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Friday, October 14, 2016

Worthy Examples: Dangerous American Media

Vote for Hillary Clinton because you do not like the other guy. Vote for her because you want to have a woman in the White House for once as Commander in Chief.  Vote for Mrs. Clinton because she has more experience than the other guy.  However, to tell the world that you will vote for Hillary because she "will prove a worthy example to girls" sets pretense as the highest standard of achievement our world has known. It exemplifies in dark detail how an entire sentient species embraces extinction by infertility.

One does not need  high intellectual reasons for liking or disliking anything.  Often feelings alone are enough to guide many choices in life.  However, our reasons for what we do in life becomes our character so at some point we need to verbalize what moves us in cogent form.  Those reasons can be called philosophy and the more in touch we are with a good philosophy, the better our lives become and society as well.  

Whether you acknowledge a philosophy or not, you still live by a philosophy.  Not having a philosophy becomes your philosophy by default.  Actions have consequences.  Hillary Clinton has engaged in illegal and unethical actions while working in one of the highest offices in our nation as Secretary of State.  Hillary Clinton has engaged in unethical and perhaps illegal actions called 'voter fraud' in the Democratic Primary against her opponent Senator Bernie Sanders.  Hillary Clinton may have facilitated a great sexual predator in her husband, Bill Clinton. Her actions are a dark and disturbing cautionary tale to young women of the world and I would ask them all to have pity for her lost soul.

WikiLeaks paints a vivid portrait of Hillary Clinton getting darker and more disturbing with each revelation.

Put simply, pretense is killing this world.  When pretense becomes philosophy, monsters hide in plain sight making women easy prey.  

There is great pretense at the Washington Post.  Apparently there is great pretense at NARAL and we understand now how more abortion clinics have closed in the last eight years then at any other time under a Democrat President himself the Prince of Pretense.

Let us have no more.  Let us as a nation grow up and become adults understanding what it is to be human.  Being human is not always easy.


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