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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Prophets and Visions; Explaining the Unexplainable

As someone claiming to have had visions of the future, I now understand others who claim visions. As stated previously, there are many paths to a higher consciousness. And, to some degree all paths are correct. It is the path through women or Goddess that allows for greatest ascension to a higher consciousness and enlightenment and is most natural or aligned with nature. Enlightenment raises intellect accordingly. One must be receptive to gifts of the Earthly Goddess or they go unnoticed. Although to gain a higher consciousness and enlightenment requires the true love of the Earthly Goddess, it does not require that the person seeking higher consciousness be sane. Such is true for the Earthly Goddess as well. A man may not be seeking a higher consciousness at all. He may simply stumble upon it through love of a good woman. Stumbling upon visions when one is not expecting them can really test your intellectual integrity. Without a strong philosophical base, I suspect visions and depending upon intensity are the cause for a variety of mental illness disorders. History is littered with religious prophets and their deluded followers and we should discuss three. 

Reverend James Warren Jones was leader of the "People's Temple" founded circa 1956 in Indiana and moved to Jonestown, Guyana in 1970. Jim Jones and Jamestown are infamous for what is remembered as the "Jonestown Massacre" of 1978. Reverend Jones induced 909 Jonestown cult members to commit suicide by drinking cyanide laced Kool-Aide. Over 300 of members were children.
What could make reasonable people commit suicide as a group at behest of one man? We assume they were reasonable people. They were not reasonable. Also, many of the deaths may have been forced suicides. Still, such people put themselves in position of their own free will to be forced into suicide. Why would people put themselves into position to be ordered to do something against their own morality including suicide? Only the 'spiritual loophole' could account for the loss of such willpower.

Reverend Jones had visions of a "socialist paradise" and was a devout communist. He also foresaw a nuclear holocaust that was supposed to happen in 1967 and would give rise to a socialist Eden. We know now that although Jones may have had visions, he used religion to foster a communist agenda. He was an agnostic leaning towards atheism and harshly criticized Christianity as a "fly away religion" and said, "those who remained drugged with the opiate of religion had to be brought to enlightenment — socialism."

Clearly, it does not matter if one is completely sane when receiving enlightenment via the cosmic love of women. We know Jones was insane and we also know he engaged in quite a bit of sex with his followers fathering several children. Jones also had sex with male cult members though I doubt seriously if any enlightenment came from such unions. Reverend Jones was lifted to a higher consciousness and enlightenment by the true love of one or more women, whether such love was sexual or not.

Charles Manson is best known for the phrase "Helter Skelter" and ordering murders of Sharon Tate and Leon and Rosemary LaBianca in 1969. Manson had a cult following known as the Manson Family. Years before his infamy, Manson was a musician looking for fame in Hollywood at a time when young people were into peace and love. LSD and marijuana were often the road to enlightenment. Lots of young people experimented with drugs and free love in communes, a type of communal living where everybody shared everything including sexual partners. Manson participated in such communal living before the visions started.

Manson came of age during the "Summer of Love" in the famed Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco. According to Wikipedia, at the ripe age of 23 he moved in with a 23 year old graduate student of the University of Wisconsin-Madison then working as a library assistant at Cal-Berkley. Sometime thereafter, as the story goes, Manson overcame the Librarian's reluctance of bringing other girls into her apartment and soon there were 18 women living with them. Manson became a guru of sorts and it is little wonder he became enlightened through visions. He encountered true love of one or more Earthly Goddesses and was spiritual enough to receive their gifts.

I doubt seriously that anyone can claim all the gifts of your Earthly Goddesses or male celebrities would become gurus every other year having visions and starting religions and that has never happened. Elvis surely would have had visions. Everyone has their place in life and it is a calling. Manson had a calling. Unfortunately for him and his victims he received his calling with a neurotic mind that soon morphed into paranoid schizophrenia. At his core Manson was probably always more psychopath than anything else and enlightenment just intensified it. Perhaps his demons were set free by enlightenment and enabled by his mentally deranged followers.

