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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Spectacular Inspirations

Inspiration comes like wind on a sailboat.  It is sometimes easy to predict.  Beginning this journey to prevent extinction species humanity by saving the Earth Goddess, I said part of the plan was to use energy from success or failure of Hillary Clinton.  As the theater plays out, it appears that I could not have prayed for a better example of what the patriarch matrix and Feminism does to women than our one time Secretary of State.

We shall look back on the life and times of Mrs. Clinton for hundreds of years as a reference to a philosophical virus that came so close to destroying all of humanity.  As she has touted Feminism in her campaign, a leaking campaign ship and an anti-intellectual ideology go down in flames with our would-be Champion.  Feminism, like the mythical American Dream sponsored by a corrupt incompetent government, renders true believers as spiritually impotent.  It is alright for one to wish to be spiritually impotent but we simply cannot allow people to spread that same wish to a populace as a workable ideology while we face down species extinction by infertility. 

Mrs. Clinton is not the only person we must give thanks to for sparking flames setting parasites and monsters on fire and saving this world.  Firestorm Omega cursed his name, but only a wonderful cosmic force I choose to call the Universal Goddess could send such a perfect negative example as Barack Hussein Obama to galvanize a revolution seeking to displace government status quo abject incompetence and corruption.  Only massive voter fraud could ever explain his political status as U.S. President

Veritas and Wikileaks exposes our president as a fraud, liar, and high criminal.  Wikileaks owns a 100% authentication record while James O'Keefe videos speak for themselves.  

Hillary Clinton represents the Democratic Party, Feminism, Christianity, Socialism, and Liberalism that is today Neoliberalism under Obama much closer to Nazi Germany.  See how they fall to cosmic flames of justice.  All they stand for we know as suffocating pretense and evil government status quo comes to an end.  A young girl holding on to any one of those ideologies has Hillary as an infamous role model.  Time for bigger dreams.

While Republicans are little better, they are much preferable now in getting to a sane distant future. 

Mamas, don’t let your baby girls grow up to be lawyers.  As government has been pointed out here in this spider web of inter-connected blogs as the cause of species extinction humanity and all other maladies in this world, what do most all government bureaucrats have in common?

The last revolution begins with the rise of Matriarchs.


Friday, October 14, 2016

Worthy Examples: Dangerous American Media

Vote for Hillary Clinton because you do not like the other guy. Vote for her because you want to have a woman in the White House for once as Commander in Chief.  Vote for Mrs. Clinton because she has more experience than the other guy.  However, to tell the world that you will vote for Hillary because she "will prove a worthy example to girls" sets pretense as the highest standard of achievement our world has known. It exemplifies in dark detail how an entire sentient species embraces extinction by infertility.

One does not need  high intellectual reasons for liking or disliking anything.  Often feelings alone are enough to guide many choices in life.  However, our reasons for what we do in life becomes our character so at some point we need to verbalize what moves us in cogent form.  Those reasons can be called philosophy and the more in touch we are with a good philosophy, the better our lives become and society as well.  

Whether you acknowledge a philosophy or not, you still live by a philosophy.  Not having a philosophy becomes your philosophy by default.  Actions have consequences.  Hillary Clinton has engaged in illegal and unethical actions while working in one of the highest offices in our nation as Secretary of State.  Hillary Clinton has engaged in unethical and perhaps illegal actions called 'voter fraud' in the Democratic Primary against her opponent Senator Bernie Sanders.  Hillary Clinton may have facilitated a great sexual predator in her husband, Bill Clinton. Her actions are a dark and disturbing cautionary tale to young women of the world and I would ask them all to have pity for her lost soul.

WikiLeaks paints a vivid portrait of Hillary Clinton getting darker and more disturbing with each revelation.

Put simply, pretense is killing this world.  When pretense becomes philosophy, monsters hide in plain sight making women easy prey.  

There is great pretense at the Washington Post.  Apparently there is great pretense at NARAL and we understand now how more abortion clinics have closed in the last eight years then at any other time under a Democrat President himself the Prince of Pretense.

Let us have no more.  Let us as a nation grow up and become adults understanding what it is to be human.  Being human is not always easy.


Top 10 Revelations from leaked Clinton campaign emails


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wish List: The Spiritual Recruitment Files, Vol 1

Warrior Goddess
Never weak but often weary pondering dreams at times a little teary, my love laughed out loud at brazen wishes of beautiful atheist women coming to new spirituality.  "Dream greater", a little voice whispers inspiring secular synapses to fire up wonderment once again. What of women even more difficult to recruit than the Hot Heathens?  These women have religion most probably and beliefs naming their God as the only truth.  If recruiting atheist women seemed difficult then the following labor falls into cosmic mission impossible or divine madness. 

