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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Destination Perfection; Wish List, Vol. 4

Janine Turner-
 If she has not been called one of the most beautiful women in the world by someone then it is a testament to sad times. The Northern Exposure Star of 1990-1995 was rather quiet after the show ended and she is only remembered here co-starring with Sylvester Stallone in Cliffhanger. Miss Turner became a Matriarch but strangely never married given her faith and dating history. She can be called a prolific Author and her books shed light on perhaps why her acting career has been without fanfare since leaving her hit TV show based in Alaska and why she failed to find marriage amid a bevy of famous suitors. If books can be judged by titles, her latest offering would appear to answer lots of burning questions from fawning fans and curious minds. A Little Bit Vulnerable: Hollywood, God, Sobriety and Politics was published in 2014 and readers can find her wisdom and poetry quickly at their nearest keypad on

Amid authoring five books, Miss Turner found time to host a nationally syndicated radio program, The Janine Turner Show leaned on conservative issues and her unfailing faith in Christianity. Her radio career would end in 2013 just about the time turbo-charged enlightenment of a once reluctant Poet ignited awareness bringing imagination to this point on a timeless journey. I found myself listening to the Janine Turner show out of sheer luck probably channel surfing. Senses lifted higher by divine femininity found Miss Turner possessing incredible passion and unrealized spiritual power!

I remember Miss Turner saying at the time something about
thinking she was not a member of the Tea Party or the
Republican Party as they both lacked something. Echoing in her lovely voice, millions of her sisters in America can be heard with the same lament. Not necessarily about politics but a general personal feeling of spiritual helplessness as reflected in our world. Her disenchantment with the patriarch matrix is echoed by so many women in many different ways showing up on surveys portraying American women to be generally unhappy. Perhaps Janine like millions of her sisters would find purpose and fulfillment in a new political party where spiritually potent Matriarchs like her are exalted into political office by men ushering in a new government and prescribed matriarch society to save humanity.

Miss Turner and her daughter Juliette have begun an organization called “Constituting America” to educate Americans on our U.S. Constitution. Parameters for this mission only involved cracking the human DNA code and science accomplishes perhaps half the task because daughters, passion, and love do not fit so nicely under a microscope. It is suspected that careers and skills continue down spiritual chain links of lifetimes. Janine Turner, like many of the women who will join the coming Matriarchs was born to govern in a future that does not exist yet. Such women are called to write their future and that of their daughters authoring an edited U.S. Constitution reflecting reality and a universal truth.

We hold an old truth to be self-evident and the highest of all axioms by which humanity lives as it encompasses survival and quality thereof. It is not only her free will that is important in choosing to create life or not that is vital to species survival and evolution but also the quality of sexual love her creation depends upon. Being human is not always easy. While it was never meant to be easy, humanity is called to higher thinking and higher consciousness and living it brings.

During an interview on FOX News back in December of 2015, Janine ignited a minor firestorm with comments on Darth Vader and the Bible that had some bloggers calling her a religious "Nut-job".

Regarding Darth Vader, please! The Bible talks darkness and light. This is about evil and good. Darkness and light. -Turner

Going through the interview, I find nothing overtly racist or wacko jacko in her comments. An argument could be made to condemn or defend Miss Turner here. However, let us say for argument sake that her comments were racist and a tad bent. Not all of us are perfect in this imperfect world. Rather, perfection is a destination. Forgiving and showing mercy where they have no meaning is not always easy. It was never meant to be easy and redemption road accommodates all who would dare to walk a righteous path. Christians should know about casting first stones and Atheists need to come down from high horses and realize ascension sensation of new old spirituality. Higher cosmic powers and faithful vows prevent this Poet from abandoning women so easily. To do so here might dishonor the Lords of Sagittarius.

If a tear needs to drop for Love lost in a world where pretense is King, let Warrior tears fall to save a Queen.

Like eternal flame of creation, imagination exists only to serve such cosmic power waiting to be ignited further beyond reason. We worship Matriarchs like Janine in the future and not male figments given by a bunch of jealous cowards. A wish made here would have Janine married to masculinity beyond her dreams equal to recognized divine femininity and Mother Goddess.

Defeating extinction species humanity and building a new America on prophetic road to Utopian future takes more than rented rehearsals and camera ready candy coated smiles. Senator Turner, Governor Turner, sounds like music to ears of northern exposed fans of Friday Night Lights. Come as your God made you. A true spiritual nature puts you ahead of many and transformation waits patiently for daunting daughters to take her hand. Extinction is no game and our journey becomes dark before a beautiful dawn. Love reaches out taking the person that you are today. Tomorrow waits right around the corner however and price of admission to a club of Eternals comes in real tears.

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