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Friday, January 29, 2016

Defining Divas

Mariah Carey from Vegas to Infinity
Super Star multi-talented Singer, Songwriter, and Diva, Mariah Carey recently announced her engagement to a new Dude and if she marries, we believe it would be her third contract of love. And, as we all know third time is a charm. Miss Carey is described here as a Diva and news of her impending nuptials sent tiny brain matter pondering about divas in general and in the coming prescribed matriarch society. What will Divas look like in the future?

Let us define the term as best can be done because the English language has too many words and it does get confusing in this silly world fashioned by and after the Beast. In any event, we get the word Diva from Italy meaning "divine feminine" or Goddess. Merriam Webster defines Diva after female opera singer; "a famous and successful woman who is very attractive and fashionable…"  That definition lacks flare for our purposes here so let us include the third line from the Oxford Dictionary definition. Folks at Oxford say, "A self-important person, typically a woman, who is temperamental and difficult to please."  When we combine those two definitions it allows for other women to be included as they should be and what I believe encapsulates a general understanding of the term.

Super talented often demanding women who rise to greatness through dedication to perfection and having things done there way in a society designed to glorify men more or less defines Diva here. How will such women differ in a new world designed to glorify matriarchs? This is all conjecture here but still interesting.

Oscar-winning Actress, Faye Dunaway over a 40-year career in Hollywood made hearts throb in instantly classic films like Bonnie and Clyde, Network, and Chinatown to name only three unforgettably riveting performances.  No one brought more talent to a film than the legendary Diva.   It is her quote on beauty that gets our attention here shedding light on concepts not configured for shallow thinkers.
Faye Dunaway by Jerry Schatzburg
I am desperate and vulnerable. … I am always terrified… Beauty can sometimes be so very troublesome.

Beauty is made troubling in a troubling world built almost in reverse. Beasts bring (up to this time) greed, power-hungry, little spirituality, violence, and an almost out of control competitive nature to the party as some negatives. He actually has some positive qualities but we do not need to alter those so they are saved for another discussion. Furthermore, not all men are characterized with the Beast as it pertains more to government, religion, profiteers of religion and government, and any zombies and sheep thereof. That encompasses a lot of men! When we weave in the negative qualities of power-hungry and out of control competitive nature only, a window opens into the mind of a Hollywood legend. This opportunity to look through the soul of Beauty does not happen often so we must
Faye Dunaway- Thomas Crown Affair
peer through quickly to see what we may see before that window closes.

Imagine being a young very talented actor in Hollywood. You know you’re talented and everyone is courting your talents for big bucks. You are adored by millions, glamorously beautiful and reminded of it so often it does get tiring. As you progress in a lucrative acting career you come to understand that your beauty is just as important if not more so than your talent. It eats at your insides just a little year by year because that’s just the kind of person you are—intellectual and sensitive. You worked hard to be excellent at what you do and you wish to be respected for your craft. Most of your beauty you know comes from parents and you did not have to work for it. Being beautiful has perks and you enjoy them. Still, you are more than intelligent to know beauty is fleeting. There are other actors just as successful as you with not even half your talent. You know it. They know it. Everybody knows it. Why does it seem they are held in the same regard as you? Further, businessmen and other non-artists you must sometimes answer to or work with seem strangely inept.  It does not effect your work, but it does make you wonder.  How and why such a thing happens plays with your mind. Is it you? Is it them? Is it the system? It might make you a bit resentful or paranoid causing unpredictable behavior.

A time approaches when you know courting and all that adoration will slow as a new flavor of the month is discovered. When it comes you are not as prepared as you would like because who prepares a person for such a thing? There is something terribly unfair about it all. There is little to nothing you can do about matters save for putting on a game-face when told to do so and continue working in a craft you love year after mesmerizing year not fully understanding emotions often controlling your life let alone a troubling world. 

Have we glimpsed into the mind of a Diva? Perhaps. In a world that is not controlled by incompetents and evil but nurtured by thoughtful matriarchs, we shall see talent as an absolute value. Therefore, talent shall be stressed and as a result talent rises to the top much like in professional sports tournaments or playoffs. Beauty shall become a given for other reasons and as such not stressed in the hands of the meritless. As beauty is stressed, quantified, and specified now, often actors have trouble dealing with their looks even as they bank on it and then age changes there box-office potential.  Add that to spiritual baggage of a super successful intellectual actress raised in and affected by the patriarch matrix hiding a serious disregard and underlying malevolence for women in general and one starts to see it is not always easy being beautiful in a world dying to be ugly.

