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Friday, October 14, 2016

Worthy Examples: Dangerous American Media

Vote for Hillary Clinton because you do not like the other guy. Vote for her because you want to have a woman in the White House for once as Commander in Chief.  Vote for Mrs. Clinton because she has more experience than the other guy.  However, to tell the world that you will vote for Hillary because she "will prove a worthy example to girls" sets pretense as the highest standard of achievement our world has known. It exemplifies in dark detail how an entire sentient species embraces extinction by infertility.

One does not need  high intellectual reasons for liking or disliking anything.  Often feelings alone are enough to guide many choices in life.  However, our reasons for what we do in life becomes our character so at some point we need to verbalize what moves us in cogent form.  Those reasons can be called philosophy and the more in touch we are with a good philosophy, the better our lives become and society as well.  

Whether you acknowledge a philosophy or not, you still live by a philosophy.  Not having a philosophy becomes your philosophy by default.  Actions have consequences.  Hillary Clinton has engaged in illegal and unethical actions while working in one of the highest offices in our nation as Secretary of State.  Hillary Clinton has engaged in unethical and perhaps illegal actions called 'voter fraud' in the Democratic Primary against her opponent Senator Bernie Sanders.  Hillary Clinton may have facilitated a great sexual predator in her husband, Bill Clinton. Her actions are a dark and disturbing cautionary tale to young women of the world and I would ask them all to have pity for her lost soul.

WikiLeaks paints a vivid portrait of Hillary Clinton getting darker and more disturbing with each revelation.

Put simply, pretense is killing this world.  When pretense becomes philosophy, monsters hide in plain sight making women easy prey.  

There is great pretense at the Washington Post.  Apparently there is great pretense at NARAL and we understand now how more abortion clinics have closed in the last eight years then at any other time under a Democrat President himself the Prince of Pretense.

Let us have no more.  Let us as a nation grow up and become adults understanding what it is to be human.  Being human is not always easy.


Top 10 Revelations from leaked Clinton campaign emails


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wish List: The Spiritual Recruitment Files, Vol 1

Warrior Goddess
Never weak but often weary pondering dreams at times a little teary, my love laughed out loud at brazen wishes of beautiful atheist women coming to new spirituality.  "Dream greater", a little voice whispers inspiring secular synapses to fire up wonderment once again. What of women even more difficult to recruit than the Hot Heathens?  These women have religion most probably and beliefs naming their God as the only truth.  If recruiting atheist women seemed difficult then the following labor falls into cosmic mission impossible or divine madness. 

Pagan religions do not recruit to my knowledge and neither do atheists.   Although, both pagans and atheists educate publishing media, writing articles, posts, books and more.  Recruitment comes as a byproduct for differing reasons.  Pagans often have some of the same quarrels with major religions but come from a different longer history than atheists.  Pagans are non-aggressive with regards to their religion practicing religion and spirituality quietly.  So, once again this quasi-recruitment manifesting now in a wish-list of women a Poet would like to see among the growing numbers in true spirituality walks alone. 

While atheist women were asked to come to spirituality, religious women here are only summoned into a new political party built on reason and spirituality.  They may keep their religion or more importantly the spirituality attached to it.  Spirit would find such women eventually should they dare to walk in prophecy and the distance between party member to cosmic future are too close to call.  Major religions that have decimated this world are fast becoming the past and spirituality is the future and our future calls out here to five very special women.

This world does not love women.  Such disdain hides behind pretense and often in plain sight. What a Poet offers here aims directly at the heart of Beauty; a world created by and for her in her image as the true creator on this little planet.  An approaching Matriarch Society prescribed here answers a riddle perhaps thousands of years old.  Inspired by Earthly Goddess love and foretold by great Prophets, our future world loves women and free will seeking only the best in life among our species to govern and we call her Mom.

Hillary Clinton appears on this planet to inspire as a cautionary tale. She is what happens to so many women in this world built by men on pretense.  Yes, women must govern almost exclusively in our future but those women shall not be built in the mold of Mrs. Clinton but quite the opposite. 

