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Dawning of the Matriarch Society

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Burning an Evil Virus

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Our world is now based on money and force controlled by a patriarch matrix. It will be hard at first to understand the new paradigm based in reality and she who is responsible for all that is beautiful and wonderful on this Earth.  Ancients had fertility rights, ask yourself why your world does not?

I have said Pagans are set to inherit Earth because the bible says so.  The meek shall inherit the earth because Pagans never started any wars, carried out inquisitions, and they certainly never burned any women for ridiculous claims.  Pagans get it and they can stay with a forewarning to WICCA.  It has been known for some time that your beginnings are something less than austere and perhaps at odds with the future.  We give you a chance with the others to soak up my message and new information leading to the 'Matriarch Society'.  At the time of this writing I still believe you can all be found by intent and we will go with that until something new comes along.  (I can't force anyone to go.)  Mother Earth calls to the Pagans and waits for their loving ways.

 photo Earth Goddess Legends 4_zpsbsdwf7y9.jpgFuture Earth and the salvation of humanity must give thanks so far to three women.  It is unfortunate that one of these women has been treated in some ways similarly to the ancient women who came before her.  It is perhaps even more unfortunate that many of the women inspired by Ayn Rand may not be welcome in the coming new world.  It is a world in which daughters of the Goddess of Reason should thrive but I wonder.   I wonder if they are not a victim of their own avarice on a spiritual level.   Atheists as well should thrive in this coming new world with minor adjustments as this new paradigm touches all from the top down and that is how government works.  Only one of the women above worked in government and she was supreme ruler with regards to governance of all Egypt and domiciles.

My friends, if you cannot get it done peacefully through government then your world has seen these periods before and what you got after the bloodshed was a ruler.  What you are scheduled to get after the calamities are beings who care about you and would welcome your presence in their world.  Earth goes forward with only the best which includes the best form of government with the best people nature provides running that government.  That person quite often wears a dress and is widely known as the matriarch.

Do not think for an instant that Democracy as you know it continues.  It is simply mob rule and enough is enough.  A problem arises as you want everything now.  Do not think in terms of instant changes but little steps.  If not, the future gets dark before it gets bright.

There was a time when we were told to repent and quite actually it continues from the major religions.  The curse is reversed and now they are asked to repent for their sins.  I am not a sick feminist getting in bed with the enemy.  Since time immemorial there is but one great enemy to the Earthly Goddess and they are called out here.  Your day along with the vile feminists are numbered.  This is the dawning of the 'Matriarch Society' where reason rules spirituality as ignorance dies like an evil virus burned out of existence by a cosmic firestorm.