Building a world of Champions

Dawning of the Matriarch Society

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Spectacular Inspirations

Inspiration comes like wind on a sailboat.  It is sometimes easy to predict.  Beginning this journey to prevent extinction species humanity by saving the Earth Goddess, I said part of the plan was to use energy from success or failure of Hillary Clinton.  As the theater plays out, it appears that I could not have prayed for a better example of what the patriarch matrix and Feminism does to women than our one time Secretary of State.

We shall look back on the life and times of Mrs. Clinton for hundreds of years as a reference to a philosophical virus that came so close to destroying all of humanity.  As she has touted Feminism in her campaign, a leaking campaign ship and an anti-intellectual ideology go down in flames with our would-be Champion.  Feminism, like the mythical American Dream sponsored by a corrupt incompetent government, renders true believers as spiritually impotent.  It is alright for one to wish to be spiritually impotent but we simply cannot allow people to spread that same wish to a populace as a workable ideology while we face down species extinction by infertility. 

Mrs. Clinton is not the only person we must give thanks to for sparking flames setting parasites and monsters on fire and saving this world.  Firestorm Omega cursed his name, but only a wonderful cosmic force I choose to call the Universal Goddess could send such a perfect negative example as Barack Hussein Obama to galvanize a revolution seeking to displace government status quo abject incompetence and corruption.  Only massive voter fraud could ever explain his political status as U.S. President

Veritas and Wikileaks exposes our president as a fraud, liar, and high criminal.  Wikileaks owns a 100% authentication record while James O'Keefe videos speak for themselves.  

Hillary Clinton represents the Democratic Party, Feminism, Christianity, Socialism, and Liberalism that is today Neoliberalism under Obama much closer to Nazi Germany.  See how they fall to cosmic flames of justice.  All they stand for we know as suffocating pretense and evil government status quo comes to an end.  A young girl holding on to any one of those ideologies has Hillary as an infamous role model.  Time for bigger dreams.

While Republicans are little better, they are much preferable now in getting to a sane distant future. 

Mamas, don’t let your baby girls grow up to be lawyers.  As government has been pointed out here in this spider web of inter-connected blogs as the cause of species extinction humanity and all other maladies in this world, what do most all government bureaucrats have in common?

The last revolution begins with the rise of Matriarchs.