigns so shall beauty rain upon society created from inspiration, nurturing, and sexual love. 


Halle Berry Hair

Marilyn Monroe Hair

Selma Hayek Hair

 "Hollywood Hookers" or "What actresses are former prostitutes ?"

The Goddess of Sacred Sex

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Scarlet Ladies Thirteen

Four Representing Thirteen; Aspasia, Cora Pearl, Xaviera Hollander, Heidi Fleiss

Four representing 13 and perhaps millions more wearing an imaginary scarlet letter.  Call them Whores, Hookers, and other not so nice names if you choose.  Perhaps in the future you will call them Night Angels.  So much more a part of the solution to a virus killing this world than parasites and their zombies in control, it is becoming a cosmic irony.  Firestorm Omega could not leave them for any reason.

I have said much on my Facebook account and it bares repeating here.  Prostitution and abortion are easy to understand and my new information closes the door on arguments against.  It is my divine message allowing humanity to take the next leap up an evolutionary ladder that shall have a difficult time fitting into some brains.  Perhaps wrapping consciousness around ladies here would be more appetizing.



Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Virtue of Scorpio

"Accept the things to which fate binds you..."  --Marcus Aurelius
Fate or the Goddess reveals a wicked sense of humor connecting the Warrior to one who should be called opposition.  Both Republicans and Democrats in America promote Fascism and extinction.  Libertarians do not have an answer so a presidential candidate from any party could be called the opposition here.  Still, there are lessons to be learned but such lessons are not alone for the Poet.  The Mother of Feminine Purity comes attached to my rational self interest and this is an excellent point in which to elucidate young readers on the virtues of selfishness and Ayn Rand. Perhaps this is what great powers wanted all along.   Mine is not to reason why when it comes to getting a jagged edged blade thrust into the spiritual gut.

Should the first matriarch chosen by great powers stumble even in words chosen during her bid and election-speak it will cause great suffering for the Poet.  One little status-quo comment revealing a delusion that she and/or government has answers or new answers to what makes America sick will in turn sicken the Firestorm.  Galaxy-creating cosmic powers cozy with the Goddess do not make mistakes in their choices.  Humans have made too many mistakes to mention here on the way to the extinction abyss.  Hillary Clinton is indeed the chosen one.
 photo Ayn-n-Hillary 7_zpspxmhctgs.jpg
Women of great beauty or intellect seem to strike great fear in some men and when a woman combines both she must be really scary to such men.  The Goddess of Reason as an Earth-bound goddess created moving fiction and a philosophy of ethics in non-fiction that explains it in brilliance easily rivaling any philosopher who has ever lived and most all the great ones were men.  Rand fiction transformed into classic movies inspiring legendary actors and actresses to compete for roles.  It is no coincidence her works are translated into too many languages to list for this theme and she is universally loved.

I am hesitant to try and explain a complex philosophy of Miss Rand as it is there for all to read.  More to the point it has been many years since reading any Objectivist book and even if that were not so, I still would not want to expound on her work for fear of getting something wrong.  Inquiring minds should read it and bring questions here if elucidation or plain words are needed from a Poet.  Start with "The Virtue of Selfishness".

I am tired and not handling everything on this monkey planet as well as I should.  Though I cannot think of why I should handle it well when one looks at the intellectual and spiritual landscape.  My friends, I have never voted.  Compelled to push and defend a Democrat in the coming presidential election who will most probably drive down the same tired Marxism road of her predecessor makes me rather ill.  Scorpio most probably is set to further betray the Earth Goddess and send America to extinction via rocket power.  It is a possibility I have been sent to avert through her or those of you who care.

How did it get so bad?  How was it allowed to go so far?  Surely, there must be more connections yet to be made.

Natal Jupiter is in Virgo and so my book gets edited for the young girl with a gleam in her eye.  Actually, the planet of luck is near the cusp or between the only two zodiac signs represented by women.  My friends, I am sent for this difficult job and it would appear much more as this world is an abject mess!  It will take a world of matriarchs to clean up all the tears and blood extracted, exploited, and perpetrated here under the ruse of progress that suspiciously looks like fear hiding behind pretense.

