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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Feminist Prince

Some of you are maybe upset that the Poet has called the sitting President of these United States of America an ‘Arrogant Ignoramus’ and the fact that I am prone to name-calling in general. Well, mystics and good psychiatrists will tell you I am not responsible for your reactions to my statements or the statements of anybody else for that matter. You are responsible for your emotions and the sooner you take responsibility for that which runs your life, the sooner you can turn to reason guiding your life and this will become a beautiful world making my job a lot easier. Be that as it may, it is important that my view be supported as hopefully it will teach his followers how reason works and dissipate cognitive dissonance.

If President Barak Obama or some of his people want to take on the Poet in a court of law regarding libel and war words-- bring it.  The Goddess of Reason fires this spirit and the symbol of abject status-quo and mediocrity in government is no match against a firestorm.  The Poet rarely fires off a moniker without good reason.  How is Obama an Arrogant Ignoramus?  Let me count just a few of the ways.

1) Obamacare; we do not have to wait to see what the final cost to America will be for this mediocre attempt at socialized (Marxist/Communist) healthcare. Obamacare is the killer of hundreds and perhaps thousands of women who are unable to receive abortions thanks to the now infamous “Hobby Lobby” Supreme Court case. Furthermore, and this is something that fools cannot comprehend though it needs to be said for future thinkers; without access to abortion, there will be unwanted life born into this world. To that statement one will hear a roar from religion and humanist hypocrites responsible for almost all suffering on this planet. I will speak no further on this matter as it does nothing but raise Spiritual Warrior fury and perhaps needs an entire book to elucidate how the world is retarded by mediocre hypocrites and some of them feed off and get rich on the suffering of humanity. Their day comes to an end soon.

      Why would anyone think that some politician who has no history of solving anything so complicated in his entire bureaucratic life could solve the riddle of American healthcare? Only someone ridiculously arrogant would try to do such a thing and anyone following him lovingly are family or misguided sheep also known as gullible voters. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me again and again for over 200 years and enough is enough.

2.  2009-- Mr. Obama commented on the arrest of a prominent black Harvard professor saying the police “acted stupidly.”  Reluctantly, he finally took those words back and saw fit to intervene.

3.      2009—Mr. Obama called rapper, Kanye West a “Jackass” for commandeering the microphone from Taylor Swift during the MTV Video Awards as she accepted the award for Best Female Video.  Apparently, the President did not know such statements are unbecoming of a sitting President.  Furthermore, it is always refreshing to hear ‘no comment’.

4.      2014… or there about, Mr. Obama called ISIS the “the Junior Varsity” of terrorist groups compared to Al Qaeda.  As this statement probably inspired an international terrorist organization recruiting believers and killing non-believers, it needs no further elucidation.

5.      Comments on the Goddess of Reason…  garners a curse upon the head of ignorance and such fools of sheep who again dare even to whisper public unkind words against a Goddess betraying envy, fear, and cowardice. 
Let us now discuss briefly the achievements of Mr. Obama touted by his Democrat Patriots:

A.      Millions of people now have healthcare that would not have healthcare if not for Obama.  See #1 above.

B.      The American economy has been saved from recession if not depression brought on by banks, mortgage, and insurance corporations.  Hooray!  The status-quo is back up and running strong thanks to Obama.  What does that really mean?

      a. Racism and the racial divide are as strong as ever if not stronger.  Does the Poet need to list the high profile killings of black men and women in this country?  One would think that an African American President would actually go into office with a plan to mitigate the problem instead of waiting for peer pressure that might be responsible for cops getting body cameras.

      b. Kids are not only being dumbed down as was the case in old school; your children are being turned into monsters and their prey.

      c. The rich get richer and even more stupid as witnessed on any television network.
d. Government gets fatter and more of an enemy to individual rights and freedom.  (See Edward Snowden and Julian Assange)

      e. Enough is enough!

If Mr. Obama is touted for any other achievements, it escapes scrutiny. 

Allowing himself to be photographed with this shirt and identifying with feminists, Obama is at once crowned, Feminist Prince and Arrogant Ignoramus.  One of two reasons explain that absurd display; 1) This constitutional lawyer is unaware of living Earth Goddess and scholar, Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers and her book, Who Stole Feminism? How Women Have Betrayed Women, and countless others who have dissected and killed feminism at least 25 years ago or 2) Worse; like feminists he knows of her work and chooses consciously to ignore it unable to accept sound criticism.  Feminism is a sham and goes against evolution.

 photo ChristinaHS6_zps26826c88.jpg
 One hopes that Mrs. Clinton could never be as arrogant and ignorant as most of the men who have become President of this land.  Feminism is a dirty word and it describes Mr. Obama perfectly.  Let us hope that our next President has the courage to choose integrity over vapid politics.

I have not even mentioned how important the man has been lending a helpful hand to the coming extinction making the job of the Poet and Matriarchs immensely more difficult.  If I have anything to do with it he is the Omega Man President representing the best both political parties have to offer and that is the worst.  It is time for a new political party where men exalt women to political office.  This is the dawning of the Matriarch Society.


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