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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Atheist Women; Stand Down to Ascend, Part One

Thandie Newton, Actress
Atheist celebrity women seem to appear upon our cultural landscape more and more these days and that is a good thing, or is it? Well, we certainly would rather have them without spirituality than without reason. Far too much of that going around now and some people call it Feminism.

There cannot be much quality spirituality without intellectual integrity. As we move forward to a Utopian future, humanity stresses quality over quantity and such shall lead first to reason. Spirituality comes next as a journey. Freethinking Pagans who balance both in a child from day one own the new world?  Our future looks bright indeed. Nevertheless, it causes a bit of consternation to say the least for a Poet knowing he came from ranks of atheists and to watch Earthly Goddesses among them wither intellectually as a rose upon this Earth.  We are here to become eternal and one does not an eternal become through mechanisms of science and atheist women are apt to find and love science long before they find spirituality and that is becoming a very bad thing.

Too many labors, burdens much too heavy and blinders obstruct retribution in separating duty from morality and sensible abstraction of roadblocks and perhaps torn and tattered spirits by the roadside.  We cannot leave them behind and to take some forward poses perhaps a new threat from the new god science and last remnants of the patriarch matrix virus.  It may be like taking on eight more victims in a lifeboat built for eight and those other eight might be contagious.  If sisters who were once worshiped over any God fail to recognize spirit falling victim to scientism, they must know vows of Spiritual Warrior cannot be usurped. Spiritual impotence would be fine if one were able to contain it or if such impotence were not promoted by government and/or culture. This is no science project and the Warrior comes not to contain or study but to destroy. By any name you choose an evil virus remains the same and shall not remain upon this land to corrupt, contaminate, and eradicate species humanity through slow suffering death represented in zombies. 

Celebrity women did not become celebrities to then be role-models.  Fame
and fortune tempt Beauty.  Perhaps she does not know how miserable matrix programs her to be selfish holding material gain above all else in life.  Chaos creates just enough Freethinkers breaking molds holding this world together allowing hope to breathe and even flourish.  Hope shines brightest in America and she soon makes her last stand against the Beast.  Perhaps our new-age tech-savvy Atheist Woman approaching spiritual impotence can be better approached here in her virtual reality world.  
Atheist Woman, life without spirituality compares to Golden Eagles lacking wind.  The longer you go denying your true nature, the longer it takes to come home.  Spirituality and education in the hands of the Beast have become bad words.  Reason must clean up his mess while true spirituality ends the reign of ignorance for all time.  Many of us are affected by matrix malevolence and mediocrity so that it becomes hard to imagine a better world.  Invisible plague of pretense presents a type of apathetic listless selfish cloud hovering over so many of us leaving a vast majority wanting no matter our success.  Atheist Woman, I am not so different than you and still struggle in the land of pretense and predictability yet know intellectual virtue is more than possible.  Unplug literally from your hot-wired techno pop virtual reality world of spiritual impotence.  Our rescue party cannot wait very long and flight may be a little difficult without wind beneath those wings.

So many lies told and such limited time to enlighten you all as this voice quite unfortunately shall perhaps be the lone clarion call as it is not the way of those carrying true spirituality.  You shall not find any Witches on the corner near your neighborhood grocer inviting you to read the word of sorcery.  No, there shall not be any Shamans ringing your doorbell wanting to share wisdom from spirits of the forest soon.  Pagans do not go on missions to save suffering inhabitants of third-world countries while spreading the gospel, Kahunas do not set up homeless food-lines to recruit followers, and Southern California does not pray for rain to a local Voo-Doo Goddess (it couldn’t hurt).  No, Pagans shall not spend the time it takes a Hummingbird to decide what to wear each morning recruiting infidels but a weary Warrior needing no more tears writes and waits as long as possible and that is not long at all to Eternals.
Academy Award Winning Actress, Natalie Portman
Atheist Woman, sitting there wrapped in your delicate intellect out-thinking men twice your size cracking wise on Jesus Freaks and Scientology Sneaks thinking often in dark wee hours it has got to get better than this.  You are right!  We ascending spiritual beings acknowledging a terrific truth never stop learning and rely on powers impotence cannot comprehend.  My love like a rose by any other name recognizes Beauty even as she wilts on a vine standing higher than imitations and hybrids but lower than her worth.  My love creates pink bubbles of protection waiting for one and all of you exciting heathens.  Spirit calls to you.  We are the future and you belong.

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