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Dawning of the Matriarch Society

Monday, June 8, 2015

Fractured; Divided Women Fall

Living Goddess, Sarah Silverman
Here and there one can find people who at least get a part of the 'patriarch matrix' and it is easily why America remains the greatest nation in a world where humanity fades fast.  Hope flickers here and it is more than enough to set off a firestorm.
An acquaintance brought up the fact that shaving is an institution thanks to the brilliant marketing of Gillette Razors and not because humans need or benefit from shaving.  It is rather easy I suspect to produce evidence that shaving is unhealthy biologically and more importantly spiritually.  It is culture like government out of control.

By now, everyone knows how razor companies make their money. They sell you cheap razor handles, then burn you later with expensive cartridge refills. On top of that business model, Gillette and other market leaders introduced an arms-race component to the industry – going from two blades to three, then to four and five and six. Each new blade adds only a smidgen of extra utility, but it convinced gullible customers that they needed to upgrade their models every few years to stay current.
 --Kevin Roose, Gillette's Razor= Everything Wrong With America, Daily Intelligencer
Expect a blog on Porn and how it retards the spiritual IQ offering nothing like sugar but empty calories and is oh so sweetly addicting.  Furthermore, one can clearly see a macrocosm of why humanity sprints to extinction in Porn with shaven women and men having circus sex.  Prostitutes were sacred back in the day until cowardly men shamed them to tears and blood at the hands of monsters.  Now you have vapid internet porn queens as useless to society as your average American President.  There are still a few intellectuals in porn, but they fade fast.

We all answer to labels happily in some cases and it allows us to be sold a bill of goods.  It is what keeps so many of you fractured into groups and mobs in this culture driven by a mob government mentality.  Should anyone be surprised that the scope of my task to unite the American woman appears quite impossible?  The 'patriarch matrix' plug attached to the brain of so many can only be pulled by the individual.  Many are called but in the end few will come.  Such is how "natural selection" and future axioms of this world work.

Democrats hate Republicans, Republicans hate Democrats, Libertarians hate them both, and millions upon millions who don't vote hate them all!  The rigged two-party system has killed independents allowing any ignoramus to run for U.S. President and win!  It is in this atmosphere of pretense and celebrated mediocrity that I am called to unite the American woman.  Eternal fire ignites truth in her soul to remember when they were all sisters and worshiped over any God.

We know in the long human history that Earth population at one time dipped down to about 10,000 people yet the species rebounded.  If only Pagans remain on this world after the great purification there will be considerably more than 10,000 people taking the next leap forward up the evolutionary ladder.  Labels then will be some type of Pagan; Pagan-Witch, Neo-Pagan, Voo-Doo Pagan, Shaman Pagan, Taoist Pagan, and more.  It will be a wonderful world of Pagans!

Living Sex Symbol, Britney Spears
Pagans know there is power in hair and you shall find few short-haired women or bald men by choice among them.  My friend tells me that to become a member of the terrorist group, ISIS, one has to have a beard.  That's funny because most of Arab nations and Muslims force their women to hide their hair (power) under hijabs.  Back in the day, Jewish women had to shave their heads and wear wigs because their men were cowards and afraid of female power or some other religious rationalization.  Hairy female legs may not turn  me on yet but hair is coming back!  Magick makes a comeback and it is going to be oh so sexy in the coming 'Matriarch Society.'

Women are made to be loved, not understood. 
-Oscar Wilde

Movimento Mammelle- Goodbye Gillette and Wax
 photo Firestorm O Beard 2_zpsau7zuqge.jpg
Changed from within and without by a Universal Goddess, each step breaks a new path, every word opens a new door to a future fueled by inspiration and love.  Samson and Delilah embody spiritual power of hair and to some extent it may be a matter of what you believe or strength of your faith.  Faith... another subject for perhaps another day as Firestorm Omega continues to burn a decaying culture making way for Beauty.