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Friday, December 18, 2015

My Goddess Reminds Me

Adele... glamorous Hello album cover
Adele sings life into a decaying world inspiring thoughts of setting fire to rain when goodbye means Hello.  One hopes her smoldering footprints lead to a Mother Goddess.  Perhaps the beautiful fresh new songbird comes directly from mystical sources explaining her deep magic as a gift to humanity.  Perhaps Adele is just another sign the status-quo comes finally to a merciful end.  My Goddess reminds me to tell you of her reference to "my Goddess" in the second smash hit, When We Were Young from the Album, Adele 25.  I suspect this apparently cultural ingĂ©nue to be one of the cosmically chosen people of Pagan persuasion.  Then again I could just be seeing what I wish to see like some people see Jesus in a piece of toast.

Love to write a  screenplay for her as such inspirations do not grow on trees around this farm.  She probably would want to do some type of Britney Spears thing and show off her acting chops and all that.  Whereas, I vision her in this lite comedy with priceless dry British humor in something little steps up from Spice World but twice as nice. 

Pipe dreams... I condemn Hollywood but certainly can reference movie quotes to my situation.  Cannot really quote from Lord of the Rings but the little Hobbit could not go back to Hobbitville or wherever the Hobbits lived at the end of the trilogy.  Poor man had seen too much carrying that dreadful ring.  And, it gets worse for me I suspect or better depending on perspective.  Not quite just like a movie this enlightened life of awareness for the Warrior.  My regret is that I cannot snap my fingers and bring on the distant future.  

No, there shall be no scripts springing up for the young Oscar Winner coming from here.  I doubt if she can make time anyway becoming a new Matriarch and I should wish the young Earth Goddess congratulations and best wishes.  Well, Europe could use some hope and such an Earth Goddess spreads love and hope with every octave.  Great Britain should hope Adele does not relocate here permanently!  Life goes upward and that country is in worse status-quo than USA.  Yes, Adele should come here and be an American.  Join the other Matriarchs and help build a new America worthy of a Goddess.  Build a movement destined to save a dying world.  And, if the Catholics have her, we shall simply steal her back!  Now, that would be just like a movie written by a Poet.
It's settled then.  America and the coming Matriarchs shall adopt Adele as their musical voice of a new generation in touch with real spirituality or something high-minded sounding like that.  Let a loving decree ring round our tired land.  For every ignoramus born one year from this day, let 100 Earth Goddesses see new life as well all carrying spirituality, innocence, and passion of Adele.  Voice of today, soul from the past, Earth Goddess of the future setting fire to musical standards as Firestorm Omega sets fire to decaying culture of a tearful world.  Beauty sprouts anew when fires settle.  Until then, let it burn.

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