A new political party must be contemplated where men exalt matriarchs into political office.  Am I talking mostly to Pagans or everyone who is not associated with one of the major religions?  Much meditation is needed here and perhaps counsel. 

This seems to have been a dress rehearsal provided whether I knew I needed it or not.  As it turns out I needed it dearly.  How does one prepare for rusty jagged edged blades to the spiritual gut?  Would it help to tell you there is nothing done here politically that cannot be undone?  We can go home again in the coming 'matriarch society', so try not to throw knives at this woman who would be the first female U.S. President.  I suspect it has something to do with vibrations and Mother Earth must suffer no more along with her Earthly Goddess representatives.  There will be no more rehearsals as those remaining on this planet will bravely embrace evolution, higher thinking, and ascension to a Utopian future as steps into a new world begin.

I have said Astrology will one day be an accredited course in college and the aspirant will be able to get at least an Associate Arts Degree to start.  I sense this is important and being much too young in my study to take charge of the matter even if I had focus, it may be time soon to reach out and touch some of you. It may be time to seek personal counsel from one of you as well.  In any case, accredited astrology may be many years in the future but the time for planning and discussions come soon.  What does it have to do with Scorpio? Astrologer, Mae R. Wilson-Ludlam thinks the placement of Neptune in your chart may show your "social obligations to humanity" and "where you may encounter the peculiar." Neptune conjures peculiarities through Scorpio in the chart of the Poet and some things are so obvious. If astrology is not reflective in your life then there are good reasons.  It appears I am an archetype for Sagittarius and more. Nevertheless, Astrology was never meant to reveal the future or help you win the lottery. Like an Earth Goddess, it is here for perhaps more than you can imagine. It is time to imagine greater.

So, that explains all those embarrassing moments over many years as all genders wanted to make that move.


Monday, June 8, 2015

Fractured; Divided Women Fall

Living Goddess, Sarah Silverman
Here and there one can find people who at least get a part of the 'patriarch matrix' and it is easily why America remains the greatest nation in a world where humanity fades fast.  Hope flickers here and it is more than enough to set off a firestorm.
An acquaintance brought up the fact that shaving is an institution thanks to the brilliant marketing of Gillette Razors and not because humans need or benefit from shaving.  It is rather easy I suspect to produce evidence that shaving is unhealthy biologically and more importantly spiritually.  It is culture like government out of control.

By now, everyone knows how razor companies make their money. They sell you cheap razor handles, then burn you later with expensive cartridge refills. On top of that business model, Gillette and other market leaders introduced an arms-race component to the industry – going from two blades to three, then to four and five and six. Each new blade adds only a smidgen of extra utility, but it convinced gullible customers that they needed to upgrade their models every few years to stay current.
 --Kevin Roose, Gillette's Razor= Everything Wrong With America, Daily Intelligencer
Expect a blog on Porn and how it retards the spiritual IQ offering nothing like sugar but empty calories and is oh so sweetly addicting.  Furthermore, one can clearly see a macrocosm of why humanity sprints to extinction in Porn with shaven women and men having circus sex.  Prostitutes were sacred back in the day until cowardly men shamed them to tears and blood at the hands of monsters.  Now you have vapid internet porn queens as useless to society as your average American President.  There are still a few intellectuals in porn, but they fade fast.

We all answer to labels happily in some cases and it allows us to be sold a bill of goods.  It is what keeps so many of you fractured into groups and mobs in this culture driven by a mob government mentality.  Should anyone be surprised that the scope of my task to unite the American woman appears quite impossible?  The 'patriarch matrix' plug attached to the brain of so many can only be pulled by the individual.  Many are called but in the end few will come.  Such is how "natural selection" and future axioms of this world work.

Democrats hate Republicans, Republicans hate Democrats, Libertarians hate them both, and millions upon millions who don't vote hate them all!  The rigged two-party system has killed independents allowing any ignoramus to run for U.S. President and win!  It is in this atmosphere of pretense and celebrated mediocrity that I am called to unite the American woman.  Eternal fire ignites truth in her soul to remember when they were all sisters and worshiped over any God.

