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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Torching Religion

The Thing from Another World, 1956

As Republican Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania once said, "elections have consequences." This is the political system we now have--one premised on religion. It appears we will have religious democracy for the foreseeable future.
--American Religious Democracy; Coming to Terms with the End of Secular Politics by Bruce Ledewitz

I do not think so. The age of ignorance culminating in the election of Barack Obama comes to merciful end sooner than bureaucrats could ever imagine. This pathetic two-party game of Pimps and Pushers guided by Religion has left a trail of blood and oppression where ever it planted its dogma leading to extinction. There is a new cosmic dawn upon the horizon and she wears a dress guarded by the fiery hand of reason.

One future has been averted. A new future government incorporates spirituality and nurtures citizens and resulting culture based on true love for the best. Our new government will not be based on some man-made God who takes pleasure in scaring children and denigrating women. We will no longer be the playthings of merit-less men and there spiritually impotent mates.

Bring on the future governed almost exclusively by Matriarchs where our entire world centers around her. Good marriages find women exalted and such is the basis of this coming new political party that dares to save the world. Our old new future centers around exaltation of she who creates life and nothing could ever be more spiritual.

Religion?  We don't need no stinking religion.

Religion?  Where we're going, we don't need religion?