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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Leaving Las Vegas and Transformation

Spiritual Notes on a Sacred Journey II

Feel obligated to provide updates from time to time on status of this mission to prevent species extinction by saving the earth goddess.  It is an occupational hazard this cosmic power once we become aware of it.  If you became a slave to your words, would you use them more carefully? 

When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness. 
-Joseph Conrad

This new political party designed to unite the American woman would have roots in my hometown if the Poet were perfect or could see into the future.  It is certainly why I returned to Las Vegas among family and friends.  Seemed to be a match made in the cosmos  Fate seems to rule this mission and I am sometimes just along for the ride.  Colorado calls and I am built to stand by a goddess in need.

Leaving Los Angeles lifted spirits and that state still can be saved as unbelievable as it may seem.  Every day that passes we find more evidence of how the Democrats under Obama used federal government in almost every office to oppress conservatives and/or those who disagreed with their politics and ideology.  California appears to be held hostage by the same types of corrupt and incompetent Democrats.  California invariably must be saved as the state is able to infect the nation with a philosophical virus through media.

Colorado weighs heavy in liberals but one hopes it is not Kalifornia.  Las Vegas appears infected by the liberal virus probably due to geographic proximity to the state laden in fruits and nuts. My hometown could use some help and would become seriously creepy if it continues in liberal ideology.  We remember Colorado for notable massacres like the Columbine school shootings and theater shooting in Aurora.  Vegas joins the parade of shooting massacres recently becoming home to the deadliest of them all.  The Mandalay Bay massacre left 58 dead and 546 injured.  Perhaps states and governments have karma like people.  We come to change all that for all time.

Are all answers in my book?  I would hope so but that could not possibly be true.  However, the true sign of intellect in a person is the question. People hear ‘matriarch society’ and who knows how many errant assumptions run through there minds.  None of the assumptions come in question form for  some strange reason and it accounts for how pretense has become philosophy.   Monsters need no guns to rule this world.

Glory, built on selfish principles, is shame and guilt. 
-William Cowper

Some ideals are never meant to be achieved and are more guides or standards.  Though we come to exalt the matriarch into political office, it is a workable ideal.  A new political party and government can and will be realized.  As we move towards the ideal, women who are not matriarchs as well as men are exalted into office as needed.  We do what is needed for the future of humanity.

Perhaps I can use knowledge gained studying Nevada law and non-profits in the future.  It is now time to study up on the state of Colorado.  By the way, did you know that malevolent reptilian extraterrestrials are rumored to be housed in a secret government facility somewhere under the Rockies?  UFO activity may be greater there because of the altitude.  Interesting as that may be, I would hope to send some of you a link to bylaws before the end of Feb.

Seems the book may get a slightly different title and there is now a publishing date.  Women are represented twice on the Zodiac; Libra and Virgo.  Constellation Virgo represents the mission better than any Zodiac sign as the subject is fertility. Mercury and the Sun become perfectly aligned September 20, 2018.  Mercury rules Virgo and commands the mythical power of communication.  

Beyond good common sense continues to recruit Democrats as well as Republicans and others.  However, no tears shall fall for liberals crippled by their own ideology.  I know a lot of you still are not ready for the future and perhaps this is just too much for some of you to comprehend.  I don’t know how that can possibly continue to be true given what we have seen and learned since the election of U.S. President Donald J. Trump.  This new bizarre surreal world brought to us by mainstream media and their puppet masters seems to come gift-wrapped.  Democrats die a miserable death and Republicans begin their death march in about 7 years.  A ginormous void is created once Trump finishes his historic job.  I care not one little bit if Conservative and Libertarian women take over this new party.  Faith waits patiently for her embrace.

Vision sees nine women and three men in charge of the party.  Women run the thing and ideally those women are matriarchs.  The first nine will be chosen or appointed.  If one believes what astrologers write about stars and planets powering this stardust, I am uniquely qualified to make such choices and at some point in the future the Nine will be voted into office.  While I would be National Executive Director and Chairman of the Colorado Committee, if appointed, you would be Executive Director or Chairman of the Nevada Committee (for example).  The first nine plus three men govern the national party until the party grows enough to want a change in the bylaws to accommodate something a bit different. (It is possible for all Nine to be in one state or a multiple thereof, for instance we could have 3 of the Nine in Minnesota under different National Titles. Still, there would only be one Chairman for each state)

While there is no rush to exalt a matriarch into the highest office in our land, 2024 may get here faster than you think.  All is as it should be, and the party grows as fast as your imagination wishes it to grow.  We could soon start raising money and exalting matriarchs into local government offices. Unlike other causes seeking to encourage women into government, splendid reason stands firmly behind the matriarch society here fueled by divine spirituality and prophecy.