Pagan religions do not recruit to my knowledge and neither do atheists.   Although, both pagans and atheists educate publishing media, writing articles, posts, books and more.  Recruitment comes as a byproduct for differing reasons.  Pagans often have some of the same quarrels with major religions but come from a different longer history than atheists.  Pagans are non-aggressive with regards to their religion practicing religion and spirituality quietly.  So, once again this quasi-recruitment manifesting now in a wish-list of women a Poet would like to see among the growing numbers in true spirituality walks alone. 

While atheist women were asked to come to spirituality, religious women here are only summoned into a new political party built on reason and spirituality.  They may keep their religion or more importantly the spirituality attached to it.  Spirit would find such women eventually should they dare to walk in prophecy and the distance between party member to cosmic future are too close to call.  Major religions that have decimated this world are fast becoming the past and spirituality is the future and our future calls out here to five very special women.

This world does not love women.  Such disdain hides behind pretense and often in plain sight. What a Poet offers here aims directly at the heart of Beauty; a world created by and for her in her image as the true creator on this little planet.  An approaching Matriarch Society prescribed here answers a riddle perhaps thousands of years old.  Inspired by Earthly Goddess love and foretold by great Prophets, our future world loves women and free will seeking only the best in life among our species to govern and we call her Mom.

Hillary Clinton appears on this planet to inspire as a cautionary tale. She is what happens to so many women in this world built by men on pretense.  Yes, women must govern almost exclusively in our future but those women shall not be built in the mold of Mrs. Clinton but quite the opposite. 

Spiritually potent Earthly Goddesses and Matriarchs nurture our future to where cowards and fools dare not.  Listed by path of least resistance or those with least amount of obstacles blocking them, it is my wish that these women will someday join our as yet created political party and perhaps lead us in ways they have been taught to forget.

Part 1 of 5
Leah Remini

#1) Leah Remini─   was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. to a School Teacher Mom of Austrian-Jewish heritage and Italian Father.  Mom and Pop divorced when Leah was nine and it was around then her mother went in for the Church of Scientology.  So many children get religion because their parents have it and depending on their innate intellectual integrity and other factors, it may take a lifetime to get over sins of their parents.  

The Queen of The King of Queens blazes a not so underground railroad to intellectual integrity.  Chaos produces Freethinkers and those people built just a little differently from the norm and it is to such individuals all humanity owes a debt of gratitude that we have made it even this far on the ladder of evolution.  Warriors and Angels like Leah survive in spite of a malevolent 'patriarch matrix' and in some way inspire the rest who continue in philosophical bondage.  Her book,Troublemaker; Surviving Hollywood and Scientology published in 2015, leads one to believe Miss Remini is just as tough as some of her TV characters while maintaining marvelous smoky hot femininity. 

When her hilarious TV run with Kevin James ended in 1997, Remini would eventually land a spot on a new talk show hoping to capture magic of The View.  Focusing on marriage, family, and women’s issues, she discussed such topics with other female celebrities.  We would then learn that the tough characters Leah Remini portrayed brilliantly on our TV screens for years strayed not far at all from the real thing.  Television network pretense is no place for cosmic fires burning inside Leah.  After not playing well with the other hosts, Leah and Holly Robinson were not invited back to The Talk the following year.  Reasons for their departure were never given but there is significant reason to suspect a virus of pretense turning America into a communist nation where children look like zombies in a world built on ignorance with a reverence for all things science.

A virus sweeps this land in the form of a politically-correct ideology and only the strong at heart hold on to immunity.  The P-C Virus is an outgrowth or mutation of Socialism/Feminism.  This clarion call here to unique love mounts the only anti-virus and specialized solution to an immoral problematic government at the root of it all.

Warrior Goddess, Leah continues to blaze a trail where fools fear to tread providing a voice for those who cannot speak exposing a faux religion in Scientology. Her cable TV show seen on A&E produces one riveting episode after another often producing tears from victims of Scientology abuse and perhaps a few teardrops from television viewers as well.

A Matriarch and married to Angelo Pagan; it appears the journey of Miss Remini into new spirituality is written in her husband’s name.  As a Scorpio, great powers engineered the Poet to give a uniquely talented Earth Goddess great love.  Those same powers designed Scorpio for much greater glory than Neilson Ratings and fan mail.  Appearances go a long way in this world where intellect is born to consume death and celebrate ignorance.  Leah hits the ground driven in a stretch limousine should she decide to take a true leap of faith into the future as one of the founding members of a promising prophecy.  There is great intellectual depth beneath mesmerizing beauty of this Scorpion.


