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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Shaming Beauty

Halle Berry              Marilyn Monroe            Selma Hayek

Cowards, fools, and monsters seem to rule this world and the results lead to extinction species humanity if left alone.  I had the displeasure of running into a website recently with the single purpose of exposing all celebrity actresses past and present who might have stooped to prostitution.   Why should anyone want to post a site that outs women who might have stooped to prostitution?  What sort of person would do such a thing?  What are his motives?  Since many of the claims can not be substantiated, why would he even post them?

By any name you choose, the Priestess of Sexuality remains an integral part to the puzzle and solution to a cold death stalking humanity called extinction. Unstoppable Firestorm clears a path for Beauty.  When cosmic smoke clears find her remaining and held higher in a future world of higher thinking where cowards and monsters are rendered extinct.

My friends, I have given you reasons why some men and even other women seek to sabotage the nature of the Earthly Goddess.  Their day upon this planet as a living plague producing awful parasites and zombies pretending to be human are coming to a merciful end.  Where cowards and fools meet their end find benevolent beautiful Matriarch Society beginning.  Envy, fear, pretense, and ignorance celebrated and elevated to blood-sucking virtue soon become hunted out of existence and detached forevermore from the lovely neck of the Earth Goddess. As Beauty reigns so shall beauty rain upon society created from inspiration, nurturing, and sexual love. 


Halle Berry Hair

Marilyn Monroe Hair

Selma Hayek Hair

 "Hollywood Hookers" or "What actresses are former prostitutes ?"

The Goddess of Sacred Sex