Religion is belief in someone else's experience.  Spirituality is having your own experience. 
-Deepak Chopra

Looking strangely at a life of preaching awareness holding faith like a little earth goddess, I am moved to enter the business of saving souls.  It seems important that you get there in a manner where lessons are learned and spiritual power earned.  I suspect my political career begins in the next lifetime.  Seems important here to remind you of my divine message and those people most affected.  It was never meant to be easy this salvation and ascension humanity.   Remember, many of them are damaged beyond repair really through no fault of their own.

So then, paradox enters a new phase and maybe a new diary to understand the undertaking.  It appears I am to be surrounded rather soon by female energy. Of course, that is where this has been heading for some time now. That one is thankful matters are not worse shows a bit of growth. Growing pains and occupational hazards seem to be a natural part of the process. 

Humanity becomes more than programmed dreams of monsters. Let us face darkness brandishing inspiration as now we can clearly see light at the end of the tunnel. Goodbye to a dark past. Hope you say goodbye to the old you soon.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Rogue Goddess; Wish List, Vol. 5

Never weak but often weary pondering dreams at times a little teary, my love laughed out loud at brazen wishes of beautiful atheist women coming to new spirituality. "Dream greater", a little voice whispers inspiring synapses to fire up wonderment once again. What of women even more difficult to recruit than the Hot Heathens? These women have religion most probably and beliefs naming their God as the only truth. If recruiting atheist women seemed difficult then the following labor falls into cosmic mission impossible.

Such were the words taking an awakened soul into the light of enlightenment when this wish-list began almost one year ago. We come to an end of sorts. Mystics will tell you where one journey ends another begins. Let me remind you that Earth Goddesses here are listed by the amount of obstacles standing between them and the fiery hand of destiny offered here.

#5) Sarah Palin─
was the little known Governor of Alaska in 2006 until Republican presidential nominee; Arizona Senator John McCain unleashed her upon an unsuspecting world as his Vice Presidential running mate in 2008. Claimed then by ALASKA Magazine as "America's hottest Governor", we would venture further here calling Sarah the hottest American Governor ever! She would resign as Governor in 2009 following the election loss to an inexperienced Illinois Senator. The Telegraph lists her as the second most influential person in The Tea Party. Mrs. Palin has ravenous media who cannot get enough of her, hilarious imitators on Saturday Night Live, millions of social network followers, a new cable channel bearing her name, and a passion for Christ one would think. What could a vagabond Poet offer the woman who has everything? It is only a wish-list and nobody could ever expect to seduce a notable American Beauty Queen away from The Temptations of Christ.

Some of you laugh mightily at this selection and if so you stand on a lower spiritual platform of life unable to see above rudimentary byproducts of a malevolent patriarch matrix. This entire movement arrives to transform a world. Transforming one Beauty Queen into cosmic power personified falls under just another miracle where freedom inspires higher beings of intellect and spirituality. We Eternals, those of us preparing to build a new America and the approaching Matriarch Society will gladly take Sarah Palin spiritual passion that seems to be wandering looking for something to do. We understand in this world that puts value on fame and fortune over all else how she would leave politics and dance with so many incorporated suitors.

Destiny searches relentlessly for her final champions to rise above the ordinary in this world. Unfortunately, she often has to fight back tears witnessing another sorrowful circus on this little planet and perhaps cannot find a lost little Goddess inside the heart of Mrs. Palin. Destiny cannot find her and Sarah cannot see destiny for the bright lights of fortune and fame. Fate facilitates a Poet as intermediary and much more.

Prophecy awaits the only woman on this wish list with actual
experience in governance should she dare to take the leap of a lifetime! We all are affected by the patriarch matrix to some extent and as a result cannot claim perfection. Sarah treads water where she is now and slowly falls victim to ghosts in the machine. Her future now is to become just another wealthy dinosaur. People thumping Christ have had their chance and the result is called extinction. Destiny rebuilds this world in a better image on tears of Earth Goddesses redirected. Could our world of the future be built in the wonderful hourglass image of Sarah Palin? Do not stand in the way of prophecy and ferocious Firestorm should winds of change get bigger ideas.