Queen of Kings, Leah Remini

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Loving Reason and Spirituality

Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky and daughter Charlotte
It becomes clear that Hillary Clinton is to lead us by cautionary tale and hopefully not in the White House. If that is true then perhaps great powers guided Warrior passions to her blood.  Perhaps it is her granddaughter who is to lead by example to a matriarch society and a world inspired by reason and spirituality foretold by great prophets.  Maybe humanity turns the corner away from extinction by tiny hands not yet ready to hold a book.  

Mrs. Clinton possesses great powers she is completely unaware of and this enlightened man recognizes it quickly.  I see it in a daughter loving motherhood.  Such great power resides in her spiritual blood and one hopes it is not driven out of little Charlotte. Completely  innocent, we must hope she holds on to such innocence and disdains pretense.  

Chaos works wonderful magic even with odds stacked against us. We add a little magick here.  It is my wish that little Charlotte Mezvinsky grows up to disdain pretense loving reason and spirituality.

No amount of pretense, cognitive dissonance, or sublime ignorance can stop an unstoppable future.  Who, what, where, when, and how are the only questions remaining on our road to Utopia.

Chelsea Clinton's daughter...

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Goddess of Reason

Young Ayn Rand
Like puzzle pieces searching for clues to existence, life connects us all whether we come together or not. As more awareness takes hold, one encounters so much cosmic beauty seemingly so distant from this world taken over by what is called here the patriarch matrix. Much of this spiritual journey chronicled here in this spider web of interrelated blogs travels through tears and blood and moments of joy are few. Spiritual Warriors find them as they can in a savage decaying land.

Turbo-charged enlightenment bringing a Poet to this point in time known here as Cosmic Transference or the Heterosexual Nexus does not earn power from usual tools leaned upon in the patriarch matrix and they might call that empirical research data or statistical analysis featuring amalgamated algorithms or something. It is not like I was trying to find where the age of ignorance began or anything. My journey includes study and that study discovered that research and reliance upon statistics and annoying analysis is right around the time humanity took a turn for the worse. What such reliance did is to make a majority of you quite knowledgeable yet incapable of intelligent thought or the ability to process information independently of authority and/or evidence endorsed by authority figures. So then, much of what the Poet presents here carries something looking foreign as argument only.

Certainly, those of you perusing here regularly know that humanity now has a future thanks in no small part I believe to Ayn Rand. Quite actually that future is in flux being changed minute by minute. Still, no one stood higher in this world before or after enlightenment than Miss Rand known here as the Goddess of Reason. I can do nothing regarding my mission here without good reason or it must be undone.

Cosmic transference lays out a fine explanation for the genesis of all religion and cosmic force behind several of the worlds' greatest thinkers and achievers. Examples were chosen because the Poet already had knowledge of their personal lives. However, the personal life of Ayn Rand was unknown for a time and I put her into the category of exception to every rule.

Yes, I have read all Miss Rand's books but her personal life as far as it concerned me was hers alone. I did not research the personal life of Miss Rand simply because it is not my thing. Proving my theory was not needed as my senses are heightened as a consequence of cosmic transference and I am encouraged to rely on such senses. So far, those senses prove again and again to be as vital as intellect in human evolution. Also, much of what I am called to do here is intrusive without being intrusive as it deals often with sexual love and sex. Though I may not speak to you specifically, you may feel the intrusion nonetheless.

Social media and you folks guide me to information I need when not looking for it with all your little postings. Facebook rises to the rescue again with a post from The Atlas Society and now the final puzzle piece arrives adding Ayn Rand to the mix of Cosmic Transference Theory.