We know in the long human history that Earth population at one time dipped down to about 10,000 people yet the species rebounded.  If only Pagans remain on this world after the great purification there will be considerably more than 10,000 people taking the next leap forward up the evolutionary ladder.  Labels then will be some type of Pagan; Pagan-Witch, Neo-Pagan, Voo-Doo Pagan, Shaman Pagan, Taoist Pagan, and more.  It will be a wonderful world of Pagans!

Living Sex Symbol, Britney Spears
Pagans know there is power in hair and you shall find few short-haired women or bald men by choice among them.  My friend tells me that to become a member of the terrorist group, ISIS, one has to have a beard.  That's funny because most of Arab nations and Muslims force their women to hide their hair (power) under hijabs.  Back in the day, Jewish women had to shave their heads and wear wigs because their men were cowards and afraid of female power or some other religious rationalization.  Hairy female legs may not turn  me on yet but hair is coming back!  Magick makes a comeback and it is going to be oh so sexy in the coming 'Matriarch Society.'

Women are made to be loved, not understood. 
-Oscar Wilde

Movimento Mammelle- Goodbye Gillette and Wax
 photo Firestorm O Beard 2_zpsau7zuqge.jpg
Changed from within and without by a Universal Goddess, each step breaks a new path, every word opens a new door to a future fueled by inspiration and love.  Samson and Delilah embody spiritual power of hair and to some extent it may be a matter of what you believe or strength of your faith.  Faith... another subject for perhaps another day as Firestorm Omega continues to burn a decaying culture making way for Beauty.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Prophets and Visions: Explaining the Unexplainable, Part 2

 photo Poet2_zpsef6561a7.jpg
Alan Paine
Women are the bridge between metaphysics and epistemology.  More to the point, it is the Earth Goddess quality in women holding secrets to this world and thus the universe.  Not all women possess such magick as they have adapted themselves to live in the patriarch matrix.  It is buried down deep where they can no longer access their power.  They have allowed in some cases by free will the patriarch matrix to rob them of their power becoming zombies or more like men.  That is what this world or the leaders of this world does to their citizens turning people into zombies.  One has to wonder why zombie movies are so inexplicably popular and now we get a better idea of the price of consumerism and a world holding the almighty dollar as the highest cultural ideal.  In the coming matriarch society, it is the Earthly Goddess who shall be held as the highest ideal.

I have said that this 'Cosmic Transference' chiefly responsible for all that is wonderful and beautiful on this planet happens not to all men but such men that at this time I will call 'Receptors' (I may change this later).  These new terms are needed for discussion and as we head towards a new world and a new paradigm upon which such world is based, it is only appropriate that we set sail with new terminology.  In any event, I have redressed three men here who I am certain were Receptors.  I have said that you could only do with cosmic transference or turbo-enlightenment what you could have done without it and whatever it is you do is based on your spiritual and intellectual tools at the time.  Jim Jones gave society a cult religion and death.  Charles Manson gave society religion in Satanic followers and death.  Joseph Smith gave society more religion and a type of spiritual death as we shall never see a Mormon woman of great achievement.  I believe Einstein to have been a Receptor conquering the atom. 

 photo FitnessFreak5_zpsc9d37b4e.jpg
Firestorm Omega
Now we come to the Poet, my friends.  Yes, women have shown me great love having never met the person whose poetry they find moving.  Well before taking up poetry I took to romance easily.  As I look at my life and come to understand my stars and planets it does appear that I was made to love and stand by the Earth Goddess.  My friends, tools of the Poet during his cosmic transference came from influences of a religious family even though I emerged an atheist, there was still apparently some spiritual osmosis taking place.  Most of all, tools of the Poet came from Ayn Rand also known as the Goddess of Reason.  It is with such cosmic intelligence and love that this world is not only given the riddle that has most probably destroyed all other cultures and inhabitants on this planet  but also the answer to that riddle in a matriarch society.  So then, future earthlings will hold high and revere at least three women and dark words made public about such women shall come back to the person responsible rendering such beings extinct.  It is by, for, and because of Earthly Goddesses that I rise and the ascension of all humanity goes forward without parasites and  zombies.

