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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Atheist Women; Stand Down to Ascend, Part Two

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Comedy Goddess, Sarah Silverman
Celebrity Atheist Women make life easier for so many girls and perhaps boys as well to come out of hiding and let people know how they feel.  It is not always easy, I know.  There have been comparisons to homosexuals coming out of the closet and that analogy rings true as both atheism and homosexuality are condemned by threat of death in some countries.  Telling parents about your non-believing can seem like a type of death here in America.  This country celebrates pretense harboring perhaps more misunderstanding and dislike for atheists as homosexuals.  Hollywood seems much kinder to gay life-style than atheism.  There are no TV shows portraying atheism themes and it makes those celebrity Atheist women stand apart even more from so many in a vapid spiritually impotent medium.  Quite often appearing lethal lovingly adorned in leather and lace, true Heroes called upon here have a personal relationship with intellectual integrity.

Perhaps funny celebrity Atheist women and Freethinkers find it amusing being invited to stand down from their marvelous intellect and find true calling in spirituality thereby raising intellect.  Past spiritual leaders let humanity down in some ways and it is not surprising that ladies of high intellect shy away from such people enjoying more jokes about them than thoughts of joining such ranks.  Spiritual Warrior kneels to the Goddess of Reason and all actions of the Warrior must reflect sound reason.  So then, this would-be spiritual leader arrives from a different school of thought altogether.  It could be no other way as we flip a patriarch matrix paradigm dominating a decaying world for thousands of years and there are few funny labors scheduled on sacred mission.

We know Pagans are not coming to recruit anyone as that simply is not the way it is done among people with true spirituality.  This voice stands alone throwing bouquets feathered in seductions and invitations to Beauty jaded by the Beast.  Few escape the matrix unaffected and it all comes down to affected to what degree?  How jaded is she? We hope to find out soon when she steps down from her American Saddlebred. Or, maybe it’s an Arabian horse she rides so magnanimously while trampling trifling contradictions from Hogwash Holy Rollers to inhuman hypocrisies of Bible-Belt Bozos.  Pagans would welcome Beauty even riding her mighty steed. I say that not being part of any Pagan religion but having a good sense of a spiritual climate.

Claiming atheism from birth, I never expected to go directly into new-age spirituality or old school Paganism.  I think of myself now still as ‘transitioning.’ I was an Atheist for near 60 years so how long will it take to become something else; Witch, Pagan, Shaman, or whatever? It takes as long as it takes.

What exactly am I asking women of high intellect? There is no one way to enter spirituality. It is more of a journey. However, many paths to this point are lacking to say the least in common sense and tout unreasonable expectations.  Some paths look more like true religion than spirituality and are downright deleterious.  How is a discriminating girl to choose should she choose to choose?  As a person newly on his own path, how can I advise? It is a difficult situation I find myself thrust into but whining has done nothing at this point to ease the burden.

Perhaps Lady Thinkers should follow a Poet and look first to astrology and meditation.  My journey into the zodiac came from a sense of knowing I must achieve some mastery of the High Art to be comfortable and prepare for my next mission.  In any event, a "Natal Chart" will give you a starting point filling in blanks and enforcing that little voice you have probably kept quiet for a while. Astrology and your chart are tools, a map of stars and planets at the moment of birth. Astrology was never meant to help you win the lottery or find the perfect mate. While it can help with such tasks, like you it is meant for much more. Astrology, also like you has evolved in a malevolent matrix and it is less than it should be depending upon where you look. The coming matriarch society redresses all such matters. And, you may need to read several horoscopes or astrologers before finding one that speaks to you. Keep looking. Astrology is a treasure map to ascension of higher beings and the road home.

Past spiritual leaders told us to drop the ego and seek consciousness perfected in unconditional love. You do not drop the ego in this life that I can see and this is confirmed in a few dissenting Mystics or Astrologers. Intellect and ego are to be set aside at times but never discarded. A consciousness of unconditional love is an ideal and not spiritual strategy.  Past spiritual leaders seem not to understand the value in doing the work.  If you wish to be like The Dalai Lama then you must do the work it took him to get to where he is today. Telling people to give unconditional love without doing the work to get to such consciousness compares to malpractice.

When it is time, you will know which path to choose. Waiting for you as long as possible, timeless love cannot jeopardize sacred mission for sentimental longing. This reluctant would-be spiritual leader is called to power down soon and have faith. Faith knows Atheist Women figure prominently in our new world but a Poet living in Paradox sees poorly enduring a gauntlet of tears and blood slowing his journey.  Weary eyes cannot be sure what waits over the far horizon and may hurl fireballs at anything hinting to block the future.  Hope knows Matriarchs rise as one to turn around an out of control culture fostered by the Beast and tears of joy begin soon. My love like eternal faith and hope waits longingly for Devoted Daughters to dance in starlight shadows of magnificent monuments dedicated to the Goddess of Reason.  Cosmic destiny can wait just a little longer for final tears of joy from the Atheist Woman wandering through spiritual impotence languishing in an anti-intellectual wasteland. Please, don't keep us waiting too long.