While the dynamic works both ways, it appears that only males are touched by what might
Hypatia of Alexandria
be called 'spiritually based visions' or 'spiritually based messages.’ Females, on the other hand, have the capacity to rise to such greatness on this plane as to induce a reputation and love that looks a lot like worship. And, worship takes us back to words of the Poet as part solution to the big mess called extinction gotten into by this culture and most probably all cultures to exist on this planet known and unknown. Perhaps the greatest female example of cosmic transference in history bares the name, Hypatia of Alexandria who enjoyed an unusual loving relationship with her father a brilliant Philosopher, Theon of Alexandria. Now, I know Miss Rand enjoyed an unusual loving relationship with her brilliant father, Zelman Wolf Zakharovich Rosenbaum. Known as "Fronz", he was her Hero and cosmic spark transferring power to Ayn manifesting a bit differently when happening to men.
 “You must see clearly that you are not like everybody else and be proud of it. Eschew all doubts and continue firmly and with the assurance to walk toward your goal.” ―Fronz
As we ease into this new future inspired by divine femininity designed to end the circus micro-second by micro-second flipping a pimping paradigm over to a fragrant fertile force for good, there shall be new fascinating puzzles to explore and piece together unraveling great secrets of a magickal universe. When we piece together a government of only the best giving love and benevolence, our universe offers it back to us and much more.
He points out that, by declaring so many religious, philosophical, and not-politically correct subjects out of bounds for study in our schools, it constitutes a profound impoverishment and shrinkage of the scope of human experience that students are able to explore. He points out that the exclusive focus on "research," a respectable name for endless gathering of data, most of which yield no insight or useful improvement, leads to a "barrenness of intellect beyond calculating.
 ―Exploring the Astrological Key to Jupiter, by Stephen Arroyo
Unlike pandering politicians, I do not profess to have all the answers. I have answers that take humanity over the hump no matter how bitter or dark it gets before the dawn and it is no coincidence Hypatia is mentioned here. Miss Rand provides a base and guide posts for this plane of existence. Hypatia of Alexandria remains nexus of the future waiting to take thinkers to spirituality and beyond.


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Memo from the Edge of Time

Hillary Clinton winning Nevada Caucus

Perhaps if I had a different set of friends more good news would permeate a burdened being singing ever-sweet virtues of one Hillary Clinton.  No... It appears to be my misfortune of being surrounded by Fans of Senator Bernie Sanders.  Mystics seem to think there is some higher meaning to suffering and they may be right. Maybe hearing my Facebook and other friends drool over the Bern and spitting venom at Mrs. Clinton will build better character in the Poet. Hope springs eternal in humans forever falling in love with the next bureaucrat savior and one must believe the least a Poet can do is to have faith at some point in this journey on the edge of time.

Again and again, every four years a significant portion of the populace gets themselves worked up over rhetoric designed to get them worked up and hope for a better tomorrow and advantages over their rivals.  It appears voters are given some type of Neurotoxin that takes away common sense allowing victims to be fooled again and again to infinity if not for the advancing extinction stalking them like an armored Tortoise from Hell.  Still, observing the political theater as an outsider is nothing if not fascinating. 

Recently, one of my Facebook friends in an effort to defend Socialism espoused by Sanders dug up Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Yes, it is hard to believe like believing Liberals and even the average person thinks America is a capitalist nation.  How can Liberals denounce American capitalism when there is no such thing as exemplified by my friend in her defense of Sanders and the Senator himself adopting a label that can only lead to Communism or Totalitarianism.  America runs on a mix of Socialism, Fascism, and Capitalism moving toward the Totalitarian Police State.  It is the Frankenstein Monster government philosophy; different parts all sewn together and given electro-shock treatments to the brain.  FDR was a good man and two wrongs never make a right no matter how long it takes to reveal itself in culture.  I recently wrote that Senator Sanders could not defend Socialism against the average teenage Libertarian.  And, his Fans... well, I made a promise to try and offer more love to humans.

Pagans... those people in a spiritual religion not associated with the major religions would have an easier time understanding matters here and in our political theater now that spirit and magick are involved.  It does not matter really who becomes our next President as humanity cannot escape the new ending written for the species. Sagittarius is the sign of prophecy and it does not take a prophet to see either Donald Trump and/or Mrs. Clinton will play some pivotal role in that future.  Neo-Liberals empower Mr. Trump and the more they protest the more powerful he becomes.  I suspect the Bern would just get  hopes up again like the current President.   How many heartbreaks does it take before voters look in the mirror?  Mrs. C comes from prophecy and Spiritual Warrior flows with such spirits waiting to reciprocate cosmic power to all women and especially Scorpio.  

Stop looking for the perfect candidate!  Either voters or Sanders are setting themselves up for another fall off the Merry-go-round of delusion.  It is the patriarch matrix that has injected your mind with some type of toxin preventing clear vision and perhaps has euphoric effects on victims.  Think out of the box.  Get out of the box.  Perfect candidates are too good to be our President!
Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time.                                                                                                -Voltaire

Dawning of the Matriarch Society seems a better place for this subject although Mrs. C takes up only one chapter.  Built to stand by her, I am not here to endorse Socialism as that would impugn my intellectual integrity.  No one said being human would be easy.   I have never voted and if I did it would be as a Libertarian.  So, if I can stand by the first real chance to put female energy in the White House... the very least women of America can do is to think pleasant thoughts of our would-be Madame President.  Scorpio owns virtues particular to this time and I can tell you with all certainty that such virtues survive into the future.  Socialism and empowering good people to transform into government parasites does not make it into the future.  We have a chance to change Mrs. Clinton in a way that never existed in any other Commander in Chief .  We can and will change our government imbuing it with morality and a sense of quality over quantity and cash.  Our better government based in reality shall trickle down to culture.  As a result better humans shall be born and produced.  You may have missed the memo due to Mercury in retrograde or something.  We shall seek only the best to govern and we call her Mom.

