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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Prophets and Visions: Explaining the Unexplainable, Part 2

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Alan Paine
Women are the bridge between metaphysics and epistemology.  More to the point, it is the Earth Goddess quality in women holding secrets to this world and thus the universe.  Not all women possess such magick as they have adapted themselves to live in the patriarch matrix.  It is buried down deep where they can no longer access their power.  They have allowed in some cases by free will the patriarch matrix to rob them of their power becoming zombies or more like men.  That is what this world or the leaders of this world does to their citizens turning people into zombies.  One has to wonder why zombie movies are so inexplicably popular and now we get a better idea of the price of consumerism and a world holding the almighty dollar as the highest cultural ideal.  In the coming matriarch society, it is the Earthly Goddess who shall be held as the highest ideal.

I have said that this 'Cosmic Transference' chiefly responsible for all that is wonderful and beautiful on this planet happens not to all men but such men that at this time I will call 'Receptors' (I may change this later).  These new terms are needed for discussion and as we head towards a new world and a new paradigm upon which such world is based, it is only appropriate that we set sail with new terminology.  In any event, I have redressed three men here who I am certain were Receptors.  I have said that you could only do with cosmic transference or turbo-enlightenment what you could have done without it and whatever it is you do is based on your spiritual and intellectual tools at the time.  Jim Jones gave society a cult religion and death.  Charles Manson gave society religion in Satanic followers and death.  Joseph Smith gave society more religion and a type of spiritual death as we shall never see a Mormon woman of great achievement.  I believe Einstein to have been a Receptor conquering the atom. 

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Firestorm Omega
Now we come to the Poet, my friends.  Yes, women have shown me great love having never met the person whose poetry they find moving.  Well before taking up poetry I took to romance easily.  As I look at my life and come to understand my stars and planets it does appear that I was made to love and stand by the Earth Goddess.  My friends, tools of the Poet during his cosmic transference came from influences of a religious family even though I emerged an atheist, there was still apparently some spiritual osmosis taking place.  Most of all, tools of the Poet came from Ayn Rand also known as the Goddess of Reason.  It is with such cosmic intelligence and love that this world is not only given the riddle that has most probably destroyed all other cultures and inhabitants on this planet  but also the answer to that riddle in a matriarch society.  So then, future earthlings will hold high and revere at least three women and dark words made public about such women shall come back to the person responsible rendering such beings extinct.  It is by, for, and because of Earthly Goddesses that I rise and the ascension of all humanity goes forward without parasites and  zombies.

Such is the power of the Earthly Goddess and I suspect that the Beast has some inkling of Earth Goddess cosmic power.   Author and ex-Mormon, Joanne Hanks alludes to this in her book, "It's Not About the Sex My Ass!; Confessions of an Ex-Mormon, Ex-Polygamist".  I believe the entire idea of Harems may be based on this little knowledge that the ape can only scratch at having no idea of what he does which is business as usual for the Beast.  They often prefer doing things in the blind, deaf, and dumb.  He could never comprehend the awesome cosmic power in his own home.

Joanne Hanks reveals the simplistic means the polygamist cult used to divvy up polygamist wives.
"It's Not About the Sex" My Ass: Confessions of an Ex-Mormon Ex-Polygamist Ex-Wife" on

A bit of the cosmic power of women in a tribute to MM.