As much as she has done, I suspect she is meant for much more. Joining the first Matriarchs and destiny of a new America remembered and perhaps held higher in the distant future than founding fathers of this country may very well be her true calling. Many were called but only this imagination was chosen to dream away extinction species humanity to a tune of Matriarchs and it cannot imagine the tears of Sarah Palin! The highest office in the land is quite imaginable for an Alaskan Beauty in the imagination and flames of creation. We are literally here to transform and some transformation needs to be mythic.

This is no derivative re-hatched regurgitated astoundingly pretentious comedy skit from NBC or any other Puppet Master programmed prime-time TV trash bin. Unimaginable Earth Goddess tears near a cosmic Firestorm transform wishes and dreams into brilliant cosmic destiny harnessing unimaginable power it seems. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you held the secret all along to get home.

Democracy is a government on training-wheels and it is way past time to take training wheels off becoming a greater nation than bureaucrats could ever dream! Matriarchs create magical metamorphosis of a decaying world at long last breaking free from a brutal cocoon as caterpillar to Galactic Butterfly. Our future holds marvelous magic where Sarah looks like a beautiful swan transforming where eagles dare into Rogue Goddess.
Our world is what it is today and perhaps a Poet dreams too far ahead into the future to persuade beings pelted since birth with so much debilitating brainwashing mediocrity. These women and others are not called to be like men and especially not like political men. Our government as-is filled with women would bring on extinction in another way perhaps... probably in the same way. Matriarchs are called to bring in the future (a new view and a new government) slowly but surely.

Religious women are welcome here. Our world needs such spirituality to heal. Worship your God. Just do not tell your sisters how they must worship or attempt to force your morality upon them. It has been tried and the results are called suffering and abject failure. We have entered a new world where spirituality is valued privately until forces of nature brings such enlightenment to the masses.

As for a wandering Beauty Queen, if the current president cannot find a place for her in his second term, it simply reiterates passions here and an unimaginative GOP. Still, price of admission to eternity never changes at all as you may pay now or later and a timeless Warrior can wait lifetimes for such powerful tears to fall.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

White Feather: Peace Signs on a Sacred Journey

Mystics say we all have animal spirit guides watching over us delivering messages to mostly blind eyes. Hummingbird encounters mark some of the more delightful moments on this sacred journey where such times have been few. Hawk shadow empowerment needs to be explored later but inspiration bringing imagination here now begins with a white feather.

While engaging in my morning exercise routine, a single white feather about fell on my head spiraling down from some fine feathered friend one supposes. Looked like the feather of a peaceful dove though I never attended any Audubon Society meetings so could be wrong. Nevertheless, it was a white feather and I have to take it as a celestial sign of peace confirming coming transitions on this mission of endless suffering. White feather confirms thoughts of concentrating cosmic powers influenced greatly by mythic planets on delicate subjects of this mission; women.

A promise was made to show more love to earthlings so we get closer to the time when prophecy becomes a new political party. Thoughts of how many women to invite to what could only be a historic meeting have begun to spiral through a weary brain. Guided by benevolent spirits, Hummingbirds, or ruling planet, the number comes in at seventeen. Paid flights for two equals 34, and that is close enough to a sacred number of Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius. Women touched by magic of prophecy and "The Greater Benefic" largest planet in our solar system shall come to know great power. Repercussions may include great tears as a price for great power. Maybe such children of destiny through magic tears of joy can quiet the Firestorm and ignite a renaissance.

Jupiter is the planet that protects and cares like a kindly parent, rewarding hard work, kindness to others, and faith in ourselves, in others, and in our creator. There is also a scientific basis in this role of Jupiter as protector. Scientists tell us that Jupiter has been deflecting harmful asteroids from Earth for years. Its mega-gravitational field pulls those asteroids off course and deflects them back into space. 
-Planets and Possibilities, by Susan Miller

This once reluctant Poet prays a little goddess will provide enough finances to gather Earth Goddesses for that faithful first meeting. Money must mark the time when builders of a future world shall meet and greet. I would hope to send those RSVP invitations around the holidays and that sounds like a splendid time to gather Earth Goddesses.
Celestial power radiating in constellation Scorpio continues to influence passions since divine femininity brought a Poet to awareness and timeless tears. Those terrible tears were never mentioned in the training manual as occupational hazard of accepting such laborious mission in a savage land. Suppose I can hope for an actual manual in the next lifetime.

