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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Memo from the Edge of Time

Hillary Clinton winning Nevada Caucus

Perhaps if I had a different set of friends more good news would permeate a burdened being singing ever-sweet virtues of one Hillary Clinton.  No... It appears to be my misfortune of being surrounded by Fans of Senator Bernie Sanders.  Mystics seem to think there is some higher meaning to suffering and they may be right. Maybe hearing my Facebook and other friends drool over the Bern and spitting venom at Mrs. Clinton will build better character in the Poet. Hope springs eternal in humans forever falling in love with the next bureaucrat savior and one must believe the least a Poet can do is to have faith at some point in this journey on the edge of time.

Again and again, every four years a significant portion of the populace gets themselves worked up over rhetoric designed to get them worked up and hope for a better tomorrow and advantages over their rivals.  It appears voters are given some type of Neurotoxin that takes away common sense allowing victims to be fooled again and again to infinity if not for the advancing extinction stalking them like an armored Tortoise from Hell.  Still, observing the political theater as an outsider is nothing if not fascinating. 

Recently, one of my Facebook friends in an effort to defend Socialism espoused by Sanders dug up Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Yes, it is hard to believe like believing Liberals and even the average person thinks America is a capitalist nation.  How can Liberals denounce American capitalism when there is no such thing as exemplified by my friend in her defense of Sanders and the Senator himself adopting a label that can only lead to Communism or Totalitarianism.  America runs on a mix of Socialism, Fascism, and Capitalism moving toward the Totalitarian Police State.  It is the Frankenstein Monster government philosophy; different parts all sewn together and given electro-shock treatments to the brain.  FDR was a good man and two wrongs never make a right no matter how long it takes to reveal itself in culture.  I recently wrote that Senator Sanders could not defend Socialism against the average teenage Libertarian.  And, his Fans... well, I made a promise to try and offer more love to humans.

Pagans... those people in a spiritual religion not associated with the major religions would have an easier time understanding matters here and in our political theater now that spirit and magick are involved.  It does not matter really who becomes our next President as humanity cannot escape the new ending written for the species. Sagittarius is the sign of prophecy and it does not take a prophet to see either Donald Trump and/or Mrs. Clinton will play some pivotal role in that future.  Neo-Liberals empower Mr. Trump and the more they protest the more powerful he becomes.  I suspect the Bern would just get  hopes up again like the current President.   How many heartbreaks does it take before voters look in the mirror?  Mrs. C comes from prophecy and Spiritual Warrior flows with such spirits waiting to reciprocate cosmic power to all women and especially Scorpio.  

Stop looking for the perfect candidate!  Either voters or Sanders are setting themselves up for another fall off the Merry-go-round of delusion.  It is the patriarch matrix that has injected your mind with some type of toxin preventing clear vision and perhaps has euphoric effects on victims.  Think out of the box.  Get out of the box.  Perfect candidates are too good to be our President!
Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time.                                                                                                -Voltaire

Dawning of the Matriarch Society seems a better place for this subject although Mrs. C takes up only one chapter.  Built to stand by her, I am not here to endorse Socialism as that would impugn my intellectual integrity.  No one said being human would be easy.   I have never voted and if I did it would be as a Libertarian.  So, if I can stand by the first real chance to put female energy in the White House... the very least women of America can do is to think pleasant thoughts of our would-be Madame President.  Scorpio owns virtues particular to this time and I can tell you with all certainty that such virtues survive into the future.  Socialism and empowering good people to transform into government parasites does not make it into the future.  We have a chance to change Mrs. Clinton in a way that never existed in any other Commander in Chief .  We can and will change our government imbuing it with morality and a sense of quality over quantity and cash.  Our better government based in reality shall trickle down to culture.  As a result better humans shall be born and produced.  You may have missed the memo due to Mercury in retrograde or something.  We shall seek only the best to govern and we call her Mom.

Let my voice ride with speed and fascinating love of Hummingbirds to every corner of this world and all women holding on to last remnants of their Goddess.  Do not harm the woman of prophecy whether she meets her destiny or not.  No one here has even asked you to vote for her.  Time changes mountains and humans should be easy in comparison.  Humanity has had many thousands of years and still the secret is as elusive as catching tears in the rain.  Savages rule the day.  It is the beginning of the end for every malady on this planet caused and perpetuated by the Beast. Perhaps some of you should have a little faith.  Let the theater play out as Beauty waits for the last curtain call.    The last revolution begins with the rise of Matriarchs.


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Walk Away; Bernie Supporters Endgame

Academy Award-winning Actress, Susan Sarandon walks away from  Hillary Clinton.
Democratic hopeful for the 2016 Presidential race, Bernie Sanders and his many supporters begin to look at some type of endgame as the competition nears  an end as do chances of the Vermont Senator reaching the Oval Office.  Academy Award winning Actress and well-known political activist, Susan Sarandon has gone from not knowing if she could vote for Hillary Clinton if Sanders loses to being absolutely sure she will not giving reasons that sound a lot like political rhetoric.  One supposes all those years of being politically active have made Miss Sarandon a reluctant politician.  Such thinking brings up several questions for the casual observing Thinker and The Bern supporters.

