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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Black Like Me: Women and Faith

Rapper Azealia Banks
Growing up Atheist I often lamented a full-sized scarcity of African American women with no faith in a white God.  When expressing passion for women, such love by the Poet then as it is now directed actions deficient of discrimination.  Fiery passion cared little about ethnicity when admiring women as a young man or their religion.  Reared in a religious family, I was with left a sense of tolerance and perhaps pity for such confused people.  With women there was also that back of the mind dwelling notion of bringing them over to reason.  It never happened.  Maybe I should have tried.  One should think people of the same ethnicity would have more in common but not always.
As a young man my girlfriends until high school shared the same ethnicity simply because of demographics.  They all had religion but not enough to deter my desires.  We tend to date girls in the hood and they were all black like me in those days.  Neighborhoods today are increasingly getting an introduction to Latin culture as well as a smattering of white folks.  We were not in the ghetto by any means but when I was younger my neighborhood was all black.  I suspect bigger cities still see a lot of segregation but America becomes more diverse with no real plan for such diversion.  But, I digress.  There were not nearly enough Atheist women to go around in the day and now that I transition to spirituality it appears lamenting may begin anew.

Rapper Azealia Banks brought witchcraft back into the mainstream by tweeting ‘I’m really a witch’. But women in the US have been harnessing its power for decades as a ‘spiritual but not religious’ way to express feminist ambitions.

--Sady Doyle 

Feminists link anything good related to women to Feminism and such a plot wears thin in the end.  While feminists have invaded the spiritual movement spreading virus anywhere they can, such women stick out like sore thumbs.  They are welcome in this new political party ushering in a prescribed matriarch society but go to the back of the room.  Most feminists that come to us will need healing from true Earth Goddesses and not vapid want-to-be men.

Women I believe are more spiritual than men and thought to be nearer to the Source by advanced mystics.  The last church I attended with a friend as a favor concerning videography had much more women than men in attendance.  I suspect such numbers reflect in all churches and you may never find more men than women in attendance except perhaps a gay church if such things exist and it would not surprise if they do.  I don’t have all the answers on this journey but women may need more spirituality than men and it must manifest from men.

If you wish to be all you can be in life then you must find someone of the opposite sex to share love.  Such a statement is not original and unfortunately I cannot remember exactly where it came from but I suspect the Goddess of Sacred Sex.  After enlightenment I of course agree with her and you may have read my writings on phenomena given the name ‘Cosmic Transference’ explaining dynamics of cosmic heterosexual love.  I am here with deeper spirituality, higher intellect, heightening senses, and keys to the universe by and because of Earthly Goddess love.

To think I could ever have linked abortion and prostitution to evolution without some otherworldly intellectual infusion of sorts is just an awesome compliment.  Such a compliment would be misplaced.  My destiny is to put her in the proper place getting overdue proper respect, credit, and love bordering on worship rousing spirituality.
This little post gets inspiration from real flesh and blood, an African American young lady recently met to be exact so lamenting could very well turn to more tears soon.  Seems to be how it goes these days with all those powerful gifts and heightened senses.  Repercussions my friends, It appears I am meant to suffer greatly on this little planet for some time not holding back tears but fire.  How young black women continue with religion worshiping a white man given to them literally by slave masters use to boggle my little mind.  Now, it just seems to be so many stranded tears no one can find.  Maybe this gift of magick should start on one lonely lost little girl at a time.
My experience as a young man encompassed girls in the hood but perhaps this story embraces all women of color as it seems religion preys on these women most.  There are few Atheist women celebrities young girls can look up to as role models.  Perhaps the Friendly Atheist, Herman Mehta can form a recruitment plan.  Then we will have to recruit Herman to spirituality.  Just kidding.  It doesn't work that way.  Our world needs more openly spiritual women and/or witches and as they announce themselves Spiritual Warrior casts a pink bubble of love protecting them from cowards and fools.


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