Whining seems unbecoming upon he who claims to speak for a planet and I can remember mentioning something similar to the current leader of the free world.  Still seems strange that the average American can crack wise with or on the U.S. President via a Twitter account. Some would call it technological progress. I might call it too much too soon. Still, perusing the birth chart of President Donald Trump crossed this star-crossed mind a time or two since turbo-charged enlightenment and I recently ran into astrological information on our 45th president urging this once reluctant Astrologer to get on with it.

They can be impulsive, faithful and take risks others may cringe from. They love nice clothes and a nice environment to call their own. While their anger is quick to rise, they let it go easily once they've had their say. They are natural romantics and love to dream... the difference is they may have the drive to make them come true. 
-Leo Rising;
Courage of Leo the lionhearted rises in the stars of Trump as it does for Firestorm Omega. It comes as little surprise that we share the most important element in all birth charts; Ascendant or Rising Sign. Synchronicity paints portraits and landscapes in brilliant colors all along this journey to save the Earth Goddess. Furthermore, we discussed some of this in the previous edition while mythic planets aligned under a splendid Scorpion Moon. 

If Donald Trump does not know he is a character in a story written by poetic fire to a Utopian future where Matriarchs reign, I must trust readers not to tell him less they cause some type of weird Butterfly Effect and screw up the entire universe! What he does not know here cannot hurt a future world waiting to be born there.

Swainson's Hawk
Encountering the occasional hawk while exercising or meditating outdoors brings one closer to nature.  Communing with and admiring a fellow predator seems to heighten spiritual power. I never looked upon them as spirit guides in a heathen past. These eyes see a different world after turbo-charged enlightenment and contemplating the hawk encourages stardust to look for deeper meaning when walking in the shadow of a silent hunter.  Hawks have the sharpest eyesight of all raptors and mate for life.
Hawk people have very positive outlooks on life. You see the best of what’s to come and are anxious to share those words of hope with others.
Mystics believe hawks coming into your life denote a time for taking a different perspective. Time to take a higher look at your world and perhaps see the big picture. Rise above the noise, sound bites, smog, commercials, and catatonic cliches to see this world like a soaring hawk. See clearly your goals. See clearly what is ahead and know the future. Hawks encourage observation and intuition.

Few species of hawks wear white feathers. One has to wonder if the white feather falling on this head came from a mid-air meeting between razor sharp talons of my animal spirit guide and the unfortunate unprotected neck of a dove. Should I still take the symbolism as a sign of peace? 
Life in the animal kingdom is not always pretty or easy quite like living among the humans. We must find and hold on to peace like white feathers where we can and be thankful.


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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Destination Perfection; Wish List, Vol. 4

Janine Turner-
 If she has not been called one of the most beautiful women in the world by someone then it is a testament to sad times. The Northern Exposure Star of 1990-1995 was rather quiet after the show ended and she is only remembered here co-starring with Sylvester Stallone in Cliffhanger. Miss Turner became a Matriarch but strangely never married given her faith and dating history. She can be called a prolific Author and her books shed light on perhaps why her acting career has been without fanfare since leaving her hit TV show based in Alaska and why she failed to find marriage amid a bevy of famous suitors. If books can be judged by titles, her latest offering would appear to answer lots of burning questions from fawning fans and curious minds. A Little Bit Vulnerable: Hollywood, God, Sobriety and Politics was published in 2014 and readers can find her wisdom and poetry quickly at their nearest keypad on

Amid authoring five books, Miss Turner found time to host a nationally syndicated radio program, The Janine Turner Show leaned on conservative issues and her unfailing faith in Christianity. Her radio career would end in 2013 just about the time turbo-charged enlightenment of a once reluctant Poet ignited awareness bringing imagination to this point on a timeless journey. I found myself listening to the Janine Turner show out of sheer luck probably channel surfing. Senses lifted higher by divine femininity found Miss Turner possessing incredible passion and unrealized spiritual power!

I remember Miss Turner saying at the time something about
thinking she was not a member of the Tea Party or the
Republican Party as they both lacked something. Echoing in her lovely voice, millions of her sisters in America can be heard with the same lament. Not necessarily about politics but a general personal feeling of spiritual helplessness as reflected in our world. Her disenchantment with the patriarch matrix is echoed by so many women in many different ways showing up on surveys portraying American women to be generally unhappy. Perhaps Janine like millions of her sisters would find purpose and fulfillment in a new political party where spiritually potent Matriarchs like her are exalted into political office by men ushering in a new government and prescribed matriarch society to save humanity.