Let my voice ride with speed and fascinating love of Hummingbirds to every corner of this world and all women holding on to last remnants of their Goddess.  Do not harm the woman of prophecy whether she meets her destiny or not.  No one here has even asked you to vote for her.  Time changes mountains and humans should be easy in comparison.  Humanity has had many thousands of years and still the secret is as elusive as catching tears in the rain.  Savages rule the day.  It is the beginning of the end for every malady on this planet caused and perpetuated by the Beast. Perhaps some of you should have a little faith.  Let the theater play out as Beauty waits for the last curtain call.    The last revolution begins with the rise of Matriarchs.


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Walk Away; Bernie Supporters Endgame

Academy Award-winning Actress, Susan Sarandon walks away from  Hillary Clinton.
Democratic hopeful for the 2016 Presidential race, Bernie Sanders and his many supporters begin to look at some type of endgame as the competition nears  an end as do chances of the Vermont Senator reaching the Oval Office.  Academy Award winning Actress and well-known political activist, Susan Sarandon has gone from not knowing if she could vote for Hillary Clinton if Sanders loses to being absolutely sure she will not giving reasons that sound a lot like political rhetoric.  One supposes all those years of being politically active have made Miss Sarandon a reluctant politician.  Such thinking brings up several questions for the casual observing Thinker and The Bern supporters.

Please, understand I am a stranger in a strange land having never voted and do not understand the reverence voters attach to politicians.  It brings to mind for some reason watching dog owners scoop up the poop of their dogs.  It seems to happen every 4 years if we only discuss the presidential race.  Voters get their hopes up and fall in love with the latest rhetoric from the latest candidate touting whatever emotionally tugging double-speak they can come up with that mesmerizes their victims.  Sooner or later the victims wake up to the same old status-quo or worse and it seems to render them even more vulnerable for the next pitch-man or woman.

America remains a hostage to the two-party system and it appears to be this presidential election where citizens really voice their disgust.  We now see clearly the two-party system controlled by the status-quo loving DNC and GOP as they have both had the curtain pulled away from fake smiles and fleeting promises to reveal conniving fakes just like in The Wizard of Oz.  There is no going back for bureaucrats of status-quo.  We now know how the sausage is made and it is rather pathetic and malevolent.

Bernie Sanders makes interesting speeches but coming from politicians such orations are formerly known as ‘rhetoric’.  Making lofty promises intended to get hopes high; there appears to be a recurring theme in it all.  Something is not quite right with comrade Sanders and Liberals should count themselves lucky as I believe they were setting us and Mr. Sanders up for another awful trip on a status-quo Ferris Wheel of horror and mediocrity.  Any U.S. Senator who runs for President and has the nerve to call himself a “Socialist” throws a red flag in your face!  I find it rather disgusting despite his talk of freedoms and reform.  The man speaks like a Libertarian at times but has the heart of bureaucrat.  Only a bureaucrat would have the nerve to call himself a Socialist.  Bureaucrats know that the well is never dry and they can return again and again taking advantage and living off hope obtained from mesmerized voters with a forked tongue.  Call it hope or spiritual blood.  There is little difference and it is our political system that turns good men into parasites.

Liberals are in love with Mr. Sanders and Miss Sarandon has said a candidate like him does not come around often and we may not see it again.  Bernie seems to make the current U.S. President look even worse.  Still, sentiment from Miss Sarandon seems like the same sort of praise given to our current President almost 8 years ago when he ran for office with little to no merit or experience.  Where was the Bern eight years ago when our nation needed him?  Why does he appear to be a Johnny-come-lately?  I wonder if he knows that the average Libertarian teenager could out-debate him if he ever wanted to defend Socialism?

Our nation is no stranger to celebrity politicians and the next logical question seems to be when is Susan Sarandon going to throw her Jasmine-scented hat in some political ring?  She speaks quite unkindly of Mrs. Clinton and has gone the talk-show route to explain the break-up.  According to Sarandon, Donald Trump has a better chance of bringing on ”the revolution” than Mrs. Clinton.  I seem to recall sharing the same sentiment within this interrelated spider web of blogs.  Nevertheless, I continue to stand by the side of she who would be our first female U.S. President.  It is not an easy thing to do but no one ever said being human would be easy.  Is Susan Sarandon going to walk away from the Sisterhood?  Perhaps she needs to learn about taking one for the team.

