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Dawning of the Matriarch Society

Saturday, December 12, 2015


While options to end the war against women included our first true female contender losing, I never really considered her losing.  Nevertheless, a woman prepared to govern by cosmic powers for this time in America today must go through a transformation to be any good to plans here.   She is the most prepared candidate perhaps ever.  However, as she is made in the patriarch matrix a transformation must occur and mystics say she has such ability.  Plan A always depended on going through an enlightened Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Certainly, as a woman she is closer to the source but depths of such a transformation needed run deep.  Rather like a transformation of an atheist to spirituality.  Most people find religion in such situations or leave it.  I know it is a long-shot but it is the only Hollywood ending.

Serious trust issues arise with our contender lately and Democrats look to Bernie Sanders to meet challenges galore.  Sanders or Clinton meet the same challenges.  Challenge #1currently sits in the White House; a Politically-correct Marxist who may have endangered Americans to threats of terrorism foreign and domestic for many years after he slinks out of office.  Challenge #2; saving the Democrat Party from Marxism and Socialism.  Global challenge #3 exposes itself here in furious flames of extinction species humanity making other challenges and causes seem small.

Donald Trump grows as a challenger and currently leads Republican hopefuls and offers what the media calls shocking ideas to curb terrorism.  What would America do without the wonderful media?  What we know is that ideas from the current administration are not working and anyone expecting more than mediocrity from the abject symbol of government status-quo think in dynamics of insanity thinking the same things and expecting different results.

Obstacles to a utopian future and higher thinking are indeed institutionalized in higher education and what Republicans call the "Liberal Media."  Progressives and Feminists litter media and one has to suspect many branches of government during the Obama administration.  I suspect they will have to be dealt with on the metaphysical plane.  As it stands now without enlightenment, Hillary Clinton may be the final obstacle in cosmic irony comprehensible perhaps only to higher beings watching and waiting for the final curtain.

If Mrs. Clinton should lose it would certainly decrease stress on this person.  While I have told no one to vote for her, raising her potentials goes on here as a matter of destiny.  It would be terrible if she should win and betray the American woman like Feminism.  I know some young people think the term "feminism" and women go hand in hand.  It is testament to public education.  Feminism has little to do with women or women's rights and acts as added weight on the remaining fertile backs of the Earthly Goddess.  Many people want to align Mrs. Clinton with Feminism simply because she is a woman.  I have seen no association as of yet and one hopes she could not possibly be as ignorant or evil as Barack Obama on this issue.  Obama only has those two choices in light of existing work from living Goddess and Scholar, Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers that is at least 20 years old.  Easily the worst President in U.S. history has no excuses and Mrs. Clinton will need to decide where she stands soon.

Great powers wish me to espouse other virtues of Mrs. C. and this should be saved for my edited book due when I am done.  That Mrs. Clinton might be another deluded Democrat thinking government is a be-all do-all bunch of geniuses entered this mind a time or two.  I recently read an article informing the world that Obamacare is 95% from a plan of our would-be champion.   Do you know how sick this all makes me?  Does she know women die in childbirth without abortions because of such Socialist regulation?  She absolutely does not know abortion is one of the solutions to extinction.  Will she acknowledge the problem or nod to the new God; Science?  I may not falter in raising virtues of our future Madame President nonetheless.

Let me say again there are no laws in America that cannot be changed and in the end it matters not what Harvard-educated bureaucrats do to bring this nation and humanity down to a gutter leading to extinction. 

Let me address this matter perhaps from a theoretical grave.  And, this makes sense as the coming new political party shall be founded by the Poet but fury looks to get away from politics ASAP.  I have said if Mrs Clinton should lose she would be invited to our new party to become the first Matriarch.  What does that mean?  I don't know.  I will be gone.  It does not give her another venue to run for President.  This is about those other virtues to be discussed later. Still, what she does are matters left up to you folks filling in the details of our new world.  My job is to create a foundation and it is done.   In any event she may not accept such an invitation and the transformation will still be expected.  If I should die tomorrow there would be only one request to women taking up the baton of our new world.  Men must do as they will.  However, women are another story all together.  Do not hurt this Scorpio great powers chose for all of you through me.  Blood and bones may be cold as stone but Warrior words live on and we entered a new scenario at the instant of awareness.  Stand on higher ground.  Our planet thanks you later.  Do not give Madame President a free pass.  Play nice and be good to each other.

What kills our world starts between man and woman and we call it marriage.  Marriages are not always perfect and neither are people.  Stop looking for the perfect marriage.  Stop looking for the perfect President!  It is a chase for Fool's Gold engaged by a Liberal Media.  Spiritual Warrior returns to take care of pestilence on airwaves and any future parasites idolizing an ignoramus should know you have made a very bad career choice.  Though our future gets darker before the light, at least humanity now has a future.

Pagan Mamas, don't let your baby boys grow up to be or want to be in any type of politics.

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