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Dawning of the Matriarch Society

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Virtue of Scorpio

"Accept the things to which fate binds you..."  --Marcus Aurelius
Fate or the Goddess reveals a wicked sense of humor connecting the Warrior to one who should be called opposition.  Both Republicans and Democrats in America promote Fascism and extinction.  Libertarians do not have an answer so a presidential candidate from any party could be called the opposition here.  Still, there are lessons to be learned but such lessons are not alone for the Poet.  The Mother of Feminine Purity comes attached to my rational self interest and this is an excellent point in which to elucidate young readers on the virtues of selfishness and Ayn Rand. Perhaps this is what great powers wanted all along.   Mine is not to reason why when it comes to getting a jagged edged blade thrust into the spiritual gut.

Should the first matriarch chosen by great powers stumble even in words chosen during her bid and election-speak it will cause great suffering for the Poet.  One little status-quo comment revealing a delusion that she and/or government has answers or new answers to what makes America sick will in turn sicken the Firestorm.  Galaxy-creating cosmic powers cozy with the Goddess do not make mistakes in their choices.  Humans have made too many mistakes to mention here on the way to the extinction abyss.  Hillary Clinton is indeed the chosen one.
 photo Ayn-n-Hillary 7_zpspxmhctgs.jpg
Women of great beauty or intellect seem to strike great fear in some men and when a woman combines both she must be really scary to such men.  The Goddess of Reason as an Earth-bound goddess created moving fiction and a philosophy of ethics in non-fiction that explains it in brilliance easily rivaling any philosopher who has ever lived and most all the great ones were men.  Rand fiction transformed into classic movies inspiring legendary actors and actresses to compete for roles.  It is no coincidence her works are translated into too many languages to list for this theme and she is universally loved.

I am hesitant to try and explain a complex philosophy of Miss Rand as it is there for all to read.  More to the point it has been many years since reading any Objectivist book and even if that were not so, I still would not want to expound on her work for fear of getting something wrong.  Inquiring minds should read it and bring questions here if elucidation or plain words are needed from a Poet.  Start with "The Virtue of Selfishness".

I am tired and not handling everything on this monkey planet as well as I should.  Though I cannot think of why I should handle it well when one looks at the intellectual and spiritual landscape.  My friends, I have never voted.  Compelled to push and defend a Democrat in the coming presidential election who will most probably drive down the same tired Marxism road of her predecessor makes me rather ill.  Scorpio most probably is set to further betray the Earth Goddess and send America to extinction via rocket power.  It is a possibility I have been sent to avert through her or those of you who care.

How did it get so bad?  How was it allowed to go so far?  Surely, there must be more connections yet to be made.

Natal Jupiter is in Virgo and so my book gets edited for the young girl with a gleam in her eye.  Actually, the planet of luck is near the cusp or between the only two zodiac signs represented by women.  My friends, I am sent for this difficult job and it would appear much more as this world is an abject mess!  It will take a world of matriarchs to clean up all the tears and blood extracted, exploited, and perpetrated here under the ruse of progress that suspiciously looks like fear hiding behind pretense.

A new political party must be contemplated where men exalt matriarchs into political office.  Am I talking mostly to Pagans or everyone who is not associated with one of the major religions?  Much meditation is needed here and perhaps counsel. 

This seems to have been a dress rehearsal provided whether I knew I needed it or not.  As it turns out I needed it dearly.  How does one prepare for rusty jagged edged blades to the spiritual gut?  Would it help to tell you there is nothing done here politically that cannot be undone?  We can go home again in the coming 'matriarch society', so try not to throw knives at this woman who would be the first female U.S. President.  I suspect it has something to do with vibrations and Mother Earth must suffer no more along with her Earthly Goddess representatives.  There will be no more rehearsals as those remaining on this planet will bravely embrace evolution, higher thinking, and ascension to a Utopian future as steps into a new world begin.

I have said Astrology will one day be an accredited course in college and the aspirant will be able to get at least an Associate Arts Degree to start.  I sense this is important and being much too young in my study to take charge of the matter even if I had focus, it may be time soon to reach out and touch some of you. It may be time to seek personal counsel from one of you as well.  In any case, accredited astrology may be many years in the future but the time for planning and discussions come soon.  What does it have to do with Scorpio? Astrologer, Mae R. Wilson-Ludlam thinks the placement of Neptune in your chart may show your "social obligations to humanity" and "where you may encounter the peculiar." Neptune conjures peculiarities through Scorpio in the chart of the Poet and some things are so obvious. If astrology is not reflective in your life then there are good reasons.  It appears I am an archetype for Sagittarius and more. Nevertheless, Astrology was never meant to reveal the future or help you win the lottery. Like an Earth Goddess, it is here for perhaps more than you can imagine. It is time to imagine greater.

So, that explains all those embarrassing moments over many years as all genders wanted to make that move.