Miss Turner and her daughter Juliette have begun an organization called “Constituting America” to educate Americans on our U.S. Constitution. Parameters for this mission only involved cracking the human DNA code and science accomplishes perhaps half the task because daughters, passion, and love do not fit so nicely under a microscope. It is suspected that careers and skills continue down spiritual chain links of lifetimes. Janine Turner, like many of the women who will join the coming Matriarchs was born to govern in a future that does not exist yet. Such women are called to write their future and that of their daughters authoring an edited U.S. Constitution reflecting reality and a universal truth.

We hold an old truth to be self-evident and the highest of all axioms by which humanity lives as it encompasses survival and quality thereof. It is not only her free will that is important in choosing to create life or not that is vital to species survival and evolution but also the quality of sexual love her creation depends upon. Being human is not always easy. While it was never meant to be easy, humanity is called to higher thinking and higher consciousness and living it brings.

During an interview on FOX News back in December of 2015, Janine ignited a minor firestorm with comments on Darth Vader and the Bible that had some bloggers calling her a religious "Nut-job".

Regarding Darth Vader, please! The Bible talks darkness and light. This is about evil and good. Darkness and light. -Turner

Going through the interview, I find nothing overtly racist or wacko jacko in her comments. An argument could be made to condemn or defend Miss Turner here. However, let us say for argument sake that her comments were racist and a tad bent. Not all of us are perfect in this imperfect world. Rather, perfection is a destination. Forgiving and showing mercy where they have no meaning is not always easy. It was never meant to be easy and redemption road accommodates all who would dare to walk a righteous path. Christians should know about casting first stones and atheists need to come down from high horses and realize ascension sensation of new old spirituality. Higher cosmic powers and faithful vows prevent this Poet from abandoning women so easily. To do so here might dishonor the Lords of Sagittarius.

If a tear needs to drop for love lost in a world where pretense is King, let warrior tears fall to save a Queen.

Like eternal flame of creation, imagination exists only to serve such cosmic power waiting to be ignited further beyond reason. We worship matriarchs like Janine in the future and not male figments given by a bunch of jealous cowards. A wish made here would have Janine married to masculinity beyond her dreams equal to recognized divine femininity and Mother Goddess.

Defeating extinction species humanity and building a new America on prophetic road to Utopian future takes more than rented rehearsals and camera ready candy coated smiles. Senator Turner, Governor Turner, sounds like music to ears of northern exposed fans of Friday Night Lights. Come as your God made you. A true spiritual nature puts you ahead of many and transformation waits patiently for daunting daughters to take her hand. Extinction is no game and our journey becomes dark before a beautiful dawn. Love reaches out taking the person that you are today. Tomorrow waits right around the corner however and price of admission to a club of Eternals comes in real tears.

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  • Sunday, May 21, 2017

    The Age of Beauty Begins

    Melania of Arabia
    Dawning of the age of Beauty just hit Saudi Arabia and perhaps America right in the face with a big wet one. Can you say 'goodbye status-quo'? It happens sometimes so slowly this flipping of an evil incompetent paradigm that so many millions of zombie-like consumers will miss the action of beautiful chaos saving a dying world.

    The only thing more impressive than the IQ of First Lady Melania Trump is her beauty.  Or, is that visa versa? America has now the greatest and most popular U.S. President since JFK and a First Lady to match.  Despite desperate claims by Liberals and their media, America feels safer and is looking better with each passing day!  

    Let love vibrations of Melania Beauty lift lowly spirits everywhere!

    Don't hate beauty and intelligence.

    Wednesday, May 10, 2017

    Sacred Children: Wish List, Vol. 3

    Monica Samille Lewinsky
     (born July 23, 1973) is an American activist, television personality, fashion designer, and former White House intern with whom President Bill Clinton admitted to having had what he called an "inappropriate relationship" while she worked at the White House, in 1995 and 1996. The affair and its repercussions, which included Clinton’s impeachment became known as the Lewinsky scandal.

    Miss Lewinsky seems best described by a public venue where the world spends most of their non-productive time. Still, why does Monica Lewinsky appear here on a list of women a Poet wishes would come to lead America in ways they have been taught to forget? She is not a matriarch or even married. Strange times call to strange dreams.

