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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Goddess of Reason

Young Ayn Rand
Like puzzle pieces searching for clues to existence, life connects us all whether we come together or not. As more awareness takes hold, one encounters so much cosmic beauty seemingly so distant from this world taken over by what is called here the patriarch matrix. Much of this spiritual journey chronicled here in this spider web of interrelated blogs travels through tears and blood and moments of joy are few. Spiritual Warriors find them as they can in a savage decaying land.

Turbo-charged enlightenment bringing a Poet to this point in time known here as Cosmic Transference or the Heterosexual Nexus does not earn power from usual tools leaned upon in the patriarch matrix and they might call that empirical research data or statistical analysis featuring amalgamated algorithms or something. It is not like I was trying to find where the age of ignorance began or anything. My journey includes study and that study discovered that research and reliance upon statistics and annoying analysis is right around the time humanity took a turn for the worse. What such reliance did is to make a majority of you quite knowledgeable yet incapable of intelligent thought or the ability to process information independently of authority and/or evidence endorsed by authority figures. So then, much of what the Poet presents here carries something looking foreign as argument only.

Certainly, those of you perusing here regularly know that humanity now has a future thanks in no small part I believe to Ayn Rand. Quite actually that future is in flux being changed minute by minute. Still, no one stood higher in this world before or after enlightenment than Miss Rand known here as the Goddess of Reason. I can do nothing regarding my mission here without good reason or it must be undone.

Cosmic transference lays out a fine explanation for the genesis of all religion and cosmic force behind several of the worlds' greatest thinkers and achievers. Examples were chosen because the Poet already had knowledge of their personal lives. However, the personal life of Ayn Rand was unknown for a time and I put her into the category of exception to every rule.

Yes, I have read all Miss Rand's books but her personal life as far as it concerned me was hers alone. I did not research the personal life of Miss Rand simply because it is not my thing. Proving my theory was not needed as my senses are heightened as a consequence of cosmic transference and I am encouraged to rely on such senses. So far, those senses prove again and again to be as vital as intellect in human evolution. Also, much of what I am called to do here is intrusive without being intrusive as it deals often with sexual love and sex. Though I may not speak to you specifically, you may feel the intrusion nonetheless.

Social media and you folks guide me to information I need when not looking for it with all your little postings. Facebook rises to the rescue again with a post from The Atlas Society and now the final puzzle piece arrives adding Ayn Rand to the mix of Cosmic Transference Theory.

While the dynamic works both ways, it appears that only males are touched by what might
Hypatia of Alexandria
be called 'spiritually based visions' or 'spiritually based messages.’ Females, on the other hand, have the capacity to rise to such greatness on this plane as to induce a reputation and love that looks a lot like worship. And, worship takes us back to words of the Poet as part solution to the big mess called extinction gotten into by this culture and most probably all cultures to exist on this planet known and unknown. Perhaps the greatest female example of cosmic transference in history bares the name, Hypatia of Alexandria who enjoyed an unusual loving relationship with her father a brilliant Philosopher, Theon of Alexandria. Now, I know Miss Rand enjoyed an unusual loving relationship with her brilliant father, Zelman Wolf Zakharovich Rosenbaum. Known as "Fronz", he was her Hero and cosmic spark transferring power to Ayn manifesting a bit differently when happening to men.
 “You must see clearly that you are not like everybody else and be proud of it. Eschew all doubts and continue firmly and with the assurance to walk toward your goal.” ―Fronz
As we ease into this new future inspired by divine femininity designed to end the circus micro-second by micro-second flipping a pimping paradigm over to a fragrant fertile force for good, there shall be new fascinating puzzles to explore and piece together unraveling great secrets of a magickal universe. When we piece together a government of only the best giving love and benevolence, our universe offers it back to us and much more.
He points out that, by declaring so many religious, philosophical, and not-politically correct subjects out of bounds for study in our schools, it constitutes a profound impoverishment and shrinkage of the scope of human experience that students are able to explore. He points out that the exclusive focus on "research," a respectable name for endless gathering of data, most of which yield no insight or useful improvement, leads to a "barrenness of intellect beyond calculating.
 ―Exploring the Astrological Key to Jupiter, by Stephen Arroyo
Unlike pandering politicians, I do not profess to have all the answers. I have answers that take humanity over the hump no matter how bitter or dark it gets before the dawn and it is no coincidence Hypatia is mentioned here. Miss Rand provides a base and guide posts for this plane of existence. Hypatia of Alexandria remains nexus of the future waiting to take thinkers to spirituality and beyond.