Elizabeth Taylor Exquisite in Fur
Iconic actress, Elizabeth Taylor entered love contracts with several husbands because it is hard to find men with requisite powerful love and who meet other qualifiers that almost handcuff the Diva or any highly successful woman in this world. They find it rather difficult to marry a pauper. And, as in the case of Liz, Hollywood marriages very often create too much stress to last until death do they part. Celebrities marry other celebrities because they qualify and associate and it is often a bad idea. Hollywood or the actor life today and yesterday tends to make men shallow and Divas do not need shallow men whether she will admit it or not.  She may not know it at all.

Mariah, Twins, and #2 Hubby, Nick
Mariah Carey of course is now a matriarch and Divas can be hard on their children in more ways than one.  Interesting that Miss Dunaway portrayed a famous Diva Mom in one of  her notable performances exemplifying a Mom gone bonkers.  Some people say Mommie Dearest ruined the later career of Faye Dunaway and she may have been channeling Joan Crawford during filming of the biopic as at least one member of the crew walked off the set because of  her so we are led to believe.  Those people did not see her in Barfly with Mickey Rourke.  I would say the end of her career was ruined or cut short long before that film by a troubling world built in the image of the Beast.  In a better world Miss Crawford is a better Mother and happily married.  There would never  have been a Mommie Dearest.  We hope Miss Carey fares better with her twins.

Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin qualifies as a Diva and if she is the Queen of Soul, what title is bestowed upon Mariah?  The Queen of Pop?  Queen of Ballads?  Queen of Heartbreak?  Someone should come up with a moniker soon as her twins are at that age designed to drive parents bonkers.  One hopes they have not driven her to another GlitterDivas need powerful love and not necessarily powerful men in the sense of wealth and position.  Such choices appear indistinguishable for almost any hard-working discriminating girl today thanks to the patriarch matrix.  Directors with powerful talent, vision, and personalities started to die off with Joan Crawford and only such men would know what to do with the Queen of Love.  Oops!  I've gone and given her a  moniker.  Well, at least Aretha doesn't have to move over or anything.  Seriously, she has been called the "Queen of Octaves" and while it sticks it does not have the same panache as Queen of Soul.

Adele-Grappling Grammys from Album 21

Adele, Singer/Songwriter extraordinaire does not qualify as new flavor of the month or Diva but as serious challenger to Mariah's crown.  You know, that crown no one has come up with yet.  Nevertheless, she has earned her coronation.  Maybe she can become a British citizen and get Knighted by the Queen or whatever it is they do to women of great success.   Wait!  Adele already did that thing with the Queen.  As a true Diva, Mariah could never follow an ingĂ©nue.  Still, Adele seems to have another quality that can be hard to define.  If she hangs out in Hollywood long enough she will lose it at some silly party or leave it on the beach lost in the sands of time never to be found.  Also married and a new matriarch, Adele gets much love here as she may be hiding a Pagan heart.  Deep in the heart of new spirituality may be where Mariah needs to go as well though I would say that about most women who have not become hopeless zombies worshiping a man-made figment.  We Eternals must hold on to hope for Mariah and Adele like holding on to infinity. 

Mariah Carey New Album Cover

Well, our future will produce much better men so perhaps future Divas will be less demanding and hard to please. Why are such women demanding and hard to please? Why will our future produce better men?  It is their vision that has gotten them to a point in life where they can be called Diva and one tends to stick to the guns that brought them such fame in stressful situations. Also, there is more incompetence out there than you folks may realize and it gets worse before it gets better.  Divas may be a little paranoid thinking you treat them differently than the Beast and if so it makes them resentful.  The Beast has created a dying world of pretense crumbling all around us.  Trying to control uncontrollable chaos with little morality creates envy.  Our future arrives as the Beast takes his last breath so we shall see less to no paranoia and resentment brightening our world considerably.  Divas will remain happily married much longer usually till death do they part and such makes for better, brighter, more beautiful children.  Better men shall arise from the soup, Heroes worthy of divine femininity.  Further, all those beautiful well-behaved kids will not drive there awesome moms bonkers allowing them to get more beauty sleep while channeling that next inspired acting performance or heart-breaking chart-topping tune. 

My friends, love takes time and time waits for sleepwalking eternals to gain spiritual awareness.  Awareness flips failing pimping paradigm building a wonderful world where women are championed for the choice to give birth or not and govern almost exclusively.  Our hope stands next to a vision of love that shall never again be perverted by merit-less men.  Dramatic dreams take wing leading to a future filled with actual achievers and divine beauty as seen in the fabulous ever-changing form of a daring Diva like Mariah Carey.


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