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Dawning of the Matriarch Society

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Loving Reason and Spirituality

Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky and daughter Charlotte
It becomes clear that Hillary Clinton is to lead us by cautionary tale and hopefully not in the White House. If that is true then perhaps great powers guided Warrior passions to her blood.  Perhaps it is her granddaughter who is to lead by example to a matriarch society and a world inspired by reason and spirituality foretold by great prophets.  Maybe humanity turns the corner away from extinction by tiny hands not yet ready to hold a book.  

Mrs. Clinton possesses great powers she is completely unaware of and this enlightened man recognizes it quickly.  I see it in a daughter loving motherhood.  Such great power resides in her spiritual blood and one hopes it is not driven out of little Charlotte. Completely  innocent, we must hope she holds on to such innocence and disdains pretense.  

Chaos works wonderful magic even with odds stacked against us. We add a little magick here.  It is my wish that little Charlotte Mezvinsky grows up to disdain pretense loving reason and spirituality.

No amount of pretense, cognitive dissonance, or sublime ignorance can stop an unstoppable future.  Who, what, where, when, and how are the only questions remaining on our road to Utopia.

Chelsea Clinton's daughter...