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Friday, January 8, 2016

The Pornography Paradox

Natalie Dylan, sold her virginity online
Pornography enjoys a long history of misunderstanding around the globe and one must believe such misunderstanding stems from not just the ruling class but more specifically the patriarch matrix. The patriarch matrix describes governments and all problems in this world find their roots in differing political systems. Feminists blame "patriarchy" but all men are a part of patriarchy while not all men are a part of the patriarch matrix. The patriarch matrix for example allows someone of little merit to become leader of the free world. It allows Bankers, Brokers, and other Financial Snakes to fleece Americans out of their homes and life-savings to the tune of billions of dollars igniting a national financial meltdown in 2008 without any one of the criminals ever being arrested. Status-quo is the slogan of the patriarch matrix.  Bigger government is always better for a bunch of good old boys and girl parasites profiting from blood and misery of their citizens. Most such bureaucrats can point to good intentions only on useless resumes. With good intentions and little morality our government wishes ostensibly to control pornography thereby forcing their morals upon the public. More to the point in America it is the morality of the majority, special interest group, or bigger mob forced upon the public. With regards to morals on pornography it might help matters if sensible people could define it.

As defined by the U.S. Supreme Court in Miller v. California in 1973, obscenity must meet 3 tests. What is important to note here is that the definition came from perhaps the least qualified people.  U.S. Supreme Court history (link below) is as checkered or more than the average street prostitute. Prostitutes have an excuse as they are outlaws for the most part. Justices look at themselves in the mirror and see what? Do they see a pompous ego of little to no merit built in the patriarch matrix on pretense and injustice?  Justices of today embody the same spirit of an ancient Kangaroo Court condemning Philosopher Socrates to death for philosophizing so to instantly respect such people based on title is intellectually shameful if not disgusting.  Our current Supreme Court has been called the worse since the Civil War and save for Ruth Bader Ginsburg have about as much intellectual merit  and achievement as the current U.S. President.

Greeks gave us so much and we have them to thank for "porn" meaning "indecent pictures".  Grecian artists painted indecency on walls of their brothels called "frescoes". Yes, many ancient cultures enjoyed the services of prostitutes found at legal brothels. Legal brothels continue to operate today in Nevada as many of us are aware due to unfortunate life challenges to ex-NBA

Star Lamar Odom and his tabloid junkie ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian.  America in particular has great difficulty digesting or perhaps even comprehending prostitutes and brothels. A time gallops swiftly to force higher thinking on the matter. It is interesting that Greeks understood to some extent and tolerated brothels but described drawings of the sexual act "indecent" thereby institutionalizing misunderstanding in sexuality and fostering the age of ignorance.

Blind ignorance produces many authors over the centuries on the road to 
the extinction abyss. Pope Paul IV prepared the first index of banned books
Pope Paul VI, Catholic Cruelty Confessions
for the Roman Catholic Church in 1557 and a few of those books were about sex if you can believe it. The index was added to and published until 1965 when
Pope Paul VI eliminated it in favor of other reforms. Many Popes were lecherous, perverted, murderers and one believes their sordid history would be erased if miracles really did exist. Pope Paul IV was ultimately so unpopular that after he died, a mob stormed the Inquisition and tore down his statue.

Leaders on this odyssey into darkness go by many names yet the vast majority appears to be men and attached to one of the major religions.  America’s TV Father goes on trial soon for a lifetime of preying on women accused of being a prolific serial rapist. Bill Cosby represents both the age of ignorance and pretense splendidly and sadly. He fits the profile exactly of the proselyting holier than thou erstwhile male leader just like Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Bakker. All of such infamous men would have been helped greatly if they could have gone without shame to a brothel.

Sexual Predators, Cameron Hooker, Bill Cosby, and Brian Mitchell

No, brothels and prostitutes are low and dirty and need saving from themselves and evil men. Such is what religion and feminists would have you believe. They are two groups with much in common and a vapid intellectual quality remains chief among them. Over-zealous self-righteous indefensible arguments are also common playing cards of Femi Nazis and Jesus Freaks.  Such people bring hot air usually filled with virus.  Brothels bring fresh air filled with love-breaking pretense raising consciousness and subsequently spirituality.

Some women are born to be Angels upon this Earth... like
Xaviera Hollander

Pornography can be defined by some people as Playboy Magazine.  It points to reasons America and other nations strangle themselves on infertility.  There would be little need for pornography had prostitution not been outlawed.  Why?  Pornography is just entertainment.  It is just art, pictures, performance, or whatever imitating the sexual act.  As entertainment it offers little to nothing in social value.  Night Angels at the very least can prevent certain types of human monsters from being born and made.  While I will expand on this a bit more in my book, it is obvious and I am no longer here to convince anybody of anything.  My job is to prepare this world by burning away refuse making way for Beauty.

Some women born to be Night Angels are forced by the matrix
to be something they are not perhaps like...
Monica Lewinsky; Feminism Failed Me

Pornography compares to sugar offering nothing in nutrients but is oh so sweetly addicting.  A Sexuality Priestess, a person some of you are fond of calling a whore, a Goddess compared to government Parasites looking down on her relates favorably to honey.  Honey contains too many nutrients to list here and held great favor with ancients for fertility transforming it into a wine given to newlyweds.  Known as meade, it is where we get the term “Honeymoon.”
"Prostitution in towns is like the sewer in a palace; take away the sewers, and the palace becomes an impure and stinking place." --St. Augustine

So, where do we as culture go from here and how? Let us assume today that everyone associated with one of the major religions suddenly disappeared from our weeping planet. (It could happen.) In any event, what we would be left with besides Pagans, Atheists, and Innocents is a menagerie of monsters made by religion and government lurking everywhere and anywhere often hiding in plain sight.  Humanity must try to comprehend that it is much too late for Night Angels to wipe out all monsters created by government and religion. They can only stop some monsters from being born assuming also an overhaul of public education.  Nevertheless, I suspect there will be more than just monsters we know as sexual predators. I have this awful dream about monsters in medicine and science and in all walks of life. Where we must go to defeat a world of loveless monsters and eternal evil is upon the metaphysical plane and it is the ultimate destination anyway.

When pretense becomes philosophy, monsters hide in plain sight making women easy prey. All contemporary American Presidents have a big hand cultivating the status-quo making monsters.  When she who holds keys to the evolution of humanity is shamed into the dark alleys of a black market, where Beauty is turned into an outlaw, cowards and fools create a paradox killing love and life softly with self-righteous consternation laced with dementia and immemorially old avarice.

A rose by any name smells as sweet and by any name you choose any one prostitute is more important to our world than thousands of elected bureaucrats and self-appointed clergy.  Paradox, pronouncement, or preamble to involution instigating, igniting, infuriating rage against the machine, nothing stands in the way for long against a cosmic firestorm.

Earlier this year I do recall reading a post on Facebook about how Hookers would rule in the future.  The title escapes me.  Of course I wondered if it is something the Writer picked up from my posts?  Is there something in the air?  Is it a coincidence?  If it is a meaningful coincidence it qualifies as synchronicity as defined by a true man of merit and achievement; Carl Jung.  Humanity drowns in the paradox of spirituality and now perhaps a bigger paradox in prostitution.  Night Angels are an absolute part of the solution to extinction and the populace has been brainwashed into believing something perverted.  Matriarchs and Night Angels rule in a future built on love and inspiration.  There is something in the air or more precisely into the Quantum Field.  Another perspective kneels to cosmic power of a Universal Goddess.


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