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Dawning of the Matriarch Society

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Saving Objectivists

One suspects that many daughters of Ayn Rand have misguided spirituality in any one of the major religions.  Like this once reluctant Poet, others embrace Atheism.  It appears to be my destiny to bring these women and their men into new spirituality and our future.  

Raising intellect must come first as finding your spiritual journey becomes tricky and even dangerous without reason guiding the inner light.  As evidence pick any religious cult you would like. Miss Rand gives us solid philosophy to begin a spiritual journey and Hypatia of Alexandria waits to take intellectuals to spirituality and beyond.

Spirit energy has already entered the "materialistic equation" and it can easily be seen in the rise of President Donald J. Trump.  Only creative spiritually potent Thinkers can take advantage of this remarkable time in the long history of humanity.  This is the dawning of the matriarch society where Beauty rules and pretense becomes crumbled burnt ashes blown into darkness by winds of change.  As humanity turns away from darkness slowly, do not be afraid of growing pains.  It is only evolution pulling you into a new future and happy ending.