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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Adopting Adele and Matriarchs Under Fire

Adele Glamorous  Mum Vogue Cover
It seems our adorable Adele has angered Feminists by being honest in her VOGUE interview giving big love to being married and a "Mum."  This British Earth Goddess given to a tired world as a gift in song, form, and soul angers a vapid ideology running rampant in Great Britain and America.  Recently, I half-joked about adopting Adele as the voice of a new generation.  I think I should take my words more seriously when half-joking.  Much too down to Earth for the Brits and way too innocent for Hollywood to despoil, she could be harmed by Feminazis.

Spiritual Warrior has not gotten over Feminazis attacking adorable Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting for the same unforgivable crime of liking
Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting helping a Fan
marriage and being a wife.  Big Bang Beauties and other such actresses rely on public opinion and it does not do them or the people they work for favors to have some well-organized, well-connected group of vapid zealots threatening to boycott something.  Television executives can do their job like politicians with little backbone or intellect and will not come to the rescue of talent unless doing so makes money.

Again it appears a call went out for volunteers to curtail such events and end the rampage of rabid Feminists ruining civilization.  Seems everyone took one step backwards leaving lonesome Warrior weeping terrible tears of eternal flames.

Adele hereby becomes the voice of our new generation in body and soul falling under protection of magick.  May as well adopt Mrs. Sweeting for good measure.  (Love them Nerds)  Such lovely ladies shall be first in a long line of future Earth Goddesses sans Feminazis and spineless suits who will bring this world out of spiritual impotence and anti-intellectual parades.  Any type of pressure, veiled threat, disparaging comments, or even unkind words originating from a Feminist or Feminist organization aimed at our ladies here or those to come who publicly show love for marriage and family shall boomerang back to the source and their organization spreading real disease to such members and friends times three as such ideology spreads philosophical disease, suffering and death. 
Feminists bring wicked words to loving Moms
Spiritual Warrior flies reflecting harm
Life by ignorance breeds stark stupidity
To you and yours it comes back in flames times 3
Your words sing of suffering, doom, and death.
Let such words waste from your last stinking breath.

Ladies of the coming 'Matriarch Society' will have a tough time as it is avoiding extinction dealing with immensely complex societal problems here without the man-hating Feminists putting pressure on them.  This very long journey of prophecy for Matriarchs and humanity has begun and again there is something in the way.  A cosmic firestorm burns away intellectual filth and moral decay blocking the path.  A world of envy and perverted love facilitated by government shall not be the epitaph of humanity.  Humanity actually has a future now and it can be seen clearly in Earth Goddesses like Kaley and Adele.

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