    My friends, one does not need to become a politician or ever run for political office to be a member of the new political party proposed here or any political party for that matter. Cosmic senses lifted higher by divine femininity know beyond all doubt Monica belongs with the future.
    Astrologically, Miss Lewinsky and her Leo birth chart appear crafted for duty here. Astrologers believe people born on the cusp or between signs are left to figure out which sign they are alone rightly exhibiting traits of both zodiac signs. Her path after the great scandal mirrors characteristics described by mystics trying to figure out who she is perhaps all over again alone.

    Family and close friends remain close. However, watching friends move on in life to marriage and kids magnifies the cost of her actions and resulting stigma attached to her person. Just applying for a normal job became impossible. She would later say, “it sticks to you like tar.” American men are groomed by society to desire the virginal girl next door types for marriage. The virtual scarlet letter attached to Miss Lewinsky makes her an outcast in the realm of serious dating. Monica devotes her time now to end cyber bullying.

    During the first presidential run of Hillary Clinton in 2008, Monica decided to keep a low profile as not to be used as a tool by either party though she remains a loyal Democrat. #Hillary2016 saw a new Monica determined to break away from her past. She talked openly about Hillary in interviews and how the scandal affected her life. Depression and thoughts of suicide when the scandal went viral should be expected by those of us looking from the outside but it does not come close to being Monica Lewinsky.

    Some blogs and perhaps America in general think of her as
    infamous. Few tears fell for inspiring "presidential knee pads." Democrats and Feminism failed her. Pop singers try to turn her name into a euphemism brainwashed by the same cruel culture dragging humanity to species extinction. Destiny throws a spiritual rope of hope transformed into poetic wishes inspired by timeless tears. Let cosmic fires unite exposing a world of shame.

    Perhaps Leo born to lead would like to create a world free from scandalous exploitation of young women by powerful men. When pretense becomes philosophy, Beauty cannot tell the difference between Prince or Pimp. When pretense becomes institutionalized, Beauty can easily forget her own name! Time for higher thinking where reason panders not to pretentious mediocrity. Time for reason to embrace spirituality. 

    Three seminal figures spring from the Lewinsky scandal adding a different narrative to culture. Two of those figures are married and have pretty much finished their contribution to humanity. It is Monica holding power she does not quite understand whose story remains incomplete.

    Those same powers daring to take and exploit innocence give it back wrapped in enigmatic secrets. Firestorm Omega breaks codes unlocking cosmic secrets as a matter of being. Fate asks much more from the lionhearted than just being a spiritual scapegoat of scandalous fools.

    Magical wishes whispered into the Quantum Field of Dreams commanding clarion call to forlorn Earthly Goddess offers a world where she would thrive joining a mission dwarfing her past. Here, we come to save the world! We come from prophecy. Where the infamous become mythic legends, spiritual power rules a peaceful land compelled by love! Eternity waits patiently for sacred children to take her hand in faith. Find no pretense of politics or Hollywood hogwash here on the edge of time. Think twice, Love. Courage laughs where fools fear to tread and taking this sacred spiritual journey does not come prefabricated on game show conveyor belts cheap like blue light specials. Leaps of faith this great can only be paid for in tears.

    Like magnificent flames of a Phoenix, justice rises as Libra in the infamous brown eyes of resilient Monica Lewinsky. That is one of several reasons she appears among wishes of a once reluctant Poet. Stardust powering her precious soul reaches out beyond misguided disciples of a dying status-quo world never destined to walk alone.

    3 of 5

    Saturday, May 6, 2017

    Saving Objectivists

    One suspects that many daughters of Ayn Rand have misguided spirituality in any one of the major religions.  Like this once reluctant Poet, others embrace Atheism.  It appears to be my destiny to bring these women and their men into new spirituality and our future.  

    Raising intellect must come first as finding your spiritual journey becomes tricky and even dangerous without reason guiding the inner light.  As evidence pick any religious cult you would like. Miss Rand gives us solid philosophy to begin a spiritual journey and Hypatia of Alexandria waits to take intellectuals to spirituality and beyond.

    Spirit energy has already entered the "materialistic equation" and it can easily be seen in the rise of President Donald J. Trump.  Only creative spiritually potent Thinkers can take advantage of this remarkable time in the long history of humanity.  This is the dawning of the matriarch society where Beauty rules and pretense becomes crumbled burnt ashes blown into darkness by winds of change.  As humanity turns away from darkness slowly, do not be afraid of growing pains.  It is only evolution pulling you into a new future and happy ending.