Please, understand I am a stranger in a strange land having never voted and do not understand the reverence voters attach to politicians.  It brings to mind for some reason watching dog owners scoop up the poop of their dogs.  It seems to happen every 4 years if we only discuss the presidential race.  Voters get their hopes up and fall in love with the latest rhetoric from the latest candidate touting whatever emotionally tugging double-speak they can come up with that mesmerizes their victims.  Sooner or later the victims wake up to the same old status-quo or worse and it seems to render them even more vulnerable for the next pitch-man or woman.

America remains a hostage to the two-party system and it appears to be this presidential election where citizens really voice their disgust.  We now see clearly the two-party system controlled by the status-quo loving DNC and GOP as they have both had the curtain pulled away from fake smiles and fleeting promises to reveal conniving fakes just like in The Wizard of Oz.  There is no going back for bureaucrats of status-quo.  We now know how the sausage is made and it is rather pathetic and malevolent.

Bernie Sanders makes interesting speeches but coming from politicians such orations are formerly known as ‘rhetoric’.  Making lofty promises intended to get hopes high; there appears to be a recurring theme in it all.  Something is not quite right with comrade Sanders and Liberals should count themselves lucky as I believe they were setting us and Mr. Sanders up for another awful trip on a status-quo Ferris Wheel of horror and mediocrity.  Any U.S. Senator who runs for President and has the nerve to call himself a “Socialist” throws a red flag in your face!  I find it rather disgusting despite his talk of freedoms and reform.  The man speaks like a Libertarian at times but has the heart of bureaucrat.  Only a bureaucrat would have the nerve to call himself a Socialist.  Bureaucrats know that the well is never dry and they can return again and again taking advantage and living off hope obtained from mesmerized voters with a forked tongue.  Call it hope or spiritual blood.  There is little difference and it is our political system that turns good men into parasites.

Liberals are in love with Mr. Sanders and Miss Sarandon has said a candidate like him does not come around often and we may not see it again.  Bernie seems to make the current U.S. President look even worse.  Still, sentiment from Miss Sarandon seems like the same sort of praise given to our current President almost 8 years ago when he ran for office with little to no merit or experience.  Where was the Bern eight years ago when our nation needed him?  Why does he appear to be a Johnny-come-lately?  I wonder if he knows that the average Libertarian teenager could out-debate him if he ever wanted to defend Socialism?

Our nation is no stranger to celebrity politicians and the next logical question seems to be when is Susan Sarandon going to throw her Jasmine-scented hat in some political ring?  She speaks quite unkindly of Mrs. Clinton and has gone the talk-show route to explain the break-up.  According to Sarandon, Donald Trump has a better chance of bringing on ”the revolution” than Mrs. Clinton.  I seem to recall sharing the same sentiment within this interrelated spider web of blogs.  Nevertheless, I continue to stand by the side of she who would be our first female U.S. President.  It is not an easy thing to do but no one ever said being human would be easy.  Is Susan Sarandon going to walk away from the Sisterhood?  Perhaps she needs to learn about taking one for the team.

One supposes that Miss Sarandon holds great influence among liberal Democrat voters and it is exactly why her break-up with Mrs. C goes public.  Be that as it may, Miss Sarandon like all women on this planet concerned with the matter must not deliberately seek to hurt Mrs. Clinton with harmful words.  You must seek to take the high road as any hateful sentiment takes away the little power you might have left.  That is what the patriarch matrix does setting you against each other in every fashion imaginable.  Miss Sarandon must know that no one is completely clean under the umbrella of this particular patriarch matrix in America.  From this vantage point I would have pointed questions for Miss Sarandon as she appears to be a Socialist. 

I am on this planet to do a little more than throw flaming questions at passionate Matriarchs.  I suspect Miss Sarandon is here to do a little more than being a voting victim every 4 years doing the same thing and hoping for different results.  Matriarchs soon hear a clarion call in America and it shall not be about politics as usual.  Life or death of the species is the concern here.  The system is broken and it is time to be fixed once and for all time.

Great powers unimaginable to humans have orchestrated this theater and we all have our roles to play.  Hillary Rodham Clinton is the chosen one no matter how difficult it is for some of you to accept.  Whether she meets her destiny of becoming the greatest U.S. President since Abraham Lincoln is unknown to this hairy ape.  What is known without a shadow of doubt echoes in the smile of The Dalai Lama.  It is the beginning of the end for the age of ignorance as prophecy becomes reality inspired by divine femininity.  What remains are the details of how humanity takes the next step up the ladder of evolution. 

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