Spiritually potent Earthly Goddesses and Matriarchs nurture our future to where cowards and fools dare not.  Listed by path of least resistance or those with least amount of obstacles blocking them, it is my wish that these women will someday join our as yet created political party and perhaps lead us in ways they have been taught to forget.

Part 1 of 5
Leah Remini

#1) Leah Remini─   was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. to a School Teacher Mom of Austrian-Jewish heritage and Italian Father.  Mom and Pop divorced when Leah was nine and it was around then her mother went in for the Church of Scientology.  So many children get religion because their parents have it and depending on their innate intellectual integrity and other factors, it may take a lifetime to get over sins of their parents.  

The Queen of The King of Queens blazes a not so underground railroad to intellectual integrity.  Chaos produces Freethinkers and those people built just a little differently from the norm and it is to such individuals all humanity owes a debt of gratitude that we have made it even this far on the ladder of evolution.  Warriors and Angels like Leah survive in spite of a malevolent 'patriarch matrix' and in some way inspire the rest who continue in philosophical bondage.  Her book,Troublemaker; Surviving Hollywood and Scientology published in 2015, leads one to believe Miss Remini is just as tough as some of her TV characters while maintaining marvelous smoky hot femininity. 

When her hilarious TV run with Kevin James ended in 1997, Remini would eventually land a spot on a new talk show hoping to capture magic of The View.  Focusing on marriage, family, and women’s issues, she discussed such topics with other female celebrities.  We would then learn that the tough characters Leah Remini portrayed brilliantly on our TV screens for years strayed not far at all from the real thing.  Television network pretense is no place for cosmic fires burning inside Leah.  After not playing well with the other hosts, Leah and Holly Robinson were not invited back to The Talk the following year.  Reasons for their departure were never given but there is significant reason to suspect a virus of pretense turning America into a communist nation where children look like zombies in a world built on ignorance with a reverence for all things science.

A virus sweeps this land in the form of a politically-correct ideology and only the strong at heart hold on to immunity.  The P-C Virus is an outgrowth or mutation of Socialism/Feminism.  This clarion call here to unique love mounts the only anti-virus and specialized solution to an immoral problematic government at the root of it all.

Warrior Goddess, Leah continues to blaze a trail where fools fear to tread providing a voice for those who cannot speak exposing a faux religion in Scientology. Her cable TV show seen on A&E produces one riveting episode after another often producing tears from victims of Scientology abuse and perhaps a few teardrops from television viewers as well.

A Matriarch and married to Angelo Pagan; it appears the journey of Miss Remini into new spirituality is written in her husband’s name.  As a Scorpio, great powers engineered the Poet to give a uniquely talented Earth Goddess great love.  Those same powers designed Scorpio for much greater glory than Neilson Ratings and fan mail.  Appearances go a long way in this world where intellect is born to consume death and celebrate ignorance.  Leah hits the ground driven in a stretch limousine should she decide to take a true leap of faith into the future as one of the founding members of a promising prophecy.  There is great intellectual depth beneath mesmerizing beauty of this Scorpion.


Queen of Kings, Leah Remini

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Loving Reason and Spirituality

Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky and daughter Charlotte
It becomes clear that Hillary Clinton is to lead us by cautionary tale and hopefully not in the White House. If that is true then perhaps great powers guided Warrior passions to her blood.  Perhaps it is her granddaughter who is to lead by example to a matriarch society and a world inspired by reason and spirituality foretold by great prophets.  Maybe humanity turns the corner away from extinction by tiny hands not yet ready to hold a book.  

Mrs. Clinton possesses great powers she is completely unaware of and this enlightened man recognizes it quickly.  I see it in a daughter loving motherhood.  Such great power resides in her spiritual blood and one hopes it is not driven out of little Charlotte. Completely  innocent, we must hope she holds on to such innocence and disdains pretense.  

Chaos works wonderful magic even with odds stacked against us. We add a little magick here.  It is my wish that little Charlotte Mezvinsky grows up to disdain pretense loving reason and spirituality.

No amount of pretense, cognitive dissonance, or sublime ignorance can stop an unstoppable future.  Who, what, where, when, and how are the only questions remaining on our road to Utopia.

Chelsea Clinton's daughter...