Such is the power of the Earthly Goddess and I suspect that the Beast has some inkling of Earth Goddess cosmic power.   Author and ex-Mormon, Joanne Hanks alludes to this in her book, "It's Not About the Sex My Ass!; Confessions of an Ex-Mormon, Ex-Polygamist".  I believe the entire idea of Harems may be based on this little knowledge that the ape can only scratch at having no idea of what he does which is business as usual for the Beast.  They often prefer doing things in the blind, deaf, and dumb.  He could never comprehend the awesome cosmic power in his own home.

Joanne Hanks reveals the simplistic means the polygamist cult used to divvy up polygamist wives.
"It's Not About the Sex" My Ass: Confessions of an Ex-Mormon Ex-Polygamist Ex-Wife" on

A bit of the cosmic power of women in a tribute to MM.


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Burning an Evil Virus

 photo Misguided Faith_zpspg8spfis.jpg
Our world is now based on money and force controlled by a patriarch matrix. It will be hard at first to understand the new paradigm based in reality and she who is responsible for all that is beautiful and wonderful on this Earth.  Ancients had fertility rights, ask yourself why your world does not?

I have said Pagans are set to inherit Earth because the bible says so.  The meek shall inherit the earth because Pagans never started any wars, carried out inquisitions, and they certainly never burned any women for ridiculous claims.  Pagans get it and they can stay with a forewarning to WICCA.  It has been known for some time that your beginnings are something less than austere and perhaps at odds with the future.  We give you a chance with the others to soak up my message and new information leading to the 'Matriarch Society'.  At the time of this writing I still believe you can all be found by intent and we will go with that until something new comes along.  (I can't force anyone to go.)  Mother Earth calls to the Pagans and waits for their loving ways.

 photo Earth Goddess Legends 4_zpsbsdwf7y9.jpgFuture Earth and the salvation of humanity must give thanks so far to three women.  It is unfortunate that one of these women has been treated in some ways similarly to the ancient women who came before her.  It is perhaps even more unfortunate that many of the women inspired by Ayn Rand may not be welcome in the coming new world.  It is a world in which daughters of the Goddess of Reason should thrive but I wonder.   I wonder if they are not a victim of their own avarice on a spiritual level.   Atheists as well should thrive in this coming new world with minor adjustments as this new paradigm touches all from the top down and that is how government works.  Only one of the women above worked in government and she was supreme ruler with regards to governance of all Egypt and domiciles.

My friends, if you cannot get it done peacefully through government then your world has seen these periods before and what you got after the bloodshed was a ruler.  What you are scheduled to get after the calamities are beings who care about you and would welcome your presence in their world.  Earth goes forward with only the best which includes the best form of government with the best people nature provides running that government.  That person quite often wears a dress and is widely known as the matriarch.

Do not think for an instant that Democracy as you know it continues.  It is simply mob rule and enough is enough.  A problem arises as you want everything now.  Do not think in terms of instant changes but little steps.  If not, the future gets dark before it gets bright.

There was a time when we were told to repent and quite actually it continues from the major religions.  The curse is reversed and now they are asked to repent for their sins.  I am not a sick feminist getting in bed with the enemy.  Since time immemorial there is but one great enemy to the Earthly Goddess and they are called out here.  Your day along with the vile feminists are numbered.  This is the dawning of the 'Matriarch Society' where reason rules spirituality as ignorance dies like an evil virus burned out of existence by a cosmic firestorm.


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Prophets and Visions; Explaining the Unexplainable

As someone claiming to have had visions of the future, I now understand others who claim visions. As stated previously, there are many paths to a higher consciousness. And, to some degree all paths are correct. It is the path through women or Goddess that allows for greatest ascension to a higher consciousness and enlightenment and is most natural or aligned with nature. Enlightenment raises intellect accordingly. One must be receptive to gifts of the Earthly Goddess or they go unnoticed. Although to gain a higher consciousness and enlightenment requires the true love of the Earthly Goddess, it does not require that the person seeking higher consciousness be sane. Such is true for the Earthly Goddess as well. A man may not be seeking a higher consciousness at all. He may simply stumble upon it through love of a good woman. Stumbling upon visions when one is not expecting them can really test your intellectual integrity. Without a strong philosophical base, I suspect visions and depending upon intensity are the cause for a variety of mental illness disorders. History is littered with religious prophets and their deluded followers and we should discuss three. 