One supposes that Miss Sarandon holds great influence among liberal Democrat voters and it is exactly why her break-up with Mrs. C goes public.  Be that as it may, Miss Sarandon like all women on this planet concerned with the matter must not deliberately seek to hurt Mrs. Clinton with harmful words.  You must seek to take the high road as any hateful sentiment takes away the little power you might have left.  That is what the patriarch matrix does setting you against each other in every fashion imaginable.  Miss Sarandon must know that no one is completely clean under the umbrella of this particular patriarch matrix in America.  From this vantage point I would have pointed questions for Miss Sarandon as she appears to be a Socialist. 

I am on this planet to do a little more than throw flaming questions at passionate Matriarchs.  I suspect Miss Sarandon is here to do a little more than being a voting victim every 4 years doing the same thing and hoping for different results.  Matriarchs soon hear a clarion call in America and it shall not be about politics as usual.  Life or death of the species is the concern here.  The system is broken and it is time to be fixed once and for all time.

Great powers unimaginable to humans have orchestrated this theater and we all have our roles to play.  Hillary Rodham Clinton is the chosen one no matter how difficult it is for some of you to accept.  Whether she meets her destiny of becoming the greatest U.S. President since Abraham Lincoln is unknown to this hairy ape.  What is known without a shadow of doubt echoes in the smile of The Dalai Lama.  It is the beginning of the end for the age of ignorance as prophecy becomes reality inspired by divine femininity.  What remains are the details of how humanity takes the next step up the ladder of evolution. 

Susan Sarandon explains her breakup with Hillary Clinton
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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Adopting Adele and Matriarchs Under Fire

Adele Glamorous  Mum Vogue Cover
It seems our adorable Adele has angered Feminists by being honest in her VOGUE interview giving big love to being married and a "Mum."  This British Earth Goddess given to a tired world as a gift in song, form, and soul angers a vapid ideology running rampant in Great Britain and America.  Recently, I half-joked about adopting Adele as the voice of a new generation.  I think I should take my words more seriously when half-joking.  Much too down to Earth for the Brits and way too innocent for Hollywood to despoil, she could be harmed by Feminazis.

Spiritual Warrior has not gotten over Feminazis attacking adorable Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting for the same unforgivable crime of liking
Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting helping a Fan
marriage and being a wife.  Big Bang Beauties and other such actresses rely on public opinion and it does not do them or the people they work for favors to have some well-organized, well-connected group of vapid zealots threatening to boycott something.  Television executives can do their job like politicians with little backbone or intellect and will not come to the rescue of talent unless doing so makes money.

Again it appears a call went out for volunteers to curtail such events and end the rampage of rabid Feminists ruining civilization.  Seems everyone took one step backwards leaving lonesome Warrior weeping terrible tears of eternal flames.

Adele hereby becomes the voice of our new generation in body and soul falling under protection of magick.  May as well adopt Mrs. Sweeting for good measure.  (Love them Nerds)  Such lovely ladies shall be first in a long line of future Earth Goddesses sans Feminazis and spineless suits who will bring this world out of spiritual impotence and anti-intellectual parades.  Any type of pressure, veiled threat, disparaging comments, or even unkind words originating from a Feminist or Feminist organization aimed at our ladies here or those to come who publicly show love for marriage and family shall boomerang back to the source and their organization spreading real disease to such members and friends times three as such ideology spreads philosophical disease, suffering and death. 
Feminists bring wicked words to loving Moms
Spiritual Warrior flies reflecting harm
Life by ignorance breeds stark stupidity
To you and yours it comes back in flames times 3
Your words sing of suffering, doom, and death.
Let such words waste from your last stinking breath.

Ladies of the coming 'Matriarch Society' will have a tough time as it is avoiding extinction dealing with immensely complex societal problems here without the man-hating Feminists putting pressure on them.  This very long journey of prophecy for Matriarchs and humanity has begun and again there is something in the way.  A cosmic firestorm burns away intellectual filth and moral decay blocking the path.  A world of envy and perverted love facilitated by government shall not be the epitaph of humanity.  Humanity actually has a future now and it can be seen clearly in Earth Goddesses like Kaley and Adele.