    Monday, March 27, 2017

    Compassionate Courage: Wish List, Vol. 2

    Susan Sarandon—
    Native New Yorker, Susan Sarandon owns an enviable career as easily one of the great Actresses in America.  Fans love her work in instant classics, Bull Durham and Thelma and Louise among many stellar performances.  Nominated 4 times for an Academy Award, she would finally win portraying a Nun in Dead Man Walking.  Try as she may, fans will never let her escape her role in the cult classic, Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    Hollywood has their share of political activist artists and Miss Sarandon is well known as one of the more outspoken.  Passion and compassion for humanity will always try to rise above the pretentious monotony so pervasive in Hollywood.  She may not always be right as a Liberal Democrat but such great passion translates to great spiritual potential needed in our future.  Enlightened eyes see her as one of many Architects of the Renaissance.

    Miss Sarandon is a UNICEF goodwill ambassador.  As co-presenters of the Academy Awards in 1993, Susan and her former husband, Tim Robbins, captured a captive audience edifying them on the plight of a few hundred Haitians with AIDS interned in Guantanamo Bay.  In that same year she was arrested for disorderly conduct protesting in New York over the shooting of the unarmed African immigrant, Amadou Diallo by four policemen. It was her second arrest as an activist making her no Snowflake.

    The Deplorables would not approve of Miss Sarandon appearing here for several reasons.  Her involvement in the downfall of conservative TV Host, Laura Schlessinger in 2000 may be a tricky situation especially today.  Democrat dirty tricks are on worldwide display thanks to incredible corruption in the presidential administration preceding President Donald Trump. The entire Democrat Party as we know it today shall be changed forevermore. Nevertheless, the mission here is to save the Earthly Goddess and the fact is a spiritually and politically diverse group works better for Mother Chaos.

    Lately, America has become rather annoyed by Hollywood celebrities using their stardom to stand on a soapbox and preach as if acting makes them smarter than the average bear.  For some strange reason, such celebrities seem always to be Liberal Democrats. 

    Celebrities from Meryl Streep to Snoop Doggy Dogg have gone out of their way to embarrass themselves spewing vitriol directed at one of the most popular U.S. Presidents since JFK.  To her credit, Miss Sarandon cannot be counted among celebrities driven to dizziness over the election of anti-establishment Ayn Rand loving Donald Trump.  Her fellow artists should step back and take a breath while understanding that Susan Sarandon is or was on their political team and saw fit based on information available to the public to vote for a candidate not affiliated with her party.  She broke ranks to save her integrity. 

    By her own words she has “become kind of a joke in terms of activism for some people.” 
    Activism and protests today in the hands of Liberals look like tactics used by Nazis and people bankrupt of creative ideas.  It looks like a bunch of people coddled all their life stepping into reality where the coddling stops and they have no answers save for acting on incomprehensible emotions in the form of protests. 

    Miss Sarandon is considered an LGBT Icon and has hinted at bi-sexuality or at least a philosophy of less rigid gender standards.  I cannot imagine how a person must feel when told of the evolutionary news giving rise to a prescribed matriarch society spurring this open letter as it were.  I have written in my book that the safest place for the LGBT community is in the new political party proposed here.  How does one come to a political party that recognizes homosexuality as the major symptom of species extinction? Perhaps Miss Sarandon has the answer to a bitter evolutionary reality come to rescue humanity.

    Our world will need courage going forward and a realization that being human is not always easy.  It is a lot harder under a malevolent incompetent government. Change the government.  Save the world.  Any passionate Matriarch who was once a high school Cheerleader rising to success has a special place reserved in the coming matriarch society.
    All men and women are welcome in the coming new political party that saves this world but some women were made to do more than just join.  Women seeking higher thinking and higher power of ascension as spiritual beings aware in a wonderful universe must pay a price.  Until further notice, price of admission to eternity comes in tears. 

    Some heavy thinker said you cannot change anything if you cannot change your mind. The ending to this story has already been written and now just waits for details and individuals to create them.  The LGBT community needs someone to fight for them in a new world where their creation slowly comes to an end perhaps over thousands of years.  Imagination has given them and humanity the best of our world— Matriarchs. Our future waits patiently for Susan and her compassionate courage to be one of many leaders guiding humanity to the renaissance.

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