Tools Charles Manson had when he was enlightened were forged in mental illness. His visions consisted of a racial war between blacks and whites. Murders he ordered were done to speed up the coming of that war. I believe he intended to blame the murders on The Black Panthers. Manson spent a lot of time in jail and prison before founding the Manson family. Race wars in prison are a matter of daily life. Brutality, dominance, and death permeate prison life. Is it any wonder Manson ended up as one of the greatest monsters America has known? Manson is said to have worshiped Satan and Satan or the devil is just the flipside of the religious coin.

Joseph Smith was already a Christian religious leader at age 24 when he wrote the "Book of Mormon" published in 1830. Founding the Latter Day Saints and Mormonism, Smith established temples and cities supporting his new religion. At the time of his death in 1844 he attracted tens of thousands of followers and a religion that continues today.

Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon largely using text and language of the King James Bible. Why? It was basically a 200 year old language. Visions of Joseph Smith are written in the Book of Mormon and are what all Mormons believe. It is a religion that is likened to a cult for good reason. If you have ever met one of their young members you will see in their eyes a sort of confusion that can best be described as 'lost soul'. Mormons, thanks to Smith, believe that God lives on a planet called "Kolob", that dead people should be baptized, Negroes could not go to heaven before 1978 (religions are always shedding their skin transforming like a snake to stay with the times), and some type of magic underwear! Like all other man-made religions, Mormons of course place women in a subservient role to men.

Joseph Smith is said to have had several wives and several children under a religion that promoted polygamy. What is certain is that he had the true love of one or more Earthly Goddesses. We have clues that his first wife, Emma Hale Smith was an Earthly Goddess. She campaigned publicly against polygamy and even on her death bed claimed Joseph Smith had no other wife but her. After his death she left the church and married a non-Mormon, Mayor Lewis C. Bidamon.

What were the tools of Joseph Smith at the time of his enlightenment? He was already a Christian religious leader. Is it any wonder that his vision would be about God? Is it any wonder that his visions would posit women in a lesser position than men? Women would not get the right to vote for almost another 100 years. Slavery would not be abolished for another 35 years after Smith published the Book of Mormon. Is it any wonder his visions did not include Negroes in heaven? As for the religion itself, his vision posits himself as "the chosen one" and one does not have to study Smith to know that he was highly egotistical. It is your tools and your state of intellectual and spiritual growth that determine the output of your enlightenment. Nothing is more clear in studying Joseph Smith and the religion he founded.


Enlightenment ('Cosmic Transference' subsequent to original post) is different for every person who reaches it. You can only do with enlightenment what you could have done without it. Whatever tools you have at your convenience and your intellectual and spiritual growth will determine exactly what comes from your enlightenment. I suspect great writers like Isaac Asimov and Gene Rodenberry were enlightened and because of their particular tools or skills available to them, they became prolific esteemed authors.

Enlightenment is not readily recognizable as such and men lose a valuable lesson when it is not. To whom or what do they attribute enlightenment when it is recognized? All men mentioned here attribute their visions and enlightenment to divinity. Manson is the only one to manifest his enlightenment in Satanism. Be that as it may, the core connections between all men mentioned here remain solid. All such prophets claim visions or to have talked with God. They were all loved intensely by one or more women and they were receptive to such love to enable enlightenment.
Women are the cosmic source of inspiration and enlightenment on this little planet. This 'cosmic transference' only happens between man and woman for good reasons.

Blog Notes
Great men enlightened by love of even greater Earth Goddesses include Albert Einstein via Mileva Maric, Martin Luther King via Coretta Scott King, and Nikola Tesla via his Mom, Đuka Tesla. That's right my friends, for some men all it takes is great love from the Matriarch to ignite this sleeping force of the universe dwelling silently in the ape of man.

Folks, the great Courtesans of today and yesterday will tell you that very often their clients only want to talk. Ancient history has held lessons and keys for success in expanding and bettering the human condition lost to culture blinded by looking for something to exploit. Beasts may exploit her physical body in search of something he does not understand through sex. You cannot exploit love of the Earth Goddess. Beasts will never put a gun to her head and make her love him and it is equally true for creating life. He creates monsters. Courtesans return shortly to this world in dire need of inspiration and true understanding of sexual love as opposed to sex.

Why can we no longer reproduce? Such is the riddle of humanity and no culture on this planet seems to have ever cracked the code... until now. Money can't buy you love. Care and responsibility for this world and her people is soon returned to the hands of love.

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