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Atheist Women; Stand Down to Ascend, Part Two

Send Me an Angel

Comedy Goddess, Sarah Silverman
Celebrity Atheist Women make life easier for so many girls and perhaps boys as well to come out of hiding and let people know how they feel.  It is not always easy, I know.  There have been comparisons to homosexuals coming out of the closet and that analogy rings true as both atheism and homosexuality are condemned by threat of death in some countries.  Telling parents about your non-believing can seem like a type of death here in America.  This country celebrates pretense harboring perhaps more misunderstanding and dislike for atheists as homosexuals.  Hollywood seems much kinder to gay life-style than atheism.  There are no TV shows portraying atheism themes and it makes those celebrity Atheist women stand apart even more from so many in a vapid spiritually impotent medium.  Quite often appearing lethal lovingly adorned in leather and lace, true Heroes called upon here have a personal relationship with intellectual integrity.

Perhaps funny celebrity Atheist women and Freethinkers find it amusing being invited to stand down from their marvelous intellect and find true calling in spirituality thereby raising intellect.  Past spiritual leaders let humanity down in some ways and it is not surprising that ladies of high intellect shy away from such people enjoying more jokes about them than thoughts of joining such ranks.  Spiritual Warrior kneels to the Goddess of Reason and all actions of the Warrior must reflect sound reason.  So then, this would-be spiritual leader arrives from a different school of thought altogether.  It could be no other way as we flip a patriarch matrix paradigm dominating a decaying world for thousands of years and there are few funny labors scheduled on sacred mission.

We know Pagans are not coming to recruit anyone as that simply is not the way it is done among people with true spirituality.  This voice stands alone throwing bouquets feathered in seductions and invitations to Beauty jaded by the Beast.  Few escape the matrix unaffected and it all comes down to affected to what degree?  How jaded is she? We hope to find out soon when she steps down from her American Saddlebred. Or, maybe it’s an Arabian horse she rides so magnanimously while trampling trifling contradictions from Hogwash Holy Rollers to inhuman hypocrisies of Bible-Belt Bozos.  Pagans would welcome Beauty even riding her mighty steed. I say that not being part of any Pagan religion but having a good sense of a spiritual climate.

Claiming atheism from birth, I never expected to go directly into new-age spirituality or old school Paganism.  I think of myself now still as ‘transitioning.’ I was an Atheist for near 60 years so how long will it take to become something else; Witch, Pagan, Shaman, or whatever? It takes as long as it takes.

What exactly am I asking women of high intellect? There is no one way to enter spirituality. It is more of a journey. However, many paths to this point are lacking to say the least in common sense and tout unreasonable expectations.  Some paths look more like true religion than spirituality and are downright deleterious.  How is a discriminating girl to choose should she choose to choose?  As a person newly on his own path, how can I advise? It is a difficult situation I find myself thrust into but whining has done nothing at this point to ease the burden.

Perhaps Lady Thinkers should follow a Poet and look first to astrology and meditation.  My journey into the zodiac came from a sense of knowing I must achieve some mastery of the High Art to be comfortable and prepare for my next mission.  In any event, a "Natal Chart" will give you a starting point filling in blanks and enforcing that little voice you have probably kept quiet for a while. Astrology and your chart are tools, a map of stars and planets at the moment of birth. Astrology was never meant to help you win the lottery or find the perfect mate. While it can help with such tasks, like you it is meant for much more. Astrology, also like you has evolved in a malevolent matrix and it is less than it should be depending upon where you look. The coming matriarch society redresses all such matters. And, you may need to read several horoscopes or astrologers before finding one that speaks to you. Keep looking. Astrology is a treasure map to ascension of higher beings and the road home.

Past spiritual leaders told us to drop the ego and seek consciousness perfected in unconditional love. You do not drop the ego in this life that I can see and this is confirmed in a few dissenting Mystics or Astrologers. Intellect and ego are to be set aside at times but never discarded. A consciousness of unconditional love is an ideal and not spiritual strategy.  Past spiritual leaders seem not to understand the value in doing the work.  If you wish to be like The Dalai Lama then you must do the work it took him to get to where he is today. Telling people to give unconditional love without doing the work to get to such consciousness compares to malpractice.

When it is time, you will know which path to choose. Waiting for you as long as possible, timeless love cannot jeopardize sacred mission for sentimental longing. This reluctant would-be spiritual leader is called to power down soon and have faith. Faith knows Atheist Women figure prominently in our new world but a Poet living in Paradox sees poorly enduring a gauntlet of tears and blood slowing his journey.  Weary eyes cannot be sure what waits over the far horizon and may hurl fireballs at anything hinting to block the future.  Hope knows Matriarchs rise as one to turn around an out of control culture fostered by the Beast and tears of joy begin soon. My love like eternal faith and hope waits longingly for Devoted Daughters to dance in starlight shadows of magnificent monuments dedicated to the Goddess of Reason.  Cosmic destiny can wait just a little longer for final tears of joy from the Atheist Woman wandering through spiritual impotence languishing in an anti-intellectual wasteland. Please, don't keep us waiting too long.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Atheist Women; Stand Down to Ascend, Part One

Thandie Newton, Actress
Atheist celebrity women seem to appear upon our cultural landscape more and more these days and that is a good thing, or is it? Well, we certainly would rather have them without spirituality than without reason. Far too much of that going around now and some people call it Feminism.