Reverend James Warren Jones was leader of the "People's Temple" founded circa 1956 in Indiana and moved to Jonestown, Guyana in 1970. Jim Jones and Jamestown are infamous for what is remembered as the "Jonestown Massacre" of 1978. Reverend Jones induced 909 Jonestown cult members to commit suicide by drinking cyanide laced Kool-Aide. Over 300 of members were children.
What could make reasonable people commit suicide as a group at behest of one man? We assume they were reasonable people. They were not reasonable. Also, many of the deaths may have been forced suicides. Still, such people put themselves in position of their own free will to be forced into suicide. Why would people put themselves into position to be ordered to do something against their own morality including suicide? Only the 'spiritual loophole' could account for the loss of such willpower.

Reverend Jones had visions of a "socialist paradise" and was a devout communist. He also foresaw a nuclear holocaust that was supposed to happen in 1967 and would give rise to a socialist Eden. We know now that although Jones may have had visions, he used religion to foster a communist agenda. He was an agnostic leaning towards atheism and harshly criticized Christianity as a "fly away religion" and said, "those who remained drugged with the opiate of religion had to be brought to enlightenment — socialism."

Clearly, it does not matter if one is completely sane when receiving enlightenment via the cosmic love of women. We know Jones was insane and we also know he engaged in quite a bit of sex with his followers fathering several children. Jones also had sex with male cult members though I doubt seriously if any enlightenment came from such unions. Reverend Jones was lifted to a higher consciousness and enlightenment by the true love of one or more women, whether such love was sexual or not.

Charles Manson is best known for the phrase "Helter Skelter" and ordering murders of Sharon Tate and Leon and Rosemary LaBianca in 1969. Manson had a cult following known as the Manson Family. Years before his infamy, Manson was a musician looking for fame in Hollywood at a time when young people were into peace and love. LSD and marijuana were often the road to enlightenment. Lots of young people experimented with drugs and free love in communes, a type of communal living where everybody shared everything including sexual partners. Manson participated in such communal living before the visions started.

Manson came of age during the "Summer of Love" in the famed Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco. According to Wikipedia, at the ripe age of 23 he moved in with a 23 year old graduate student of the University of Wisconsin-Madison then working as a library assistant at Cal-Berkley. Sometime thereafter, as the story goes, Manson overcame the Librarian's reluctance of bringing other girls into her apartment and soon there were 18 women living with them. Manson became a guru of sorts and it is little wonder he became enlightened through visions. He encountered true love of one or more Earthly Goddesses and was spiritual enough to receive their gifts.

I doubt seriously that anyone can claim all the gifts of your Earthly Goddesses or male celebrities would become gurus every other year having visions and starting religions and that has never happened. Elvis surely would have had visions. Everyone has their place in life and it is a calling. Manson had a calling. Unfortunately for him and his victims he received his calling with a neurotic mind that soon morphed into paranoid schizophrenia. At his core Manson was probably always more psychopath than anything else and enlightenment just intensified it. Perhaps his demons were set free by enlightenment and enabled by his mentally deranged followers.

Tools Charles Manson had when he was enlightened were forged in mental illness. His visions consisted of a racial war between blacks and whites. Murders he ordered were done to speed up the coming of that war. I believe he intended to blame the murders on The Black Panthers. Manson spent a lot of time in jail and prison before founding the Manson family. Race wars in prison are a matter of daily life. Brutality, dominance, and death permeate prison life. Is it any wonder Manson ended up as one of the greatest monsters America has known? Manson is said to have worshiped Satan and Satan or the devil is just the flipside of the religious coin.

Joseph Smith was already a Christian religious leader at age 24 when he wrote the "Book of Mormon" published in 1830. Founding the Latter Day Saints and Mormonism, Smith established temples and cities supporting his new religion. At the time of his death in 1844 he attracted tens of thousands of followers and a religion that continues today.

Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon largely using text and language of the King James Bible. Why? It was basically a 200 year old language. Visions of Joseph Smith are written in the Book of Mormon and are what all Mormons believe. It is a religion that is likened to a cult for good reason. If you have ever met one of their young members you will see in their eyes a sort of confusion that can best be described as 'lost soul'. Mormons, thanks to Smith, believe that God lives on a planet called "Kolob", that dead people should be baptized, Negroes could not go to heaven before 1978 (religions are always shedding their skin transforming like a snake to stay with the times), and some type of magic underwear! Like all other man-made religions, Mormons of course place women in a subservient role to men.

