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Saturday, August 5, 2017

White Feather: Peace Signs on a Sacred Journey

Mystics say we all have animal spirit guides watching over us delivering messages to mostly blind eyes. Hummingbird encounters mark some of the more delightful moments on this sacred journey where such times have been few. Hawk shadow empowerment needs to be explored later but inspiration bringing imagination here now begins with a white feather.

While engaging in my morning exercise routine, a single white feather about fell on my head spiraling down from some fine feathered friend one supposes. Looked like the feather of a peaceful dove though I never attended any Audubon Society meetings so could be wrong. Nevertheless, it was a white feather and I have to take it as a celestial sign of peace confirming coming transitions on this mission of endless suffering. White feather confirms thoughts of concentrating cosmic powers influenced greatly by mythic planets on delicate subjects of this mission; women.

A promise was made to show more love to earthlings so we get closer to the time when prophecy becomes a new political party. Thoughts of how many women to invite to what could only be a historic meeting have begun to spiral through a weary brain. Guided by benevolent spirits, Hummingbirds, or ruling planet, the number comes in at seventeen. Paid flights for two equals 34, and that is close enough to a sacred number of Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius. Women touched by magic of prophecy and "The Greater Benefic" largest planet in our solar system shall come to know great power. Repercussions may include great tears as a price for great power. Maybe such children of destiny through magic tears of joy can quiet the Firestorm and ignite a renaissance.

Jupiter is the planet that protects and cares like a kindly parent, rewarding hard work, kindness to others, and faith in ourselves, in others, and in our creator. There is also a scientific basis in this role of Jupiter as protector. Scientists tell us that Jupiter has been deflecting harmful asteroids from Earth for years. Its mega-gravitational field pulls those asteroids off course and deflects them back into space. 
-Planets and Possibilities, by Susan Miller

This once reluctant Poet prays a little goddess will provide enough finances to gather Earth Goddesses for that faithful first meeting. Money must mark the time when builders of a future world shall meet and greet. I would hope to send those RSVP invitations around the holidays and that sounds like a splendid time to gather Earth Goddesses.
Celestial power radiating in constellation Scorpio continues to influence passions since divine femininity brought a Poet to awareness and timeless tears. Those terrible tears were never mentioned in the training manual as occupational hazard of accepting such laborious mission in a savage land. Suppose I can hope for an actual manual in the next lifetime.

Whining seems unbecoming upon he who claims to speak for a planet and I can remember mentioning something similar to the current leader of the free world.  Still seems strange that the average American can crack wise with or on the U.S. President via a Twitter account. Some would call it technological progress. I might call it too much too soon. Still, perusing the birth chart of President Donald Trump crossed this star-crossed mind a time or two since turbo-charged enlightenment and I recently ran into astrological information on our 45th president urging this once reluctant Astrologer to get on with it.

They can be impulsive, faithful and take risks others may cringe from. They love nice clothes and a nice environment to call their own. While their anger is quick to rise, they let it go easily once they've had their say. They are natural romantics and love to dream... the difference is they may have the drive to make them come true. 
-Leo Rising;
Courage of Leo the lionhearted rises in the stars of Trump as it does for Firestorm Omega. It comes as little surprise that we share the most important element in all birth charts; Ascendant or Rising Sign. Synchronicity paints portraits and landscapes in brilliant colors all along this journey to save the Earth Goddess. Furthermore, we discussed some of this in the previous edition while mythic planets aligned under a splendid Scorpion Moon. 

If Donald Trump does not know he is a character in a story written by poetic fire to a Utopian future where Matriarchs reign, I must trust readers not to tell him less they cause some type of weird Butterfly Effect and screw up the entire universe! What he does not know here cannot hurt a future world waiting to be born there.

Swainson's Hawk
Encountering the occasional hawk while exercising or meditating outdoors brings one closer to nature.  Communing with and admiring a fellow predator seems to heighten spiritual power. I never looked upon them as spirit guides in a heathen past. These eyes see a different world after turbo-charged enlightenment and contemplating the hawk encourages stardust to look for deeper meaning when walking in the shadow of a silent hunter.  Hawks have the sharpest eyesight of all raptors and mate for life.
Hawk people have very positive outlooks on life. You see the best of what’s to come and are anxious to share those words of hope with others.
Mystics believe hawks coming into your life denote a time for taking a different perspective. Time to take a higher look at your world and perhaps see the big picture. Rise above the noise, sound bites, smog, commercials, and catatonic cliches to see this world like a soaring hawk. See clearly your goals. See clearly what is ahead and know the future. Hawks encourage observation and intuition.

Few species of hawks wear white feathers. One has to wonder if the white feather falling on this head came from a mid-air meeting between razor sharp talons of my animal spirit guide and the unfortunate unprotected neck of a dove. Should I still take the symbolism as a sign of peace? 
Life in the animal kingdom is not always pretty or easy quite like living among the humans. We must find and hold on to peace like white feathers where we can and be thankful.


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