There cannot be much quality spirituality without intellectual integrity. As we move forward to a Utopian future, humanity stresses quality over quantity and such shall lead first to reason. Spirituality comes next as a journey. Freethinking Pagans who balance both in a child from day one own the new world?  Our future looks bright indeed. Nevertheless, it causes a bit of consternation to say the least for a Poet knowing he came from ranks of atheists and to watch Earthly Goddesses among them wither intellectually as a rose upon this Earth.  We are here to become eternal and one does not an eternal become through mechanisms of science and atheist women are apt to find and love science long before they find spirituality and that is becoming a very bad thing.

Too many labors, burdens much too heavy and blinders obstruct retribution in separating duty from morality and sensible abstraction of roadblocks and perhaps torn and tattered spirits by the roadside.  We cannot leave them behind and to take some forward poses perhaps a new threat from the new god science and last remnants of the patriarch matrix virus.  It may be like taking on eight more victims in a lifeboat built for eight and those other eight might be contagious.  If sisters who were once worshiped over any God fail to recognize spirit falling victim to scientism, they must know vows of Spiritual Warrior cannot be usurped. Spiritual impotence would be fine if one were able to contain it or if such impotence were not promoted by government and/or culture. This is no science project and the Warrior comes not to contain or study but to destroy. By any name you choose an evil virus remains the same and shall not remain upon this land to corrupt, contaminate, and eradicate species humanity through slow suffering death represented in zombies. 

Celebrity women did not become celebrities to then be role-models.  Fame
and fortune tempt Beauty.  Perhaps she does not know how miserable matrix programs her to be selfish holding material gain above all else in life.  Chaos creates just enough Freethinkers breaking molds holding this world together allowing hope to breathe and even flourish.  Hope shines brightest in America and she soon makes her last stand against the Beast.  Perhaps our new-age tech-savvy Atheist Woman approaching spiritual impotence can be better approached here in her virtual reality world.  
Atheist Woman, life without spirituality compares to Golden Eagles lacking wind.  The longer you go denying your true nature, the longer it takes to come home.  Spirituality and education in the hands of the Beast have become bad words.  Reason must clean up his mess while true spirituality ends the reign of ignorance for all time.  Many of us are affected by matrix malevolence and mediocrity so that it becomes hard to imagine a better world.  Invisible plague of pretense presents a type of apathetic listless selfish cloud hovering over so many of us leaving a vast majority wanting no matter our success.  Atheist Woman, I am not so different than you and still struggle in the land of pretense and predictability yet know intellectual virtue is more than possible.  Unplug literally from your hot-wired techno pop virtual reality world of spiritual impotence.  Our rescue party cannot wait very long and flight may be a little difficult without wind beneath those wings.

So many lies told and such limited time to enlighten you all as this voice quite unfortunately shall perhaps be the lone clarion call as it is not the way of those carrying true spirituality.  You shall not find any Witches on the corner near your neighborhood grocer inviting you to read the word of sorcery.  No, there shall not be any Shamans ringing your doorbell wanting to share wisdom from spirits of the forest soon.  Pagans do not go on missions to save suffering inhabitants of third-world countries while spreading the gospel, Kahunas do not set up homeless food-lines to recruit followers, and Southern California does not pray for rain to a local Voo-Doo Goddess (it couldn’t hurt).  No, Pagans shall not spend the time it takes a Hummingbird to decide what to wear each morning recruiting infidels but a weary Warrior needing no more tears writes and waits as long as possible and that is not long at all to Eternals.
Academy Award Winning Actress, Natalie Portman
Atheist Woman, sitting there wrapped in your delicate intellect out-thinking men twice your size cracking wise on Jesus Freaks and Scientology Sneaks thinking often in dark wee hours it has got to get better than this.  You are right!  We ascending spiritual beings acknowledging a terrific truth never stop learning and rely on powers impotence cannot comprehend.  My love like a rose by any other name recognizes Beauty even as she wilts on a vine standing higher than imitations and hybrids but lower than her worth.  My love creates pink bubbles of protection waiting for one and all of you exciting heathens.  Spirit calls to you.  We are the future and you belong.

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