Joseph Smith is said to have had several wives and several children under a religion that promoted polygamy. What is certain is that he had the true love of one or more Earthly Goddesses. We have clues that his first wife, Emma Hale Smith was an Earthly Goddess. She campaigned publicly against polygamy and even on her death bed claimed Joseph Smith had no other wife but her. After his death she left the church and married a non-Mormon, Mayor Lewis C. Bidamon.

What were the tools of Joseph Smith at the time of his enlightenment? He was already a Christian religious leader. Is it any wonder that his vision would be about God? Is it any wonder that his visions would posit women in a lesser position than men? Women would not get the right to vote for almost another 100 years. Slavery would not be abolished for another 35 years after Smith published the Book of Mormon. Is it any wonder his visions did not include Negroes in heaven? As for the religion itself, his vision posits himself as "the chosen one" and one does not have to study Smith to know that he was highly egotistical. It is your tools and your state of intellectual and spiritual growth that determine the output of your enlightenment. Nothing is more clear in studying Joseph Smith and the religion he founded.


Enlightenment ('Cosmic Transference' subsequent to original post) is different for every person who reaches it. You can only do with enlightenment what you could have done without it. Whatever tools you have at your convenience and your intellectual and spiritual growth will determine exactly what comes from your enlightenment. I suspect great writers like Isaac Asimov and Gene Rodenberry were enlightened and because of their particular tools or skills available to them, they became prolific esteemed authors.

Enlightenment is not readily recognizable as such and men lose a valuable lesson when it is not. To whom or what do they attribute enlightenment when it is recognized? All men mentioned here attribute their visions and enlightenment to divinity. Manson is the only one to manifest his enlightenment in Satanism. Be that as it may, the core connections between all men mentioned here remain solid. All such prophets claim visions or to have talked with God. They were all loved intensely by one or more women and they were receptive to such love to enable enlightenment.
Women are the cosmic source of inspiration and enlightenment on this little planet. This 'cosmic transference' only happens between man and woman for good reasons.

Blog Notes
Great men enlightened by love of even greater Earth Goddesses include Albert Einstein via Mileva Maric, Martin Luther King via Coretta Scott King, and Nikola Tesla via his Mom, Đuka Tesla. That's right my friends, for some men all it takes is great love from the Matriarch to ignite this sleeping force of the universe dwelling silently in the ape of man.

Folks, the great Courtesans of today and yesterday will tell you that very often their clients only want to talk. Ancient history has held lessons and keys for success in expanding and bettering the human condition lost to culture blinded by looking for something to exploit. Beasts may exploit her physical body in search of something he does not understand through sex. You cannot exploit love of the Earth Goddess. Beasts will never put a gun to her head and make her love him and it is equally true for creating life. He creates monsters. Courtesans return shortly to this world in dire need of inspiration and true understanding of sexual love as opposed to sex.

Why can we no longer reproduce? Such is the riddle of humanity and no culture on this planet seems to have ever cracked the code... until now. Money can't buy you love. Care and responsibility for this world and her people is soon returned to the hands of love.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Feminist Prince

Some of you are maybe upset that the Poet has called the sitting President of these United States of America an ‘Arrogant Ignoramus’ and the fact that I am prone to name-calling in general. Well, mystics and good psychiatrists will tell you I am not responsible for your reactions to my statements or the statements of anybody else for that matter. You are responsible for your emotions and the sooner you take responsibility for that which runs your life, the sooner you can turn to reason guiding your life and this will become a beautiful world making my job a lot easier. Be that as it may, it is important that my view be supported as hopefully it will teach his followers how reason works and dissipate cognitive dissonance.

If President Barak Obama or some of his people want to take on the Poet in a court of law regarding libel and war words-- bring it.  The Goddess of Reason fires this spirit and the symbol of abject status-quo and mediocrity in government is no match against a firestorm.  The Poet rarely fires off a moniker without good reason.  How is Obama an Arrogant Ignoramus?  Let me count just a few of the ways.

