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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sacred Children: Wish List, Vol. 3

Monica Samille Lewinsky
 (born July 23, 1973) is an American activist, television personality, fashion designer, and former White House intern with whom President Bill Clinton admitted to having had what he called an "inappropriate relationship" while she worked at the White House, in 1995 and 1996. The affair and its repercussions, which included Clinton’s impeachment became known as the Lewinsky scandal.

Miss Lewinsky seems best described by a public venue where the world spends most of their non-productive time. Still, why does Monica Lewinsky appear here on a list of women a Poet wishes would come to lead America in ways they have been taught to forget? She is not a matriarch or even married. Strange times call to strange dreams.

My friends, one does not need to become a politician or ever run for political office to be a member of the new political party proposed here or any political party for that matter. Cosmic senses lifted higher by divine femininity know beyond all doubt Monica belongs with the future.
Astrologically, Miss Lewinsky and her Leo birth chart appear crafted for duty here. Astrologers believe people born on the cusp or between signs are left to figure out which sign they are alone rightly exhibiting traits of both zodiac signs. Her path after the great scandal mirrors characteristics described by mystics trying to figure out who she is perhaps all over again alone.

Family and close friends remain close. However, watching friends move on in life to marriage and kids magnifies the cost of her actions and resulting stigma attached to her person. Just applying for a normal job became impossible. She would later say, “it sticks to you like tar.” American men are groomed by society to desire the virginal girl next door types for marriage. The virtual scarlet letter attached to Miss Lewinsky makes her an outcast in the realm of serious dating. Monica devotes her time now to end cyber bullying.

During the first presidential run of Hillary Clinton in 2008, Monica decided to keep a low profile as not to be used as a tool by either party though she remains a loyal Democrat. #Hillary2016 saw a new Monica determined to break away from her past. She talked openly about Hillary in interviews and how the scandal affected her life. Depression and thoughts of suicide when the scandal went viral should be expected by those of us looking from the outside but it does not come close to being Monica Lewinsky.

Some blogs and perhaps America in general think of her as
infamous. Few tears fell for inspiring "presidential knee pads." Democrats and Feminism failed her. Pop singers try to turn her name into a euphemism brainwashed by the same cruel culture dragging humanity to species extinction. Destiny throws a spiritual rope of hope transformed into poetic wishes inspired by timeless tears. Let cosmic fires unite exposing a world of shame.

Perhaps Leo born to lead would like to create a world free from scandalous exploitation of young women by powerful men. When pretense becomes philosophy, Beauty cannot tell the difference between Prince or Pimp. When pretense becomes institutionalized, Beauty can easily forget her own name! Time for higher thinking where reason panders not to pretentious mediocrity. Time for reason to embrace spirituality. 

Three seminal figures spring from the Lewinsky scandal adding a different narrative to culture. Two of those figures are married and have pretty much finished their contribution to humanity. It is Monica holding power she does not quite understand whose story remains incomplete.

Those same powers daring to take and exploit innocence give it back wrapped in enigmatic secrets. Firestorm Omega breaks codes unlocking cosmic secrets as a matter of being. Fate asks much more from the lionhearted than just being a spiritual scapegoat of scandalous fools.

Magical wishes whispered into the Quantum Field of Dreams commanding clarion call to forlorn Earthly Goddess offers a world where she would thrive joining a mission dwarfing her past. Here, we come to save the world! We come from prophecy. Where the infamous become mythic legends, spiritual power rules a peaceful land compelled by love! Eternity waits patiently for sacred children to take her hand in faith. Find no pretense of politics or Hollywood hogwash here on the edge of time. Think twice, Love. Courage laughs where fools fear to tread and taking this sacred spiritual journey does not come prefabricated on game show conveyor belts cheap like blue light specials. Leaps of faith this great can only be paid for in tears.

Like magnificent flames of a Phoenix, justice rises as Libra in the infamous brown eyes of resilient Monica Lewinsky. That is one of several reasons she appears among wishes of a once reluctant Poet. Stardust powering her precious soul reaches out beyond misguided disciples of a dying status-quo world never destined to walk alone.

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