1) Obamacare; we do not have to wait to see what the final cost to America will be for this mediocre attempt at socialized (Marxist/Communist) healthcare. Obamacare is the killer of hundreds and perhaps thousands of women who are unable to receive abortions thanks to the now infamous “Hobby Lobby” Supreme Court case. Furthermore, and this is something that fools cannot comprehend though it needs to be said for future thinkers; without access to abortion, there will be unwanted life born into this world. To that statement one will hear a roar from religion and humanist hypocrites responsible for almost all suffering on this planet. I will speak no further on this matter as it does nothing but raise Spiritual Warrior fury and perhaps needs an entire book to elucidate how the world is retarded by mediocre hypocrites and some of them feed off and get rich on the suffering of humanity. Their day comes to an end soon.

      Why would anyone think that some politician who has no history of solving anything so complicated in his entire bureaucratic life could solve the riddle of American healthcare? Only someone ridiculously arrogant would try to do such a thing and anyone following him lovingly are family or misguided sheep also known as gullible voters. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me again and again for over 200 years and enough is enough.

2.  2009-- Mr. Obama commented on the arrest of a prominent black Harvard professor saying the police “acted stupidly.”  Reluctantly, he finally took those words back and saw fit to intervene.

3.      2009—Mr. Obama called rapper, Kanye West a “Jackass” for commandeering the microphone from Taylor Swift during the MTV Video Awards as she accepted the award for Best Female Video.  Apparently, the President did not know such statements are unbecoming of a sitting President.  Furthermore, it is always refreshing to hear ‘no comment’.

4.      2014… or there about, Mr. Obama called ISIS the “the Junior Varsity” of terrorist groups compared to Al Qaeda.  As this statement probably inspired an international terrorist organization recruiting believers and killing non-believers, it needs no further elucidation.

5.      Comments on the Goddess of Reason…  garners a curse upon the head of ignorance and such fools of sheep who again dare even to whisper public unkind words against a Goddess betraying envy, fear, and cowardice. 
Let us now discuss briefly the achievements of Mr. Obama touted by his Democrat Patriots:

A.      Millions of people now have healthcare that would not have healthcare if not for Obama.  See #1 above.

B.      The American economy has been saved from recession if not depression brought on by banks, mortgage, and insurance corporations.  Hooray!  The status-quo is back up and running strong thanks to Obama.  What does that really mean?

      a. Racism and the racial divide are as strong as ever if not stronger.  Does the Poet need to list the high profile killings of black men and women in this country?  One would think that an African American President would actually go into office with a plan to mitigate the problem instead of waiting for peer pressure that might be responsible for cops getting body cameras.

      b. Kids are not only being dumbed down as was the case in old school; your children are being turned into monsters and their prey.

      c. The rich get richer and even more stupid as witnessed on any television network.
d. Government gets fatter and more of an enemy to individual rights and freedom.  (See Edward Snowden and Julian Assange)

      e. Enough is enough!

If Mr. Obama is touted for any other achievements, it escapes scrutiny. 

Allowing himself to be photographed with this shirt and identifying with feminists, Obama is at once crowned, Feminist Prince and Arrogant Ignoramus.  One of two reasons explain that absurd display; 1) This constitutional lawyer is unaware of living Earth Goddess and scholar, Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers and her book, Who Stole Feminism? How Women Have Betrayed Women, and countless others who have dissected and killed feminism at least 25 years ago or 2) Worse; like feminists he knows of her work and chooses consciously to ignore it unable to accept sound criticism.  Feminism is a sham and goes against evolution.

 photo ChristinaHS6_zps26826c88.jpg
 One hopes that Mrs. Clinton could never be as arrogant and ignorant as most of the men who have become President of this land.  Feminism is a dirty word and it describes Mr. Obama perfectly.  Let us hope that our next President has the courage to choose integrity over vapid politics.

I have not even mentioned how important the man has been lending a helpful hand to the coming extinction making the job of the Poet and Matriarchs immensely more difficult.  If I have anything to do with it he is the Omega Man President representing the best both political parties have to offer and that is the worst.  It is time for a new political party where men exalt women to political office.  This is the dawning of the Matriarch Society.


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